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    hi sir how days will it takes to learn testing? how many hours should i spend daily? how days it will take to get a job on testing? please exlplian total secanario? have time relply to this comment

  2. Hello sir thank you somuch for the valuable info. i have doubts to ask u about this Testing course.. my UG is Bsc computers n PG is mba finance with 3+yrs of exp as accounts executive. but i wants to shift to IT field. With out having any knowledge on Technical subjects if I choose Testing will I able to survive in market i.e., getting job n settleing in this field?? cn u plz answer to my question.. Plz reply me. Thank you sir. Anudeep

  3. Extremely nice videos sir…I am graduate student.I am a freher.. I hvae skills to find the bugs and I am interested in it.So pls Can u tell me is it comfortable to work in testing for me ?

  4. Hi Sir, I have no experience in IT but looking for a career change. I read through the PDF format of manual testing and understood only 50%. I watched couple of your videos and I liked it and hence I subscribed. Superb videos…good pace, clean explanation and excellent teaching technique. I think I should be able to complete this course and get a job in testing field. Thanks a lot, feeling confident.

  5. Hi sir!
    i am swetha.
    i am preparing for interviews on manual and selenium so please tell me how to prepare for interviews.I mean through internet or by books.i am searching for only software tester job

  6. sir can you guide me for android application testing.because i am working as application tester and i want to improve more

  7. very gud explanation.. sir have u explained about selenium also, if you have that videos can you please share the link to me..

  8. your vdos are ammazing..is it sufficient to cover all the manual testing course through all these video??if there is something then i want to have a full course traing from you..

  9. I have seen so many tutorials on software testing, I must say that your teaching is THE BEST I've come across so far. You have excellent oratory skills. Thank you helping several others by sharing your knowledge this way. I really appreciate it.

  10. Very useful video. Many thanks to the author.
    Also, let me recommend "*Blisk Browser*" as very powerfull tool for testing

  11. Sir your teaching style is awesome. i learnt so many things from these videos … can i get the video on functinaol testing and testing methdologies . i shall be very thankful to you

  12. Hello Sir, am a beginner and wanted to learn Manual testing. So are these videos cover the entire course??

  13. Hello sir, I have a question: when writing a soft wear test plan, how does version work? Like how will I know what version will it be and how do you know how to manage new versions. If you could please assist me with this question it would mean a lot. In very confused with version control and how it works. If the first version is 1.1 that's a update and your adding a feature how does versions work? Thank you!

  14. Thank you so much for your wonderful responses! I have one more question regarding test cases/testing. When do you do negative testing? And do you write a separate test case for negative testing? Would it be a new scenario in the test case? I was wondering if a test case is written for negative testing/positive testing. I wanted to know how will it go side by side with writing it/ testing it.

    When writing a test case how many scenarios can you write for testing a single button feature? And do you write separate test cases for scenarios? I wanted to know just I general how many test cases will you write and how will you go about testing it/ writing the test case for it. And does does negative testing done all the time? And does it need to be documented/written as a test case? Or can you do it without having it documented. I'm sorry for asking you so much questions! You are just the best! And very much appreciate your responses. Do you have a site where I can donate to you!!??

  15. Hello sir, i was wondering how does version control work? I'm very confused. if you could please help me understand this better? If we are on version 1.3 (how do you know what the next number will be??) what if its a new release ? (what would consider anything a new release?)… if its a new release it would go back to 1.0? if I'm correct and then we go back working our way up to 1.1 and 1.2 and etc… i would like to know who to have it number constructed. i want to know what feature or change/requirement would have the number go up, down or back to original number. If you could please dumb it down for me it would be wonderful

  16. Hello sir , thank you for this amazing videos, its more helpful for me but if you don`t mind , can you share the power point you used here in all videos ??

  17. hello sir. your tutorials are very help and quite easy to understand. best software testing tutorial i found in youtube. can u please guide me about automation testing ?? do i learn java, or javascript or vbscript for writing scripts ??

  18. Hello sir, I have a quick question. As a software tester do you test in production? Say there is a change and you test in test environment and in production is there a situation that production test is ok? Do you have to make another test case for testing in production?
    If you don't test the frontend in test environment then what is it called production testing if you are testing it live? What is the term for testing the live system?

    Do you have any videos for test metric? I was wondering how do you use it and when. Thank you sir for all your responses!!

  19. Hello sir, just a quick question.. Do you have a scope statement from a test plan? Like one that can be used over and over again in each test plan? I looked online but it's not as efficient. Just curious if you have a good statement that you can share?

  20. Hello sir quick question. What do you call it when there is a requirement you cannot test in the test environment and need the client to test it in production to verify if it works? What will you call that or the term used for that.

  21. thank u so much sir for your very easy basic and easy way of learning testing..i will be needing it for career and also higher growth

  22. Hello sir, I had a question I was wondering is backend test cases and frontend test cases written separately for one requirement? Or can it be written in one test case ? For one requirement

  23. Hello sir I have a question. Can you use the same test plan for build 2? If so then the only thing that would change is the test case? This build 2 will be for backend. If you can please let me know how you deal with new builds.. thank you!

  24. Hi I am new to testing, your tutorials gives lots of info, but I am little confusing with all vidoes, can you please provide list of video tutorials related to manual testing.

  25. Thanks so very much….you have been such an amazing and awesome trainer. You teach by going down the understanding level of a learner without throwing big jargons. by making it so simple for a layperson to understand. I really enjoy listening to your videos.

  26. Hello sir I have completed my graduation in 2013 from Electronics and communication but after that I could not apply for private job now m not fresher is there any possibility for me to get job in mannual testing only bcoz m not good in programming languages .plz give me advice sir

  27. Hello sir are the videos of the manual testing in sequential order in the play list? Actually I am new and I wanted to know if they are in sequence so that it will be easy to learn.

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