10 thoughts on “Serverless computing options with Google Cloud Platform (Google Cloud Next ’17)

  1. Hi .. Great VIDEO.. I have a Google Cloud Account with you guys, however… 85% of my code is on PHP running on a linux (apache) server… How can I hop on board with a serverless service in an scenario like me?

  2. I like Google Cloud Function and this talk. We wish to run this demo code in your talk on Google Cloud Function to test this service and several Google AI APIs used in your demo in this talk. Is it possible to obtain the link that contains the open source code of this demo app? Thanks !

  3. Google team please consider my request , im teenager student i really want you to do summit related to cloud computing in North India . Thanks for your consideration

  4. Yeah, and you are bind to Google like Gollum to the One Ring. Powerconcentration and Monopoly is never a good thing. Resist.

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