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Good morning, sir!
– You are late by 2 hours. Do you think this is an office or some fish market?
Get out and get your parents here. Sir, please! My mom packed my lunch box late.
Also, my parents are going out of station today, sir. Please, sir.. Move back by two steps. You’re given ID cards to wear it around your neck.
Also, why aren’t you in formals? Why didn’t you tuck your shirt? Where are your shoes?
– Sir, it rained last night. So, the socks got wet. Now get out and kneel down. Are you guys late aswell?
– No. We are kneeling for wearing t-shirts. We should get rid of JLs from Inter colleges
and HRs from software offices to produce Sundar Pichais and Satya Nadellas.
Screw these bloody fake HRs. May I come in, sir?
– Boss isn’t here yet, bro. Get in. – Oh, lovely! Here comes the Team Leader.
– Good morning, sir! Be seated.
– Thank you, sir! Did you all finish your home work, I mean, project work?
Raise your hands if you did. So, everyone has done the project work. Good.
– Sir, Chandoo didn’t raise his hand. Where is your project work?
– It is in my pen drive, sir. Where is your pen drive?
– I forgot to get it, sir. How could you? Palm out. I said palm out!
– Sir, please.. Sir, no.. – No excuses! Hold your hand firm,
else I’ll strike on your knuckles. Stand up on the chair. Screw you! Hi, guys! Let me have your attention.
She is Sailaja, a new member of our team. Treat her like you would your sister.
– Take your hand off her, you fatso! Who the hell was that? If you’ve any issue, contact me.
– Sure, sir. – Don’t call me sir. Call me Tarun. Screw that girl, Anusha.
That short ass! These meddlers meddle
in every damn thing. Do you have Anusha’s number?
– Yeah, I do. – Give it to me. I’ll destroy her. This will serve her right. Isn’t that new joinee cute?
– Why won’t she? Afterall she is your kid sister. It is not me saying, it is FLAMES saying.
You want to see? See that?
I’m going to marry her. I’m starving. Bro, what did you get for lunch?
– Curd rice. It doesn’t smell like it.
– Bro, please, no.. My mom asked me not to share it with anyone.
Let me eat some too. Atleast one morsel. I’ll complain to the boss.
– I’ll skin you alive if you tell him. Bro, it’s lunch time. Let’s go.
– I’m done with my lunch. It is really tough to work after lunch.
You feel so drowsy. How could you fart so much?
– I had dal for lunch. So.. Hi.
– Hey, hi! – You’re naughty, aren’t you? And girls like boys who are naughty. I guess I heard that line
somewhere before. You must’ve heard it in the movie ‘Badra’.
The conference has begun. Get going. Good afternoon, guys! Let’s discuss about the project.
– May I come in, sir? How come you’re late always? Get in.
– I’m good sitting in the last bench. Let’s get to the point. She isn’t caring two hoots about you.
– Girls care two hoots about boys unless they act naughty.
Now, check this out. Who the hell flung this at me? I’ll teach you guys a lesson during the appraisal.
– Like we care. I know what to do.
Everyone, stand up on the chairs. Hey, you new joinee, you may be seated. First day at work and birthdays are fun.
– Why? – You get all sorts of exemptions. We all are getting punished because of you.
I’ll rat you out. Go ahead and I’ll rat out
what you watch in private browsing. Slowly, don’t stamp my feet! Back in school, we used to think
a job is all that we need to have fun in life. But back in school, we didn’t know
that softwares jobs are pressure troves. ‘When in school,
we wish to go to college asap.’ ‘When in college,
we wish to get a job asap.’ ‘But once in job, we feel bad
we can never get back our school days.’ Now that we all are adults,
we can’t relive our school memories. Incase you liked the video..
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This is Chandoo Sai, aka, Pakkinti Kurradu.

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  3. arey oo lanja koduka
    vachhi software valla madda cheekura ra luccha nayala. neeku em pani raka videos and films tho money earn chsunnav. don't shoot this kind of episode on Software. If you do, I wlll find your mom and make a video with her and name it as GST part 2

    naa intlo unna kukka sulli cheeku ra modda ga! nee moham ki malli youtube kavala,

    #you can't even find me at all

  4. Bro natural resources save cheyadam gurinchi oka video cheyandi bro..please Chennai lo water problem undi kadhaa..ala migilina areas lo kuda problems rakamunde jagratha padela….mee videos dwara influence cheyandi bro.

  5. Anna Eee madhya neee videos chala over action ga vunaye koncham artham chesukoni videos chey anna neeku comedy videos set avuthundi nuvu pk fan ani ala cheyaku neeku set avadhu anna

  6. 01:29 inter colleges Lo JLs ni software office Lo HR Lani theesesthey sunderpichaay lu sathyanadhellalu puttukostharu.
    Complementla kosam vaallu valla over action lu… 😂

  7. Chala bagundi school days asala marchipolamu thanks for making this video very funny nice video superr

  8. meeku software company ela vuntado telusa asalu??.prati okkaru evadiki nachinatlu aadu adesukuntadu software engineers ni.vallu pade kashtam emi telusu meeku.sense lekunda chestaru konni videos.

  9. Friends why u put this filthy, disgusting sounds at 6:12 If it is not in this film it will be more fun and my friendly request you to please don't put these sounds and don't use street language.thank you friends

  10. Potteskuni,potti budankay anta….ninnu nuv chuskunava ra…ne mokamu nuvvu….malli andarni anadam okati….potti munda anta…..thooo ne bathuku….nenu first time ne mokam chusi,enti intha astavakramga unnadu ankuna…alanti nuv migata vallani anadam….views ochesarki ekkuva feel avthunav

    Please watch this video
    You will connect emotionally 😭 🙏
    Please watch pakkinti kurradu regularly 😊
    Please watch this video 😊

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