100 thoughts on “Robert Kiyosaki 2019 – The Speech That Broke The Internet!!! KEEP THEM POOR!

  1. Just watched the first 90sec. I want to point out that today, an entrepreneur is just a job. It has been downgraded by the jews. You work harder for longer to pay for all the outgoings of a business. Why are these outgoings such a high ratio? Because according to Oxfam, the richest 8 people have the same wealth as the bottom 50%. What does that mean? It isn't the wealth you should be eyeing, it is the power these 8 have and the next 1000 after them. They make the laws, for government, for banking, and they set the ratio of cost and income. If you work in the system, with the system, you can't get ahead. Do you understand now?

  2. A very astute man said it best. The rich got rich because they already had a leg up to start with. This mans father was a Doctor. Do you think his dad or mother willingly let him fail or struggle? Probably not. That's the reality.

  3. I`m not real religious either.
    But I have put my faith and trust in what Jesus did on the cross to pay for my sins and everyone else should do so also.
    Earning money is good as long as you don`t love money more than God.
    Money will not help us when we leave here.

  4. I realized one thing: There are tons of Steve Jobs wannabe in the corporate world who are self proclaimed want to change the world, bullcrap giving so called inspirational speech.

  5. 6:20 they do teach that stuff regarding private economy, household money etc, at least here in Sweden. They don't teach how to start and run a company though. In elemantary school and high school that is.

    7:12 Also… teachers practice teaching. Their job is to know what they are talking about and pass that knowledge on so I don't agree that people shouldn't be taught by teachers. It doesn't make sense. Just beacuse you make more money doesn't mean you are a better teacher than someone educated to be just that.

  6. IF you come from poor family it's not your fault but in order you to become successful person DO SOMETHING and BELIEVE to your DREAMS, Avoid complaining difficulties.

  7. This is all good for motivation but lets be real. Money doesn't materialize out of thin air. Money is the result of LABOUR. You first need to ACQUIRE money before you can INVEST it in "4 green houses and 1 red hotel". In order for people to do that we have to first WORK and EARN the PAYCHECK.

  8. Buy 1, sell, then buy 2. Sell 1 buy 2. Repeat. Or buy 1, Refinace to buy another 1. Repeat. But keep it managable. Best way to own rental property is not to deal with the tenants and repairs. So get a good Property Manager. Bought 1, sold and bought 4. 2 with no money down. Refinanced 1 to remodel my house.

  9. People like Robert love material things. They assume these earthly material things will bring happiness to their lives. Like cancer, materialism consumes the mind, it becomes an addiction as they search for the next item that temporarily satisfies their happiness, their sense of validation to their peers. It's all about ego and control over the lives of others. Does it matter how much wealth Robert has accumulated, his earthly possessions are of no value to him after he dies. Enjoy life and all the experiences it brings.

  10. When CORPORATE and government officials admit knowing or unknowingly to commiting felonies with ZERO repercussions only indifference and apathy skies the limit and the bar is always finding a new Low

  11. Yes yes keep feeding this libertarian right wing crap, the crap tells you that its a mind set, its your fault, it your dad's fault…it's not the rich ones fault, anyone can be rich…right! how about the millions of self employed Americans? that can't afford much, this wave of craptastic thiking, is for you to accept to be a contractor, with no steady pay check, no protection, no benefits, because you shouldn't work for a decent paycheck, oh no…that's poor people stuff,,,man STFU

  12. he's an entrepeneur……for inheriting a business…..he got a kid to work for free, in return for playing a board game, which culminated in the lesson of "buy property and build a hotel"….and poverty is not a lack of money, but a state of mind….

  13. Big question now is, where can I apply for apprentice that would take me in, and can I continue living without money learning without pay. 😂😂😂

  14. So this makes them the scum of the earth. Keeping the poor poor is how they stay up, everyone knows that. Yet further than that, all they do is use for themselves and that's it. "Calculus is useless", yet someone had to learn it (and other disciplines) to optimize accounting formulas, engineering the buildings they use, inventing the computers and networks they completely rely on. All this, and their sole focus is on "more for me"

  15. work for free, buy land.
    fantastic advice…. (this is sarcasm)
    everyone in the world cannot do this. there are 7 billion people, we all gonna build hotels?
    also calculus is for physicists and chemists, not land barons. why don't you leave big boy math to the smart guys.

  16. Just buy a hotel and get rich from the customers.. Easy.. Hey, but, but how I buy it first?? Ahh…dam it..

  17. Again. Using the Bible quote about the poor as a tool to justify poverty and saying its "all in your head, you can change things like the matrix!" Is why I find this a load of total verbal misinformation. Directed to make others who can't rise above their poverty feel bad for being poor. Another scheme by the rich for the rich.

  18. Some deep meditation, give thanks for the free knowledge…as bob Marley said, emancipate yourself from mental slavery

  19. Not everyone can acquire property. Not everyone can assemble the capital to pay for even a paltry piece of land. This is meaningless advice. It's also short sighted as it puts it clearly that the only way to make money is to bleed someone else's. That barrier between those seeking independence and those with it is getting thicker. Business I worked for for four years had it's owners retire. Sold the property to a house flipper. At the price they sold for they could not have hoped to buy it at their advanced age and situation in life and I think they still had a mortgage after 30 years. The new buyer wasn't interested in running a business of course. Instead he sold the rights to run the business out of the property to some somewhat young middle aged folks from another state. They'd spent years working restaurants to build up enough cash to NOT buy a business in a small town.

  20. I’m sorry this method doesn’t work I tried it. You got to have money to make money. And you got to have people willing to help you to achieve that goal. Selfish thing to say. ( “let them stay poor!”) ???

  21. One of the best things I ever learned from a professor wasn't what he taught from the book.
    He told us this repeatedly throughout the semester "You probably won't do anything like the problems we solve in class. I never did and probably never will but that's not why I teach this class. I want to teach you how to learn. To understand completely and fully. That way you won't need this expensive book anymore. You will ba able to do it yourself." This guy was super old had started and sold his own company then became a professor because he wanted to get a good pension 😂. But also to teach us what college won't teach us and I will always remember him for that.

  22. I started out poor, made good by the time I was 35, then things looked bad for the immediate future, so I sold out totally, paid off all of my debts and got rid of incredible health killing stress all at the same time. I Moved up north, bought a foreclosed property cheap and retired at 45 and couldn't be happier. I Live at my leisure and get up when I want, and quit when I want. Life is short, make it work in your favor and don't let greed and unreachable ambition destroy your happiness. Enjoy your life, because this is the ONLY one you'll get.

  23. Spirituality is not about learning from financial mistakes. At least not a good spirituality. There is no great religion that preaches that the way to happiness is to learn from your financial mistakes so as to make more money.

  24. His book “Rich Dad Poor Dad Cashflow Quadrant” is actually an amazing read. Highly suggest to anyone. It is a cheap book

  25. School teach education which is the way of thinking human brain ability to grow, people cannot reach top level without education, very fortunate few people rarely capable.

  26. Not only read and write. I think schools should teach subjects that will impact and beneficial to the person and society in general. I will say today education has failed badly in two subjects. Morality and Civility.

  27. Different IQ people in the comments will have different Comments,

    The Higher The IQ the more you understand and if you do really have High IQ you should not be here.

  28. How can poor people be rich if they have no money to make businesses? They can only be employees. If you come from a rich family, then it is totally different.

  29. such an idiot:
    1) money isn't everything
    2) if you actually DONT have money, you can't make money appear by magic
    3) school teaches and trains your brain to think… learning to solve problems you won't face in real life actually helps you to be smarter for the rest of your life…

  30. Bravo.!!, i love it and will play monopoly and will watch this every day. It makes sense. Absolutely. I made it outside my family circle. Am african. Bought my first house in 2002 in the UK. At age 25. Opened my first restaurant in 2003. Until my foolish greedy italian ex husband ruined it all. I am learning from this huge mistake. Relocated to carry on and try again after a divorce and 4 kids. Fu k it. I shall do it AGAIN.

  31. Using Debt to Get Rich is a high risk game most people can’t afford to do. Even stock brokers tell you not to use money for investing strategies that you can’t afford to lose. In my opinion a lot this ‘speech’ gives people false hope on financial strategies that could put their existence and their families at risk.

  32. Wake up wake up wake up wake up people around the world!!!!!!!!!!
    Our system is destroying us slowly!!!
    We are in massive trap here on the earth!!!
    Our system and our leaders who thinks there are God are trapping us in here!!!!!!!!!
    Listen yes you are who reading this, most of your problems and struggle in your life, is coming from our system!!!¡!!!!!
    Wake up people please wake up is time to stand up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡¡!!!!!!!¡!!!!!!!!!!!!!¡!!!¡!!!!!!!

  33. Well,….. Do you have to be filthy rich??? What´s wrong with an ordinary life???? Not everyone can be so rich…. sounds like obsessed with materialism….. not "bad"

  34. For anyone wanting to know who the guy is that is interviewing Robert, it's Brian Rose from London Real. He has a great channel. I don't follow him often, but he has good content, changed my life when I first got into podcasts and self-help.

  35. 'don't make mistakes'. One of the biggest things I hate about bosses. They insulate themselves from mistakes by hiring the people that take all the risks (which hilariously then they take credit for). Then bitch at them when they fail while they make excuses for themselves. Another thing I hate about all non labor jobs is, they will bullshit their way to a million excuses as to why they are where they are at. When in reality it's as simple as; I don't want to work, I want lots of money, and I don't want to take risks with my body. Then they ply the old "work smarter not harder" as if they own it. At the end of the day, it's really just liars vs the meek who won't lie. If you make the meek hate each other, you've won. And they have.

  36. I partially agree with him but not wholly. If Schools dont teach you calculus how can you become scientists or engineers one day. Remember most students are not mature enough to know what they really want to be. So the schools teach you everything including basics of money as well. The teachers dont practice what they teach argument is really childish, Can any school afford to hire a real scientist to teach science or a real businessmen/accountant to teach money ? Expecting such thing is silly. You have to understand being rich involves lot things working in your favor. Some people are inherently risk takers but not all risk takers end up being rich. Some people are content with their earnings and dont want to get into hardships and sleepless nights of an entrepreneur. Nice speech but far away from the truth.

  37. The "music" track is intrusive, distracting and obnoxious to the point where I am unable to listen to your video. What a pity! The (barely intelligible) words were tainted and drowned out by the music track. PROFESSIONAL Videographers say that Good Audio makes Good Video.

  38. The point of this video is stating we are mostly a dumb ass bunch of under paid slaves and the people that build the hotels and have the wealth want it that way. The best advice I ever received, "a poor person can not afford to put away $25 dollars a week, a wealthy person can not afford to not put away $25 dollars a week." Save and invest as much as you can spare, even if it is 5 dollars a week. Think about it this way, invest 5 dollars a week at 21 years old, at 41 that's 5200 dollars then consider interest and earnings it could be several times that. I wish I started investing at a younger age and listened to my dad! I look back and could not tell you what that 5 dollars a week was wasted on but would be able to check my bank statement today. Invest and live within your means, stay away from credit cards and interest loans if you can't afford something save till you can. Most important dont buy shit you dont need!

  39. Bullshit!!!
    People like me who cannot afford to pay bills and pay for presents and food especially this time of year without taking out loans or borrowing from friends or family will always be this way no matter how much we work!
    Unless we lucky enough to win the lottery or something (Don't make me laff) we got no chance.

  40. Mind=Blown. This is one of the most interesting takes on this topic we have watched!! Thanks for posting this!! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻


  42. I usually like this channel but this is only a good way to go about things if your a psychopathic and like to destroy the little guy and sell all their land over to a corporation. Yes learn about money but then realize not one rich/ elite person uses any cash, it's all bounced around on a computer and doesn't even ever change hands or exist. Like you will never see these sums of $ they say they use. Ots a sham. Work for free to help your neighbors and 99% of the time everyone will take care of you aswell

  43. You left out the part where if your not of a lineage the ones that are will not allow you to succeed . Truth is only truth if its told in full , not in part !

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