Single CPU Multi user setup ( No Extra Hardware / No Virtual Machine)

Almost everyone of us might have faced this. It is not possible to have PC for everyone
always. And it’s not always easy to share one PC with
multiple person. So there was an idea to have multiple workplaces
from single CPU. It can save some amount while setting up your
business. also you can call your friends to home for
a multiplayer game session. While there are many more applications to
this idea, but doing this sometimes need extra hardware. There are some software solution to home use
or mini business setups. One of the popular idea was to setup a virtual
machine in second window. But as we know running multiple OS really
harms your performance. So the batter solution is to access one OS
by multiple users. There are only few software’s in market but
one of them we recommend is Aster version 2.18 by ibik. Lets checkout this software on there website. As we can see there, Aster supports windows
xp, windows 7, windows 8 and windows 10 as well. Its compatible with almost a long range of
video cards. some USB hubs are needed to plug in all your
hardware. And you may need video output ports accordingly
for your monitors. You may learn more from there website
, check out the link at the video description. From there download page, download the latest
version of aster. for windows xp please download the different version provided at the page. The setup process of this software is very
simple. Just run the setup, select language. Then in the installation first page please
check the create restore point option. batter safe then sorry right? Press next and give it a minute to create
a restore point for your system. in the next page you can read all the information
regarding aster. also there is a link for the user’s manual there. Press next. Agree with the terms and condition. wait have you read it? just asking you know. On the next screen setup installation folder
and all. If you are using windows 8 or windows 10 rather
then windows 7 then most leave the disable fast boot option checked. Wait for the installation to finish. oh no! give your system a little time to reboot. After reboot Aster interface will automatically
come up. make sure you are connected to internet. Press ok then note down the installation id
for future reference. Then click ok to update and restart the aster. On the very next start Aster will ask you
for the registration process. If you already bought then activate the license
or if you want to try first then just click to activate a 30 days trial period. Give it a while and after activation the main
aster window will come up. We personally say that this software has a
very easy and user friendly interface. On the general setting. turn on the number of workplace you want to
run under state. After setting up, you can Enable aster with
a reboot. On the workplace tab all the enabled workplaces
are shown. Here you can assign specific hardware to specific
workplaces. Plug in all your devices. Then drag and drop the devices as your need. It is really easy. you can read device name by hovering mouse
on the devices or you can just simply press some keys on keyboard or on mouse. A blue indicator will help you to recognize
which one is where. Also if you plug in some new hardware then
you can see a pink indicator too. The back ground of a workplace will be green
when it has at least 1 monitor, 1 mouse and 1 keyboard. In extended setting tab you can set up a local
network between your workplaces. And at the end the about page. Also there are some advanced settings. In general setting, every workplace is set
to show the login screen, where user can select the user they want to login or you may set
it to use specific user account directly. Then enable and reboot the system again. now on reboot your workplaces will be ready. you can now login to different users of your
system from different workplaces. Run the aster control panel from the workplace
which has been logged in with your system administrator account. In the aster interface you can see, that it
is activated and running now. In the workplaces tab you can check your devices. You can also provide dedicated mic and speakers
to individual workplaces. The devices under share will be used by every
workplaces. If you have extra devices then you can drop
them in spares section,then they will not be used by any system. After you finish customizing, click on apply
then close the window. Now you can have multiple users from a single
PC. This was a basic process for setting up Aster
version 2.18 . you can learn more from there user manual. You can also download and buy Aster from the
link provided at the video description. Please like this video if this helps. dislike if you don’t. subscribe us for future updates.

50 thoughts on “Single CPU Multi user setup ( No Extra Hardware / No Virtual Machine)

  1. Hi im interested in this software, my question is can I ran LANSchool software here? it needs to have a separate IP address in each station to run (LANSCHOOL) and in order to control each station. Would it be possible to assign an IP in each station with this software? Thanks for your immediate response.

  2. aster is awesome only if they had something that will make it think what is open on one user is not open at all for the other user so you can open 2 steam accounts and certain games warframe

  3. Well ,u need 32gb of ram ,high spec motherboard and graphic card . We called it Server pc that have high specification .

    Please use your logic ,you cannot use lower spec to apply this ,unless if you just want to use for work-microsoft word and so on

  4. my question is that do you need a high spec cpu since its many to one and the performance might change. does it change? and how fast can it go with more users with gaming interest? will it lag? will they share internet? but the main question is HOW GOOD WILL IT WORK?

  5. When using this software, do u need to have all games on 2 separate drives, so 2 users can play them at the same time, or u cant run them from one drive? If i have cs go on ssd, can both users run cs go from ssd? Thanks in advance.

  6. i tried with windows 7 but when i something pops like app asking for administration privilege other user logged in suffers black monitor for a moment. I want to ask if i have on powerfull graphic card with 4 ports can i play low end games on 4 different monitors or i require different graphic card for each user?

  7. hi… how are you
    Single CPU Multi user setup ( No Extra Hardware / No Virtual Machine)
    my Question is…. to plug in multiple monitor one need video cards…
    as per your statement dont you people consider video cards as no extra hardware ???

  8. soo my cousin will come to my house in a month and he doesnt have a pc/laptop soo i want to play with him but i only have 1 gpu will that work?

    edit: sorry for my bad english

  9. Playing Fortnite is now possible. Start the game from one user then, in second user open task manager and Close the fortniteLuncher.exe.( Do not close fortnite win64 supply exe). Then start the second game my fortniteluncher.exe again.

  10. Ok this is gonna be a long stupid question, I have a gaming PC, 2 monitors. When I play dead by daylight on steam , my mouse gets locked on the game monitor and I can't scroll over to other monitor to mess with obs or anything unless I hit the windows key on keyboard. But in doing that it pops up the menu screen, and if your streaming game play it looks very mediocre and not eye appealing
    Will a kvm or this software help with this issue? I was told it would

  11. What are the Specifications of the Hardware side to run as a single cpu. I mean cpu, ram etc. Specification.

  12. Aster works great. I use it to share one ryzen 7 computer with my wife to play WoW together. My only complaint is you can't use more than one monitor per workstation while using aster.

    It's about $12 a year or $50 for lifetime license.

  13. aster is a good program and it works really well…BUT it interferes with geforce experience,which will cause tons of gaming issues. my apex legends would only rut at 720p while aster was on my pc.

  14. Can anyone enlighten me if this is better in terms of performance and stability that make separate virtual machines (LinusTechTips way) i got a monster PC for this project.

  15. how to configure that each user can only access its own storage partition ?

    i want user A have its own C: and D: storage and cannot access C: and D: storage partition specialized for user B and vice versa

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