100 thoughts on “Shotcut Picture In Picture & Split-Screen Tutorial

  1. Yes…This is what I wanted to ask for ! But is Keyframing the positions possible ?! That would be awesome to move stuff around..

  2. thanks bro i tried something like a sniper scope , ahm do you know how to move a resize vid while playing? pls bro

  3. This is great, but I wish Shotcut would let me select both tracks to split at once. I'm making gameplay videos with my face cam as an overlay, but i'd like to cut and split AFTER I add my face cam. I have to select and split each track without moving the playhead which is more time consuming ;_;

  4. One thing i can't find on YouTube is: If you have multiple recordings of lets say an interview (different angels like from left right and center) how to just put the tracks beside each other and how do i in a simple way switch between those multiple recodrings and have them in sync to a sound recorded from another device.

  5. Hi just a quick question please how come my box doesn't go away you said render it but then you want so fast thanks

  6. thank you for making this video it really helpful the first one i like doing that for reaction videos

  7. Is it just me or does Shotcut take a long time to load. I honestly have no idea if this is effecting anyone else…

  8. Thank you! this really helped with my terraria hardcore series I am gonna be making, but can I put multiple images on the screen at once?

  9. How can I drag the layers and change their positions above or below? And how can I create new layers under the current layer?

  10. When I import a 1280×1024 clip into a 1920x1080p project, the distort size mode is giving me some issues. I tried to take two 1280×1024 clips and put them side by side, but I was only able to put them side by side with the 5:4 aspect ratio intact, not with distort size mode filling half the screen like you're showing. I wonder if non 16:9 clips aren't supported?

  11. Thank you! I was looking for a free video editor for my YouTube channel and came across Shotcut. At first, it appeared that the program was extremely limited. But after watching some of your videos, I am seeing that it's capable of quite a bit. Very helpful!

  12. Now Im new to shotcut, and i have a problem, i have created a very organiserade layout for everything i need, But whenever i watch the preview Window, it has these scroll bars and only a small part the video is shown and i have to use the bars to go Around the video so to speak.

  13. Great video. I'm about to change my editing program for my own on the Canadian Pronunciation Coach YouTube channel. You're making me feel so much more comfortable with this program. Thanks.

  14. Recorded a tune about creation. Will clip stuffs from PBS' Nature or BBC, then add myself LIPSYNCing at the corner….Could U please give me a "ROAD MAP" How to do it basically, I've NEVER done it, being from OSchool here. Appreciate your brain and time. THANKS a LOT!

  15. I took a course with Lucas Conde to use the shotcut and now I am looking to improve its use. Your lessons are great and thank you for it. I ask you do I have the videos with 1920×1080 resolution and I would like to take advantage of the various videos recorded by me in this resolution and transform them by cutting them into the reverse format, to use in vertical format. I ask: Is it possible to do so? 😀

  16. Can you use the updated version?

    And Explain every thing again, with the new Version? Since many things in the new Version aren't like yours.

    Like i can not split the screen evenly like you did.

  17. I am using shortcut video editor for all my videos, few things I can not manage like adding image in right position.

    Suppose I want to add an arrow to point the action (like clicking to the link). When it is done and I export the video, I see the image (arrow) position is slightly changed to another. To set it I have to guess the position myself and rearrange. So it is hard when I have a large video to edit and also wait again to save the same video, sometimes I do it 2/3 times. You can understand how hard to make it.

  18. Thanks for the video! Shotcut kept crashing on me while I was trying to do this (probably cause my laptop isn't really meant for video editing). I was working on a larger project, but when I created a separate project just for this, it worked fine.

  19. Exactly what I was looking for! I use Shotcut to make videos of Jeep adventures, and now I can show 2 perspectives of the same obstacle at the same time. Thank you!

  20. Thanks for this. I do have a question: Is it possible to show more than 4 videos at once? I'm trying to create a Brady Bunch or Hollywood Squares-style grid. Is it possible to incorporate even more multi-camera divides? Thanks.

  21. Whenever I do picture in picture the video playback becomes very choppy. Any ideas on whats happening? I have an Nvidia gpu and 16gb of ram. This is driving me crazy.

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