Removing and Replacing the Optical Drive on the HP Omen X Gaming PC | HP OMEN | HP

To remove the optical drive, first carefully
tip the unit onto its left side for easier access to the optical drive on
the right side of the unit. Insert a straightened paper clip or similar
tool into the force eject hole of the optical drive. Use a screwdriver or other tool to press in on the
side latch of the optical drive in the drive bay until the drive releases from its bay. Slide the drive completely out the front of
the bay. If installing a new optical drive, remove the old
front bezel and side latch from the old drive. To remove the side latch, pry the latch off
of the side of the drive. To remove the bezel, press and pry off the tab on
the right side of the bezel that secures the bezel. Once the tab is released, the bezel may be removed. To install a new optical drive into the unit, first
install a bezel and side latch on the new drive. The optical drive bezel has four hooked tabs that fit into slots on the optical drive. To install the bezel, press the tabs into
the slots until the bezel is secure. The optical drive side latch has three very
small locator pins that fit into small holes on the side of the
optical drive. To install the latch, press the pins into
the holes until the latch is secure. To replace the optical drive into the unit,
align the drive into its bay with the latch on the right side
of the drive. Slide the drive into the bay until it is secure. Rotate the unit back into a stable position
on its stand.

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