Share videos and channels from your computer

Hey y’all, I’m Melissa, and today I want to walk
you through sharing videos and channels on YouTube when you’re on your computer. Let’s jump right into sharing videos. When you’re watching a video on your computer,
just click the Share icon under the video. At the the top here, you can share a video
directly to a social network, like Facebook or Twitter. If you ever wanted to share a video and have
it start at the good part, you can use this “Start at” option, which links to a specific
part of the video. Just check this box and enter the start time
before you copy the link. Once you’re all set to share, click “Copy”
to save the link to your clipboard. Finally, if you’d like to share a channel,
just copy the channel’s URL in your address bar. While it’s not as fancy as our other options, you can paste a URL wherever you want to share it. If you have any other questions about sharing
videos and channels, please let us know in the comments below!

98 thoughts on “Share videos and channels from your computer

  1. Well, can we know about large display sharing tips [big thumbnail] on facebook_twitter and any others social platform of youtube video 🙂

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  3. Im new in YouTube and i saw a video about that i cant share youtube videos on Facebook, instagram, Twitter. Im really scared plz help me🤔🤔

  4. there is rumors that sharing of videos on fb or twitter monetization will not be enabled as external views….please clear it

  5. I can't share you tube videos for months to my Facebook groups😭 I'm using just android phone, no computer. Why is that so?? It's doesn't have something to do with Facebook, I make another account and the same thing happens.

  6. I have home movies on a CD Disk. I tried to download the movies in to my computer with no luck. Is there a way to share the disk via the computer directly to YouTube?

  7. Hi, I have a question, I have a video whose numbers (views) are not moving and I know more people have watched it- How do I find out from YouTube why my count is not moving?

  8. I have created an channel i have uploaded 150 videos but subscribers and viewers are not growing can you tell trick……

  9. Hello Sir I am Waiting From 4 month's but my channel is still in under review. Please Enable my Channel monetization please please please.
    I had work hard everyday

  10. Hello Melissa and everyone,
    I am trying to make a streaming and share the link and embed it into a website. However, the Streaming link changes very often (I could not understand why and when it happens) so i have to edit the website code very often. Could you tell me how to stay with one link only and how to avoid that it changes? Thank you so much!

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  12. Hello How can I share like I met someone at the park, took some video and tell the name or some easy words and they can watch . They are not a friend, so I don't need to ask their mail address or I don't need to give my address. Thank you

  13. I came here because YouTube is turning off autoshare features on 31 January 2019. This video doesn't explain why, just how to share by other means.

  14. This video does not explain why YouTube is disabling auto share. Come on YouTube, if your going to make a video please think before uploading.

  15. Dear support youtube !

    My channel is eligible to earn money, turn on making money for my channel, which is the most practical help for me and my family.

    New year 2019 I wish you health and good luck !

  16. Sendo sincero…O Youtube tá dando problema demais com as "atualizações" dele,vou ser sincero,novo Gerenciador de Videos? Não ter mais compartilhamento automatico no Twitter e outros? Ele realmente tá querendo regredir…

  17. I already know how to share my videos but now I have to do it for all of my videos? You’re wasting our time even more now. I make around 10 videos a week or every 2 weeks, auto share has helped my channel out. Will this auto share be included in the channel rss file as normal because if so, that’s fine. Are you guys even reading our feedback suggestions because you’re clearly not reading them at all!! I’m disgusted at this approach to a new way. 😡😡😡😡

  18. Why is the autoshare feature being disabled? is this the same feature that is labelled "also share on"? And what do I need to do to keep it sharing?

  19. So it seems my Youtube is bugging out or ive been hacked, My today's post will not show & my stats for the Channel have decreased like total hour view time & such,not sure how to fix it. Any ideas?

  20. Wow so heads up if you like my "liked videos" you have to go to YouTube to see them instead of Google. No more auto share!

  21. how do I share on my second channel or branded w/e its called. clearly done by design… how can there not be an option but yet options to switch accounts + 50 other things

  22. Can u plz make a vdo for how to upload Vdo Song Album of 5-6 Songs. One method is to make a big vdo and upload but I want to upload album of 6 separate vdos. If possible kindly reply.

  23. But you can't actually share a clip of a video… just move the start time (not stop the video at an earlier point). Once could do this previously!

  24. I came here because YouTube is removing my links, and these do not break any rules, I ask you to inspect them, since I'm tired of YouTube deleting my links.

    -Sorry for my bad english

  25. je veux partager toutes les vidéos en mode privé de ma playliste avec un cercle d'amis …. pour qu'ils aient accès à l'ensemble quand ils le souhaitent… Comment faire ?? Merci par avance

  26. It seems now that you can't turn off the share option at the end of videos which means that if you create paid content you will end up probably having people sharing it to people that haven't paid. In doing this it just makes me go to another competitor e.g. Vimeo.. with literally no benefit to You Tube that I can see. Why do this? Is it likely to change?

  27. I have shared videos using email. Why has that been stopped. Can it be unstopped? I shared a video via email as recently as a week ago. What happened?

    Will my share via email be restored? Is it gone forever? Why take this feature out?

    I hope you answer my question.

  28. Can I share other channel's video to my Youtube channel? It's sure that my channel is non profit channel.
    I want to share video that I appeared.

  29. I am deleted my gmail account and starting a new one. How can keep my playlists associated with the gmail account I deleting?

  30. About 5 days ago my SHare feature stopped working, now I get an oblong white box without any options at all… how do I fix this since I have tried to get info and none seems to be available…

  31. paylaş butonuna basınca pencere açılmıyor . telefonumdan paylaşabiliyorum ama bilgisayarımdan paylaşamıyorum

  32. Why the video link on linkedin isn't opening with the thumbnail, it's just a generic banner, and there on linkedin, the viewer doesn't know what it is. Previously it opened the thumbnail and could already be watched inside the post itself on linkedin, with option to go to YouTube. The same is happening on Twitter. Even if I use the share botons or if I copy and paste the URL.

  33. Well guess what I can't share channels on my phones (I need to to be able to block people on two different accounts) because you guys love to break your app so I'll never use YouTube on a phone again

    You know what that means



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