100 thoughts on “Sesame Street: Jurassic Cookie (Jurassic Park Parody)

  1. Why is there a dinosaur cookie and Anna and blah blah blah blah blah why is this a Cookie Monster and blah blah blah blah blah ndh and no blah blah blah blah blah blah

  2. This is really creative for this kids' show to parody movies and other medias including ones that aren't kid friendly like G.O.T, walking dead, etc.
    Well I have MY predictions for the new parodies they could come up with (which would include anime and videogames):
    * ghost in the SEA shell
    *Cheesemare on Elmo street (horror movie parody about teaching kids that nightmares won't happen in real life or something like that. The main antagonist in that parody would be a sentient cheese "freddy" with possibly breadstick fingers ginving people nightmares)
    * highschool of the "gingerbread"? (highschool of the dead parody)
    * (Saw parody)
    *(Portal parody)
    *Bobobobobobo…. parody
    *fullcookie alchemist (fullmetal A. parody)
    *(dragon ball Z parody)
    *(one piece parody)
    *(fairy tail parody)
    *(deadman wonderland parody)
    *(jojo's bizarre adventure parody)
    *(scream parody)
    *Bake to the future (back to the future parody)
    Now does anyone else have predictions for their new parodies?

  3. A parody of Jurassic Park used on Sesame Street ? That’s new and I like it.

    Anyone else ?

    Please comment if you do.

  4. So apparently,the Cookie-Saurus is a hybrid of the following: T-Rex,Velociraptor(Both for scenes in the movie),Cookie (you know why),Olaf(Hugs)

  5. Cookie monster.. Watch your mouth!! Plz!! This is a kid's show… At least kids don't know what that word means…😂😂😂

  6. T. Rex vs. I. Rex: T. Rex

    T. Rex COOKIE vs. Cookie Monster: T. Rex cookie dead in 2 seconds if no kids were there.

  7. So it went straight from Jurassic Cookie to Jurassic Cookie the fallen kingdom. So in Jurassic Park 3 the raptors didn't want the stolen egg. They just wanted a hug.

  8. In Case of Giant Prehistoric Cookie Emergency Just Hula
    In Case of Giant Prehistoric Cookie Emergency Just Halibut
    In Case of Giant Prehistoric Cookie Emergency Just Hug

    In Case of Giant Prehistoric Cookie Emergency Just Hide!

  9. Tim, "So wait … you spent millions to bring a cookie dinosaur back to life only to eat it, grandpa?"
    Cookie Monster, "Yah. What yer point?"

  10. You know what I’m realizing? Ever since Futurama got taken off the air; and since The Simpsons is a mere shadow of what it used to be, Cookie Monster/Sesame Street inspired satires on popular culture are genuinely funnier than dedicated comedy outfits like SNL. This is basically as funny as Robot Chicken!I don’t know if that’s sad or incredible.

  11. 1:36 Seriously, animators of YouTube, we need more stock music cues from the Hollywood Series 4000 Sound Effects Library!

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