Remote Desktop Setup Windows 10 and Router Configuration Port 3389

hello this is riptide hosting here to show you the steps to set up remote desktop access to your home computer this is a free process although quite a few steps are required to get through your firewall cable modem or DSL modem pause if you’d like to read over these we’re going to get right into it the first step you need to set your laptop or home computer to allow a remote desktop connection this is Windows 10 you will right click on the windows icon scroll up and select system now this window appears and on the left hand side select remote settings it should be your second option when this window opens select the last tab which is remote here you can look at the second section called remote desktop and select the second option allow remote connections to this computer if you’re running an older version of remote desktop on computers that you like to use to access your home computer you may need to uncheck the checkbox which says allow connections only from computers running remote desktop with network-level authentication once you’ve done that you need to login to your modem firewall or other device which your computer is connected to for internet access. Your login information is usually found on the actual modem itself usually the address is you login via a web browser once you login in this case we need to select advanced setup once you click advanced setup you’re looking for port forwarding in this case for dsl router down on the bottom left under the security tab you will see port forwarding when you click that this page will open up at this point you need the internal IP of your computer to get the internal IP your computer you can open the command window to do this click on the windows icon in the bottom left hand corner once again and type in the letters see em d your window should now look like this hit your inner button. This window will appear and before you see all the information here at the very top you need to type in ipconfig it’s on the third line after C:Users ipconfig hit enter at this point you need information down there listen next to wireless LAN adapter Wi-Fi in this case because we are connected via the Wi-Fi network we’re going to use the ipv4 address for the next screen if you need more information to make sure your home computer always gets the same internal IP you may need to run the command ipconfig /all which will show you here which will return quite a bit more information including the mac address once you get that information come back to the window for your modem or firewall in our case we can select the drop-down our computer that match the IP that we found. Next you need to enter the port 3389 for both the starting for and ending port this is the default port for remote desktop services also known as terminal services on older computers under protocol make sure you select TCP and UDP which is sometimes considered both below that if you’re going to allow access from any IP on the internet you can leave all IP addresses selected if you know you’re always logging in from let’s say work computer you could put that IP and define IP address to find that public IP of your work computer would be the same when you’re at work as we will show you here click apply once you have this information and now you should be able to log in from outside of your home network to find your IP address that you would use to log into your home computer you just set up go to Bing or Google and type in “What’s my IP Address” it will show your IP address right there also a test to do if this does not work for you is to also try to remote desktop in from your internal address which we found in this case This is often a good test to try after you’ve made those first settings to allow remote desktop connections to your computer this also comes in handy if you have two computers at home and you would like to copy files back and forth or run a program on the other computer. The limitation with setting up your home computer for remote desktop access or a computer at your office is that only one user can login at a time Rriptide Hosting offers remote desktop posting for multiple users to one computer this allows you to run any windows program from any device that has internet access with a remote desktop connection app installed. On our website you can get pricing online click on remote desktop hosting and depending how many users you have all the resources you need you may select a virtual are dedicated server in this case we will show you the virtual server pricing page you can select the number of CPUs ram or disk space once this total comes to about 200 bucks a month for the server you can also get a dedicated server with more power once you’ve selected the server itself select the operating system you would like to use the number of users any software you would like you may also give us a call or send us an email with any questions this pricing calculator will give you a price for most of the options that people like.

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