Small Size BIG PERFORMANCE – ASRock B450M Pro4 Micro ATX Build

Hey Gear Seekers I’m Nick almost every
system that we’ve built this year is how can you say it’s it’s larger than life
so with the support of asrock we decided that we would shrink everything down to
a tiny little build and build something that is affordable small powerful and
has all of the RGB you could ever possibly want if you haven’t subscribed
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subscribed in this video we’re building a tiny but mighty little rising machine
that can stand toe-to-toe with much much larger systems this video is brought to you by Ezra and
the brand-new x4 70 Taichi it’s rockin addressable RGB headers 10 Gigabit
Ethernet onboard jewel nvme m dot 2 slots and support for AMD’s brand-new
2000 series wise and cpus find out more in the link in the description ok let’s
kick it off by talking about your favorite part the parts the motherboard
were using for this build is the as rock beat 450 n pro 4 micro ATX motherboard
this board is awesome it features two MDOT two slots for ddr4
ram slots store mi and can overclock like an absolute beast if you’re
interested in getting a closer look at this board we did a video about it you
can check that out in the top right hand corner right now the CPU were using for
this build is the Rison 5 2600 this little guy packs 6 cores and 12 threads
and can be comfortably overclocked basketball gigahertz while consuming
next to no power at all this is actually the first time we’re using a risin 5
build or rather arisin 5 CPU on the channel ever like yeah this is the first
Rison 5 the ram we’re using is 16 gigs of g.skill transy RGB clocked out 32
hundred megahertz the reason why we’re using 3200 mega her room in this build
is because basically it’s the optimal speed for this motherboard and CPU combo
the GPU we’re using although it’s not shown in this video is the asrock
phantom gaming AMD radeon RX 580 AG we had a bit of a shipping delay yeah yeah
it’s normal there’s nothing we can do about it by the time you watch this
video and we revisit this system for some follow up benchmarking and
performance stuff next week we’ll have the GPU installed now we’re
using a WD blue 256 gig m2 SSD as well but that’s probably going to change into
something much faster when we do all of the benchmarking stuff laid up later on
the a i/o water cooler we’re using is the cool master master liquid ml 240 R
we have used these coolers this year and we absolutely love them if
you interested to see how to install one of them on a name for board just like
this motherboard there is a link in the top right-hand corner right now speaking
of cool master they provided us with a stack of their brand-new master fan MF
140 our address bar GFP fan so we can unicorn all of the things lastly is the
case we decided to use the fan text and to evolve em ATX case in silver now the
reason why I chose this case over anything else is because of its
understated and very very clean design it’s not over-the-top looking and fan
text cases are typically really really easy to build in I’ve used one of the
full-sized versions of this case for over here is my main rig and I loved it
I’m aware that the airflow is not optimal but it just looks so freakin
cool alright enough out of me let’s get building you this way I’m really impressed with the system’s
performance so far it’s actually pretty good seriously it feels really really
fast but maybe that’s just the high refresh rate monitor and like freezing
tricking my brain I doubt that though we’ll find out next week when we put
this system through its paces with some more videos featuring this motherboard
and dive into how store mi works and some serious gaming benchmarks I also
wanted to talk about building in the fantex and to evolve m ATX it is
seriously in my top 5 easiest cases to build in like seriously like it’s it’s
it’s very very good that’s what five includes cases like the
cooler master cosmos see 700 P the H 500 mesh the bigger brother of this case the
fractal design define r6 and yeah I think that’s five right I literally
didn’t run into a single thing that annoyed me with this case and yeah it’ll
be sticking around for a while if you’re interested in any of the parts showing I
mention in this video there are links down there somewhere if you use those
things she’ll help us out a whole lot and it helps us keep this key seeking
dream alive special thanks to asrock and cooler master for always supporting our
dream of building beautiful computers for you to enjoy without their support
we probably wouldn’t be doing this at all to be honest if you like this video
please like and subscribe if you like this video let us know what you didn’t
like about it dislike it do whatever you want once again thanks so much for
watching I’m Nick with gear seekers you peek we seek and I’m actually gonna do
what I always do and go and play some quake on this thing and I can tell you
what it plays quake like it I don’t like act like a beast it’s awesome you

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