Replacing the Hard Drive in the HP Pavilion All-in-One PC | HP Pavilion | HP

This video shows you how to remove and replace a hard disk drive. Your replacement hard disk drive may not look exactly like your original drive. That’s OK. If you received it from HP it will still work with your computer. If you purchased it on your own, make certain that the drive meets the specifications. Go to to find the specifications for your computer. It should take you about 10 to 15 minutes to perform this task. You’ll need a flat-head screw driver as well as Phillips number one and number two screwdrivers. A few words of caution before we start. If possible make sure you back up your data to an external hard drive or DVDs before you replace the hard drive. Go to for additional instructions and suggestions for backing up your data. You will need a set of system recovery disks in order to complete this procedure. You may have received this from HP with your replacement hard drive. If you purchase the replacement hard drive on your own, you will need to create them or order them from HP. Go to for additional information on creating ordering system recovery disks for your computer. Never open the cover when the computer is on or plugged in. Make certain it’s turned off and unplugged. Static electricity can damage the computer’s electronic components. Be sure to touch the metal cage before touching any internal parts or components. A hard disk drive is extremely sensitive to shock an impact. Do not bang or drop it. Avoid touching sharp edges inside the computer. And finally the appearance and features of your HP Pavilion All-in-One PC may vary slightly from those shown here. OK. Let’s get started. First remove any media such as a DVD or memory card from the computer. Next, turn off the computer and unplug the power cord. Disconnect any attached devices such as a mouse, keyboard, or printer. Lay the computer down on a flat surface covered with a soft cloth to protect the screen from scratches or other damage. Insert a flat-head screw driver into the back cover slot to gently pry it off. Slide off the cover on the left side in the direction indicated by the arrow. Next, locate the hard disk drive. Use the Phillips number one screwdriver to loosen the screw on the hard disk drive cage. Do not try to remove the screw completely. Use the cage handle to slide out the hard drive. if the drive cage does not slide easily you may need to loosen the screw further, Use a Philips number two screwdriver to unscrew the four screws and slide the hard disk drive out of the cage. Align the hard disk drive so the connectors will be placed at the notched side of the cage. Slide the replacement hard disk drive into the cage, and replace the four screws. Using the handle slide the hard disk drive back into the bay until it stops. Re-tighten the screw. Replace the side cover then the back cover. Stand the computer up-right, plug in the power cord, and reconnect the other cables and devices. If your hard drive was shipped without an operating system installed, you’ll need to reinstall it using the system recovery disks. To install the operating system, refer to the instructions included with your system recovery desks or available from the HP Support site. After the operating system has been installed, you’ll need to reinstall any applications and restore any data you backed up. After you reinstall the operating system using the system recovery disks your HP Pavilion All-in-One PC is ready for use.

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