See 3D Without Glasses On Your Phone!

supposed to be three-dimensional here’s
the thing you never really caught on think the biggest part of that reason is
the fact that you had to wear these funky looking 3d glasses and people
didn’t want to wear them the real thing that got me excited at the time was this
idea of naked eye 3d that’s right I said naked 3d without fancy funky glasses this is a phone from a company called
alien line they were like we have a naked eye glasses list 3d smartphone i
did a little bit of research found out that it’s an indiegogo campaign
happening right now I’m gonna have a link in the description if you want to
check it out but their claim here is that they’ve got the 3d smartphone of
your dreams and it will not require funky glasses seems pretty crazy let’s
take a look at this phone so its gold and look at that big badge not for sale
so they’ve certainly sent me their prototype I hope it’s not their only one
but they sent it to me it looks to have maybe that’s a fingerprint reader on the
back I mean a pretty standard smartphone
layout power brick micro USB cable and headset ok so pretty standard stuff the banging
intro track now the first thing I notice is the display in general kind of has
like almost a layered look to it when I do that make that little adjustment you
can see how it’s different essentially you’re looking at a pretty
basic android layout but the magic happens in these icons up here k 3dx gallery 3d video camera 3d player
and 3d camera obviously you’re not going to see those
things on a standard Android device that is unusual I’m fairly certain that you will not be
able to make that out because after all you’re looking at a single camera lens
not you know stereoscopic eyeballs maybe one day they can take 3d content
movies and make that available here without the glasses right
so I don’t know let me what the whoa whoa that is very 3d the thing is poking
me with it’s right around this range again you can’t see that what do you see
you just see oh that’s actual 3d wow I did not expect it to be this effective I
really did not it looks good it’s almost like the
effect gets better and more comfortable the longer that i look at it they
reloaded some provocative images in here would you say that’s provocative Jack
look at the images all in the gallery it’s obvious loaded this up this must be
jack affect my understanding to make your own 3d images when you snap a photo
you keep moving upwards got it that’s super bizarre for verification
for bringing Chaz in he’s gonna tell you people well what do you see it or not? Chaz: “I can see it.
it’s got like a bunch of tools and it looks three-dimensional” These are not not 3d
glasses Chaz: “yeah it’s working with or without the spectacles” Chaz, say hello to the world. very very is ok so the last one to try
here gmax 3d game maybe like a little bit of a 3d effect it looks mostly like
the 2-d game with like a little bit of extra tiny bit of depth honestly I’ve
tried a lot of different 3d on TVs and such this is some of the most effective 3d
I’ve seen and you can’t really see it but I promise you these are legit 3d
video files naked eyes these are naked eye while they have
these grab his eyes are naked ok

100 thoughts on “See 3D Without Glasses On Your Phone!

  1. To this date, I think that the HTC Evo 3D was the best smartphone I've ever owned. No idea why it didn't take off. They had some killer games, dual cameras for 3D VIDEO, etc. It was rad.

  2. LG P920 launched in 2012 has the same technology. I used it for 5 years. It is brilliant. This is not the first glassless 3D smartphone. Also, P920 has two camera lenses for 3D shooting.

  3. too much of unnesessary talk and less instructions, it should be more instructions and competely less talk

  4. Dont know if you know this but…. The world and everywhere you look IS 3D, even the device with the 2D screen

  5. He talks too much and that’s super annoying man.. perhaps he could show a normal brick as if it’s fallen from the sky..

  6. 2:27
    In the title it says:
    Seen 3d without glasses on your phone
    (Well explain why those he wearing glasses)🙂

  7. The chainsaw part was amazing. It even poked out at me! It looked like it was created in a game.

  8. Dude… That's extremely old tech… Ten years ago HTC had the same thing in their phone the HTC Evo 3d. I still actually have that phone even because with the old specs it plays amazing in 3d. And you can get the HTC Evo 3d for like 50 bucks. Js

  9. It looks and is dog shit that's why this phone is not for sale. And 3d camera don't exist on any other manufacturer

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