Review: Gorgona – Earn 3.0% Daily and Forever! Open-Source Smart Contract

Review: Gorgona – Earn 3.0% Daily and Forever! Open-Source Smart Contract . With David Moadel welcome to looking at the markets with
David Modell how would you like to earn 3% on your investment every single day
and forever this can happen with Gorgona Gorgona earn 3% daily and forever
reliable income based on the open source smart contract you can go to Gorgona dot
io check out the telegram channel it’s right here and it’s also in the
description all these links and my referral link will be in the description
below this video and for support they have a telegram for support as well
Gorgona smart contracts let me tell you all about this daily Auto payouts unlike
similar projects Gorgona has a special script which will pay your dividends
every single day it’s convenient you will receive three percent of your
investment daily in auto mode its automatic you can always request your
dividends by sending 0 ETH to the smart contract address you can find that on
the website it’s easy you can easily check your portfolio on the website or
gona’s website has a convenient portfolio cabinet that’s where you can
check your investments your dividends your referrals investments and your
referral income you want to learn about the referral program here it is a
mutually beneficial partnership program with referral cashback of 3% Gorgona has
a mutually beneficial partnership program in their smart contracts you
will receive 3 percent of each referral investment that’s another way you can
make money and the person you referred will receive one time and one time only
a 3% cashback of his investment so it’s mutually beneficial you benefit and the
person that you refer to benefits as well and there’s something this is
exciting it’s called the Gorgona killer it’s a special feature you can receive 3
percent of each investment without a specified referrer address but you can
achieve it when your investment is the biggest one
on Gorgona dot IO and you can check that it’s right on the website you can check
how big the Gorgona killer is on the website at this address
Gorgona io forward slash and there’s that number sign and then killer all
right or you can also just check on check the
current income of their Gorgona killer in the portfolio cabinet that we
talked about there that’s another easy way to do it they’re very friendly
telegram support gorg ona’s support staff is very friendly you can check it
by visiting their telegram channels and I’m gonna put all that in a text
description below this video so you can click on it making an investment it’s
easy I’ll show you the instructions on the website now I’m going to show it to
you real soon and if you want to use my referral link here it is it’s in the
description below this video you can click on it this will be right down
below you will receive if you use my referral link you will receive one time
and one time only a 3% cashback of your investment so why not do it
Gorgona now has an article it’s pretty cool they published it on coin Telegraph
that is the link is here but I made it easy for you just go in the description
below this video you can click on it to check out the article that tells all
about coin telegraph I promised you I’d show you how easy it is to invest in
Gorgona here it is this is the website Gorgona earn 3% daily and forever
reliable income based on the open source smart contract they’re using smart
contract technology they’ve got a blockchain warranty ownership
registration and you can pay by eth aetherium you got to have some aetherium
all right and you would just click on or tap on that button right there invest
eth minimum investment the minimum is point 0 1 ETH it’s affordable and they
have the recommended gas amount 250,000 right there let’s go down alright the
smart contract address is right there ok so it was launched on September 8th the
balance over a thousand ETH how my investors over two thousand a large
pool of investors here you won’t be alone in this and you can even find out
when the last investment was it was very recently you can get a list of the top
investors people are investing in or Gorgona and here it is 3% of daily
income 100% of security your payouts are guaranteed by the etherion blockchain
network owners cannot influence on the process it is only eth alright and you
can transfer your ETH to this smart contract address it’s right there and
they’ll pay out 3% every day to you at ten o’clock UTC time minimum investment
is point zero one eth says here it’s about two dollars very affordable smart
contracts it is a hundred percent tested it was audited by independent high-level
specialists you can even check the results right there every our income
contract allows you to request your payouts every hour it’s easy to get your
payouts don’t worry you can get your payouts no problem and the partnership
you will receive three percent of each deposit of your referral your referrals
will receive one-time only three percent bonus on their first deposits so
everybody benefits I promised I would show you how to do it go to Gorgon o dot
IO you can also go to the referral link in the description below this video
to start earning 3% daily on your deposits first you have to have an e th
wallet if you have one already great okay if you don’t have one no problem
you can register they’ll even help you you can register your own wallet just
click on that link right there okay you can go to Mehta mask and you can
download a wallet or you can go to and this is what I use I use my ether wallet
my ether wallet comm and you just set up online you don’t even have to download
anything you can have an online ether wallet pretty cool and make sure you
store your secret data in a safe place so once you have an e th e theorem
wallet you again you can get one for free or if you already have one like I
do all right then you make your investment you click or tap on invest ET
the button right there BAM there it is okay and you make your investment just
transfer any amount that you want to invest of ETH to this ETH wallet address
you can swipe it right click copy that’s one way or they made it easy for you hit
that copy button right there just copy it go to your ETH wallet and transfer it
however much you want to invest of ETH transfer it to that wallet address now
again the recommended gas amount 250,000 minimum investment point 0 1 ETH you
must not transfer the ETH from a stock exchange or exchanges okay now from an
exchange only from your ETH wallet only from your HD ETH wallet alright once you
did that cool earn your ETH from now on you will
receive your constant profit of 3% daily of the total amount of your deposits to
the wallet from which you made your payments that eat same eth wallet that
you made that deposit to this address ok that’s where you’re gonna get your
profits every single day and remember I told you about the Gorgona killer you
can check it right here ok the current killer the leader ok becomes the common
refer for investors without any you don’t even need to use the refer to
become a Gore going to killer you just have to invest more than this person
here the gore going to killer if you can beat this person with your investments
then hey you can be the gore going to killer and you could earn even more
money and you could find out what how much he’s making ok he or she is making
by hitting that invest investigate his income button and don’t forget the
partnership program you want 3% after each referral investment with this
program you can receive 3% of his investment as a bonus how do you invite
people you to become your referral your future referral should specify your
address in the field data while transferring the ETH they have to
specify your particular address in the data field when they’re transferring the
ETH ok and the referral the person you referred will be rewarded one-time 3% of
that first investment back as a I got my referral link I just put in my
eth wallet address right there I clicked on generate and then my
referral address which I’m going to have in the description below this video you
can click on it if you want to I clicked on copy and I got my own Gorgona
referral address so I could start referring people all right and there it
is you can view all your information about your investments dividends and
referrals right there just enter your eth wallet address click on show and
you’ll find it okay transparency security decentralized network load
tested all right this is secure it’s based on the eth smart contracts you got
questions they have answers all about it alright all the common questions there
and the marketing all right they are marketing they’re getting their name out
there they’re getting the good news out there where do you start
well first of all and also let me mention you can go right here for the
telegram channels Gorgona IO and the support chat on telegram all right where
do you start you start with Gorgona dot IO it’s an English also a Russian
version there I’m using the English one earn 3.0% daily and forever if you want
to try it out start with Gorgona IO or click the link from my referral link and
you can get that extra bonus there the one-time bonus of three percent on your
first deposit you can get that if you click on a referral link and you get
referred all right this is Gorgona and this is looking at
the markets with David Modell I hope you enjoyed this presentation
I really am confident on Gorgona smart contract reliable income thank you
so much I hope you check it out my name is David Modell and I’ll talk to you
again soon you

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