– [PZ9] You spy ninjas with
your spy pens. (grunts) – Yeah, yeah, of course. – [Daniel] Yeah, they’re just pens. – [PZ9] I’m still gonna go to VidCon and hack thousands of YouTubers! Are you two still with me? – Yeah, in fact I just
stole this VidCon pass from Project Zorgo. – [PZ9] Yeah, and I just
stole it from you. (laughs) Now if you guys are still with me I guess you two are gonna need passes. – Okay, where are we
gonna get passes from? – Hey, my spy pen!
– Hey, that’s his spy pen, man! – [PZ9] PZ2 has told me that he spotted Vy stealing his pass. You two have something to do with it? – [Daniel] No, no, we don’t
even like Vy and Regina. We’re on your side, man. – Hey, give me that. – [PZ9] Well that’s fantastic
because I need you two to steal their passes. – Fine, yeah yeah, no problem. We’ll go there right now,
and we’ll take those passes. – [Daniel] Yeah, yeah. – [PZ9] I have hacked into the spy pen. I will see and hear everything you do. So you better listen to what
I say for the next 24 hours. – Fine, chill. All right let’s go get those passes, Dan. – [Daniel] Okay, let’s go. – Let’s go. Come on Dan, let’s go, let’s go into the DeLorean.
– There it is, yeah, yeah, yeah, go, go, go. – [Chad] Get on in. – [Daniel] Okay. All right. – Woo, you ready? – [Daniel] I’m ready, let’s go! – Let’s go. Chad, this stinks, man. – Yeah I know.
– I have a plan, I have a plan, okay?
– Shhh, he can see and hear everything we’re doing with this spy pen, so we gotta, whoa! It’s PZ9! – [Daniel] Did he hear what I said? – I don’t know. Let’s open it, what does he want? PZ9, whoa, watch out. Watch the door. – What happened to your spy pen signal? – Really, you couldn’t
hear us or see us any more? – No. – Okay, just don’t worry dude. We’re on the way to the
safe house right now. We’re gonna do exactly what you asked. – Well, I’m glad I caught
you guys before you left. I brought some mission supplies. – Should be a pretty easy mission. – [Daniel] Yeah, just grab their passes. – [PZ9] (groans) I’m
just kidding. (laughs) Here’s another one.
– A bear? Teddy bear, okay.
– What the heck? – Okay, he likes to play with
stuffed animals, I guess. – And flowers.
– Flowers? – Oh.
– Pink roses. PZ9, you shouldn’t have. You’re so sweet. – [PZ9] Don’t get it confused. It’s not for you guys, but it’s for the ladies in your lives. – I see what your saying. We should try to distract
them with these gifts so we can get their VidCon badges. – [PZ9] You got the point! By the way I also know that
you’re a double agent, Daniel, so you better listen to me. I guess the signal is really bad here, I lost connection, so. – Yeah, yeah. It must just be low Wi-Fi
spot here or something. Once we move, it’ll be great. – I hope so.
– Yeah. – Okay, see you later.
– No funny business! – Yeah, yeah, nothing funny. No funny business. – All right.
– Let’s go. – Bye PZ9. – This is great. It’s a stainless steel DeLorean. So any signals cannot
leave or enter the car. That’s why he can’t see our
spy pens, or hear us right now. – [Daniel] Yeah. – So we can discuss anything we want, and he won’t hear us or see us. I am so glad Daniel that
you have gone undercover as Project Zorgo, yet
you’re still on our side. You’re totally tricking Project Zorgo and tricking the Project Zorgo leader. – Yes, I can’t believe how
dumb they are, it’s ridiculous. – I know, PZ9 is so dumb too. He thinks he’s gonna hack
VidCon, and we’re gonna join him? Ha, give me a break! – With me being a double agent, there’s no way they’re gonna hack all those YouTubers at VidCon. – If Project Zorgo tries
to hack them or PZ9 tries, we’re gonna stop them so easily. – Yeah PZ9, more like PZ blind! – Yeah!
– Woo! – Yeah, ’cause he can’t see on the spy pen right now. (laughs)
– Yep. – But wait, Daniel,
we’ve gotta be careful. Once we get out of the DeLorean
and go into the safe house, he’ll be able to see and
hear everything again. So we’re only protected
while in the DeLorean. Once we get in the safe house
we can’t really say anything, you know, that we don’t want PZ9 to hear. – We just gotta go with the flow. – Exactly. – [PZ9] Let’s get caught up
with the Spy Ninjas. (laughs) – All right PZ9, we are at the safe house. Here we go, we’re gonna get those badges. – [PZ9] Make sure and not
reveal the address. (laughs) – Yeah, there’s no address here. – [Daniel] He’s not tracking
our location, is he? – [PZ9] Nah don’t worry about it, that’s the least of my problems. Is Vy and Regina there yet? – Vy? Regina? – Vy?
– Daniel, where do you think they are? – [Daniel] Maybe they’re not here. – [PZ9] (groans) For
now leave behind those teddy bears and flowers somewhere nice. – Okay, were should we leave them, PZ9? – [PZ9] Put that teddy bear
on that desk over there. Yeah yeah, put it in the corner. Yeah yeah yeah, that’s right. Yeah, yeah, perfect. Just so when the girls see it, they’re greeted by it’s
beautiful smile. (laughs) – God, he sure is particular about how he wants his bear placed. Doesn’t he Daniel?
– Yeah, it’s pretty weird. – [PZ9] Now Daniel, place
that little stuffed animal on the kitchen island behind you. – [Chad] Okay. – [PZ9] Make sure it’s facing the TV too. No! – Okay, I put it on the island. We’re good now, right? – [PZ9] That’s wrong. The other way, Daniel. – [Chad] Why does he care so much about how we set up our stuffed animals? Weird.
– Whatever, you’re our friend, PZ9, so sure. – [PZ9] Now if the girls aren’t here yet, let’s let the flowers breathe. Place them outside, will ya? – Okay, flowers in the
backyard, here we go. Here we are. – [PZ9] What a beautiful backyard. – Yeah, thanks man. It’s Regina, you know? She has a nice place. – [PZ9] Good taste! I want you to place the flowers in that vase right there. – [Chad] Okay, perfect.
– Okay, Like that? – [PZ9] No, no. Turn it around a little bit, 90 degrees. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. – Like that? – [PZ9] They should get
the most optimal sunlight. – This one over here, PZ9? – [PZ9] They’re not gonna get any sun. Come on, stand ’em up. – It’s fine, PZ9. I don’t understand why you keep telling us to rearrange everything.
– Yeah. – [PZ9] Maybe you don’t have
the proper taste, Daniel. Now let’s go look for those passes. – [Chad] Okay yeah, let’s find the badges and get out of here. – Okay we’re back inside. Daniel, how can they not be here yet? Vy and Regina left way ahead of us. I don’t know why they’re not here yet. – [Daniel] Yeah, they
definitely should be here. – [PZ9] Take a better
look around, come on. They should be there, right? – All right yeah, we’ll
look around, yeah, yeah. – [PZ9] Maybe the three
of us looking, yeah, yeah. – Do you see this? – [PZ9] Oh, I see it too. – [Daniel] Looks like
a beanbag to me, Chad. – It’s not just any old beanbag. It’s Vy, she’s sleeping. – [PZ9] (laughs) She
even sleeps like a ninja. – [PZ9] Come on look better, Chad. It’s gotta be somewhere on her person. – I don’t know.
– It’s right here. – [Daniel] You see it? You see it? – [PZ9] Yeah, just take
it and go already, Chad. Come on! – [Daniel] Okay, perfect. – I got it, I got it, I got it. – [PZ9] Yes, that’s the pass, yeah! – What are you doing? – Good morning, Vy.
– Oh you know, just wanted to look at your badge. It looks really nice, it’s
a different color than mine. – Yeah, that’s my badge, Chad. You misplace things all the time so I’m just gonna keep that. – [Daniel] Vy, we need that. – Yeah, I need this. You guys have your own badge. – [Chad] Well see,
Daniel doesn’t have one. – I never got one from the hacker. – You should go and
retrieve it from the hacker. I earned this. I’m the keeper of this group,
so I will be keeping this. – [Chad] Okay Daniel, we’ll
figure out an alternative. Let’s just go get Regina’s badge for now.
– Okay. – [Chad] Do you know where Regina went? – Did you check the snack area? – [PZ9] That’s a good idea, Chad. Vy’s a tough one, go after Regina instead. – [Chad] Regina? She’s not here. – Well, I guess we tried, right? – [PZ9] Dang it! Oh, I can’t believe it! – PZ9, we did our best. Vy caught us, and we don’t
know where Regina is. So, sorry man, we can’t find those badges. – [PZ9] Ah, What about
her secret room? (laughs) – Secret room? We can’t go in there though. She said never go in there,
we have to honor her wishes. You know, this is her
place, respect her rules. – [PZ9] You don’t have to go in there, but you could put me in there. (laughs) Grab the spy pen and
put it under the door. Let me see what’s inside. – Oh.
– Well. – We did say we would
do whatever you wanted to just prove that we’re doing
this VidCon thing with you. – [PZ9] Prove it, do it! – This is really invading
Regina’s trust, you know? She told us never to go in
the secret room right here. – [Daniel] Well, I mean we gotta show PZ9 we’re on his side, so. – [PZ9] No problem. It’s not like you guys are going in there. It’s just me. (laughs) – That doesn’t really work that way, PZ9. Ready Daniel? – [Daniel] Yep. – [Chad] Here we go. It doesn’t fit. There’s something in the way. Yeah this must be a piece
of wood or something. That’s a relief. – Sorry PZ9, it won’t fit. – [PZ9] No. – There’s just no way it’s going in there at all.
– No way. Oh!
– Whoa! – Hey! – [PZ9] Regina. – Regina, we didn’t
know you were in there. – What are you guys doing? This is my secret room. – Yeah okay, sorry about that. – [Chad] We were just
playing around with my pen. – [Daniel] Trying to find it. – Okay, you’re crouched
down on my secret room door playing with a pen? – Yeah, hey!
– Hey! – [Chad] Oh. – This is a spy pen,
what are you guys up to? – We just wanted to get a look at that VidCon badge of yours, that’s all. – [Daniel] Can we see that for a second? – Next time you want something
from me, you can knock, but don’t try to get in here. – Okay. – [Daniel] (knocks) Can we see your badge? – Okay fine, since you knocked. – Oh thank you, awesome. Hurry back. – [PZ9] What a weirdo! – What?
– Aye, okay. – Oh!
– Oh, what? – I’m actually running some
tests on the pass right now so come back in 10 minutes. It’ll be ready. – Okay sure, 10 minutes. – [Chad] No problem. – Knock next time. – All right 10 minutes, PZ9. Is that okay? – [PZ9] 10 minutes? I doubt she even knows
what she’s doing in there. – [Chad] You can wait. – Yeah. – [PZ9] Well 10 minutes
is a long time to spare. And remember, if you don’t
listen to what I say for 24 hours I’m gonna tell Project Zorgo
about your secrets. (laughs) – We’ve been listening to
everything you’ve been saying and we’re doing it. You don’t have to tell us.
– Yeah, yeah, dude. – [PZ9] What about for the next 10 minutes you entertain us with
a cool dance? (laughs) – That’s not gonna help us at all, we gotta focus on the mission.
– Yeah. – [PZ9] It will bring joy to our lives. – That’s so stupid. No, I’m not gonna do it. – Well, I mean I gotta admit that it would be pretty
entertaining, Daniel to see you do a dance. We got 10 minutes.
– Chad, really? The last time you guys told me to do that one Fortnight dance,
you know, I slayed it! – [PZ9] Well if your definition
of slay is to outright ruin it for everybody else, then
you pretty much slayed it. – Oh, he’s burning ya.
– Whatever. All right, watch this. Something like this? – [Chad] You got it Daniel,
come on you can do it. You got it. Nope, you’re close. But you’re not, you’re doing the twist. No, that’s the twist. Floss it up. There you go, floss it up! There you go, woo! – Hey there you go,
PZ9, what do you think? – [Chad] What do you think, PZ9? (PZ9 laughing)
Pretty good, huh? He’s laughing. – He likes it I think. – [PZ9] Chad’s turn. – Me? Why do I gotta do anything?
– Yeah. – I’m not undercover. – [PZ9] Well, because Daniel danced, why don’t you entertain Daniel? – [Daniel] Chad, Chad,
you gotta do it, man, or else I’m found out by PZ! – Fine, fine, fine, fine, okay. Can’t let Project Zorgo find out that you’re a double agent, Daniel, fine. Okay, what should I do, man? – [PZ9] Since we’re no the
whole Fortnite dance craze, why don’t you do Orange Justice! – Orange Julius? That’s a drink. – [PZ9] Justice! – Okay, yeah. Gosh, it’s been so long
since I’ve done that one. I think it’s something
like, something like this? – [Daniel] There you go, Chad! Work it boy! – Something like that? – Oh, yeah!
– I don’t know. Was that good?
– Yeah. (PZ9 laughing) – [Daniel] I liked it. – He’s laughing at me. – [PZ9] It’s good only
if you’re trying to be like a wacky wavy
inflatable arm man. (laughs) – Oh yeah, remember that inflatable thing that you punched, Daniel?
– Yeah, that thing was cool, man. I would love to look like that. – Okay yeah, are we done now? I think it’s been 10 minutes, right? – [PZ9] What about doing
something extremely embarrassing? I’m talking about cringe-y,
the cringe-iest of the cringe. – Extremely cringe-y, okay, yeah. – [PZ9] The lowest deepest of all dabs, the deep dab! – A deep dab? That’s a brand new dance
Fortnight just added. They stole it from Jack’s Films. I think I can do it. I don’t even know if I’m flexible enough. I’ll try it I guess, let’s see. – [Daniel] Go for it, man. – You ready?
– Yeah. Aye, there it is.
(Chad grunting) – [PZ9] Wow, I’m surprised
he didn’t pull something. – Whoa, whoa, whoa.
– What is that? Oh, oh, oh, it’s happening again! – [Chad] Regina, are you okay? Regina, what happened?
(Regina grunting) – Yeah, I have some bad news. – Okay.
– What is it? – Well… – Wait, where’s the badge? – [Daniel] What happened to the badge? – I lost the badge. I didn’t lose it. I destroyed it on accident.
– Wow, why would you do that? – [Daniel] Why would you do that? – [PZ9] Why would you do that? – I was running the
tests, and then one thing happened after another. – [PZ9] Oh! – I mean, this was the PZ Members pass. So like, we didn’t need it anyways, right? – Well yeah, I thought
Daniel and I were gonna nevermind, yeah you’re
right, you’re totally right. You can go back in there now. Thank you very much. – [PZ9] Regina, what a fool! – Okay, thanks guys. – [Daniel] Get out of my sight. – Reel ’em in. – Well now what do we do? I mean Regina’s badge is gone. PZ9, I have to go to the bathroom, and I don’t want you to watch me, so I’m taking my spy pen off, okay? – [PZ9] No. Daniel, go with him. – No, I’m not gonna let Daniel
go with me to the bathroom, that’s just gross. – [Daniel] Yeah, I don’t want to see that. – [PZ9] (groans) One or two? – I’m going number two. – [PZ9] Ew! I don’t wanna see or hear that. Fine, go. – Yeah, I’m just gonna go by myself. You hang onto the spy pen, I’ll be back.
– Okay. – [PZ9] But Daniel, wait outside. – I don’t want him to hear me dropping the kids off at the pool. – [Daniel] He told me to, Chad. So, all right. – Okay Spy Ninjas, I’m
on my phone right now. I’m filming on my phone so I can talk to you guys in private. The spy pen is not on me,
so PZ9 can not see me. The VidCon badge that
Regina has is gone now. We need to get Vy’s badge, otherwise PZ9 might reveal
Daniel’s true identity to Project Zorgo. What if I convince Vy to
come into the bathroom and then I can tell her we’re
just gonna take her badge temporarily because we’re tricking PZ9? She’ll understand, and
she’ll give me the badge. PZ9 thinks I’m in here doing number two, maybe I can use that to my advantage. Check this out. Hello, Vy? Where’s Vy at, Daniel? – [Daniel] Oh, I think she’s over here. Oh, there she is. – Vy, Vy, Vy! Yeah, I’m going to the bathroom right now, I need your help in here. – You can go to the
bathroom by yourself, Chad. You’re a big boy, you can do it. – No, no, no, I clogged the toilet, and I need your help plunging it. – Ew, I don’t wanna do that, I don’t wanna plunge any toilet. You can do that yourself, Chad. – No, no, I got it unclogged. but I wanted to show you
something in here, that’s all. – No, I don’t want to see
anything in the toilet. – Vy, just trust me, just come in here. – [PZ9] Something smells
here, and it’s not Chad. – [Daniel] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, go for it, go for it.
– It’s big, it’s big. – [PZ9] Daniel, you better
not let her go in there. – [Vy] Ew! – [Daniel] Hey wait, wait. Actually Vy, Vy, Vy, Vy,
don’t go in actually. – No, Daniel she should come in. – [Daniel] No. – [PZ9] Don’t let her in there! – No no no.
– Oh I see. – [Daniel] No Vy, don’t. It’s for our own good if
you don’t go in there. – Okay.
– Sorry, Vy. – Okay, that’s actually good. I really don’t want to go in at all. – [Daniel] Yeah, we’ll explain later, but okay, sorry to bother you, Vy. – You don’t need me anymore? – [Daniel] No, yeah, you can go, sorry. Yeah, you can leave now. – [PZ9] Daniel, take the
pass out of her pocket. I see it, it’s right there. Go for the pass. – [Daniel] Okay. – (squeals) What are you doing? Get out of here. – Shoot guys, that didn’t work. PZ9 came on the ear piece
and told Daniel to stop Vy from coming in here. Okay well, I guess I better put this phone back in my pocket. Okay woo, what was a good one. I got it unclogged. – [Daniel] Perfect. Here is your spy pen, Chad. – [PZ9] I see what you
were trying to do, Chad. How clever of you. – Shoot, you figured out
what I was trying to do? – [PZ9] I thought you were
gonna reveal the mission to Vy. – We’re working together on
this VidCon thing, you know? So yeah yeah, I was just
trying to get her badge. Yep, you totally ruined it. Right, Daniel? – Yeah man. If you just woulda let Vy walk in there, we would’ve trapped her, got
her pass, and we would’ve been off already.
– Yeah, man. – [PZ9] Thought you were gonna be sneaky, sneaky spy ninjas again. – Not as smart as we all thought, PZ9. – [PZ9] Ah, None of this is working! – We’ve listened to
everything you’ve said, PZ9 so you can’t put the blame on us. – [PZ9] Good job on getting me a pass from the Project Zorgo members. – Yeah, but we need some more passes now. – I probably just need
to work with one person. – It’ll be me, let’s do it. – [PZ9] No offense, Chad, you’re not the right fit for this job. – Dude, I’m the right fit for every job. – You’re just too good of a person. – Okay, yeah. I’ll go along with that, right Daniel? – [Daniel] Wait a minute. – [PZ9] Daniel, however. – [Chad] He’s a good person too. – I’m a good person, PZ9.
– Yeah. – [PZ9] Not when your playing double agent for the spy ninjas at Project Zorgo. – [Chad] Double agent, that’s right. – [PZ9] Get yourself a PZ sweater. We’re gonna find a way to get you a pass. – Okay. – Yeah.
– All right, Chad. – [Chad] Don’t wear that
in front of Project Zorgo, Daniel.
– No way, okay. – [Chad] You’ll lose your cover. Don’t wear this awesome wrist band either, if you know what I’m saying. – All right, I’ll take this off. Gotta take the spy pen
off though to do that. – [PZ9] Yes, and bring
Chad’s spy pen as well. – [Chad] Mine? All right, here you go, Daniel. Here put this hoodie on, Daniel. – [Daniel] Oh, thanks. – See you later man, have a good mission. – [Daniel] See ya. (PZ9 laughing) – [PZ9] Daniel, Daniel, Daniel. When will he ever learn? (laughs) – Okay, I did what PZ9 told me to do. I’m dressed up in my hacker clothes. But he told me to bring the
spy pens for some reason. I don’t know exactly what he’s up to. Kinda blurry, oh yeah that’s him. Hey PZ9, We did everything
you told us to do. I’m here in my hacker
outfit with the spy pens. Here, you can have them, whatever. – [PZ9] I can’t believe
that you guys weren’t able to get any of the passes. So what, I have to go by
myself now all of a sudden? I obviously don’t trust Chad, okay? He’s such a good boy. He’s not gonna do anything like this. But you my friend, are a
double agent for Project Zorgo. So I know you have some
evil deep down inside. – Why do you keep saying
that, man, how do you know? – [PZ9] When I first
saw you in the tunnels, you were with Project Zorgo. So I captured you, then I captured Chad. And then you guys told me you were feuding against one another,
you’re obviously faking it. – [Daniel] Me and Chad,
we’re on your side. We’re gonna hack VidCon together, we’re gonna take over YouTube. What are you doing? – [PZ9] When I was
watching your live feed, there was a point in
time where you and Chad were in the DeLorean. I feel like something was going on. – [Daniel] But it was just
a boring car ride any way. There was nothing to hear or see. – [PZ9] I don’t trust you guys. – [Daniel] Why? We’re on your side. – Your spy pens. The DeLorean might be hacker proof, but the raw data is
still inside these pens. – [Daniel] Wait a minute. Wait PZ9, what are you
doing with those spy pens? – [PZ9] I’m gonna plug these
spy pens into the computer, and if you are lying to
me, I’m gonna turn you in to Project Zorgo. (laughs) – [Daniel] No. Wait, wait, wait, wait. PZ9, no, no, no, no. No, don’t, don’t, don’t, no!


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