Software Intelligence to mitigate risk of open source components and manage technical debt

To me, Software Intelligence is application analysis that provides deep knowledge of applications based on an analysis of their code and their code structure. It allows us to make informed the quality of our applications. How long have you been using CAST and how many applications? We have been using CAST since the beginning of the year. We did a POC last year on a small number of applications and following its success we decided to deploy CAST AIP and CAST Highlight across our entire technology estate. How many applications did you analyze? At the moment, we use CAST Highlight to analyze about thirty or forty applications. We use AIP on specific applications which cause particular maintenance issues. Which CAST indicators are most interesting to you? It is interesting for us to have visibility across the entire portfolio and to understand the general health of our applications and evaluate our technical debt. One of our business critical applications is a large, complex monolith we’ve used for about twenty years We redesigned it a decade ago but it contains 3 millions of lines of code and we are have difficulties maintaining it at times. Our challenge is to upskill our developers on this application. What is your use of CAST Highlight? CAST Highlight allows us to detect libraries and open source components that are used by our developers that present risk in terms of licensing or otherwise. What are the benefits of Software Intelligence for the CIO? CAST allows us to analyze in depth monolithic applications and to blueprint and visualize the application which of course is a challenge to do manually. CAST’s visualization will allow current and new developers working on this application to understand it quickly. What are the benefits of Software Intelligence for the business? The business impact is the rate and efficiency at which we can upgrade our applications as the needs of the business evolve. Today, upgrades take a lot of time to complete because the applications are so complex. Tomorrow CAST tools allow us to move faster and to better understand exactly where and how on the code level to implement change based on business requests.

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