Solo: the first open source FIDO2 security key. USB & NFC

Hi, I’m Conor, and this is Solo! Solo is the first open source FIDO2 security key. Using Solo you can log into websites like
Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others. Passwords and temporary codes can be phished.
But NOT Solo! Using Solo is as easy as pressing a button. More on that later. We’ll be offering two versions of Solo: one has USB… …and the other has NFC,
so you can use it by tapping it against your phone. And of course you can pick between getting USB-A or USB-C plug. And we’ll provide professionally molded silicon cases.
You can pick your favorite color! You probably hear a lot about websites
and accounts getting hacked online and how security keys like Google’s new Titan keys solve this. Solo is like any of these keys and will protect your accounts. Solo is special to us because it’s open source! We wanted to make a key that’s not only secure but trustworthy. Anyone can verify that the code running on Solo
is the same as the code we post online. And anyone can setup Solo on a website
by going to your account settings… …adding a new security key…
…and pressing the button. And whenever you log into that site,
you’ll have to use your security key. So if the password gets compromised, you’ll still be safe. Solo will work with major browsers, operating systems, and devices. For hackers and makers, we’ll provide Solo unlocked,
so you can reprogram it and customize it using no extra hardware. So… we have Solo prototyped and we’re ready to put it in production.
But we need your help… Please back our Kickstarter and we’ll make secure, trustable products!

4 thoughts on “Solo: the first open source FIDO2 security key. USB & NFC

  1. and another thing.. there are several tha tmakes these. more or less the same. so unless oyu wanna beat them on price ?..
    maybe aditional features ?
    im thinking necklace version. where you can ingrave stuff. like youre name. blod type.. a message for a loved one. star sign what ever.
    and what about a finger print reader ? or some numbers to make a pass. ? do i make sence ??

    and also well im just lookign around at different versions and so on..
    but no one seems to have like a starter pack or enything.

    like i think im looking for a nfc one to have around the neck.. one to have in my pc. via extention cord. and a backup… does it make sense ?

  2. Well, did it ship? According to Kickstarter, as of late May 2019 it states nothing has shipped yet. Also are these going to be waterproof? It's not clear if the consumer versions are just a bare pcb in an open silicone case (this would be quite fragile) and finally, yay for open source because the public can audit it, but not until its been out for a while, so at this point I have no idea how safe this really is…

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