Referencing Online Images in APA Style (6th ed.).

This Library video will help you cite online images
in APA 6th referencing style. To cite an image found online, here is the basic
reference format The author’s surname, first initial, year of
publication in brackets. The title or description of image and the format in
square brackets, the words retrieved from and
the URL. Always take care to check who the author or
creator of the image is, on the internet, sources
are often incorrectly attributed. Let’s look at citing a photographer’s work, sourced from their personal website. This image is by Jeff-Friesen and can be found on his website This is how it should look in your reference list: Author, Friesen, J. Year, 2016 Title, Carnival in Venice Medium, photograph Then you add retrieved from and the URL. Here is how it would look as an in-text citation with the author, and the year. If any referencing details are not available you may need to leave them out. To help you, check the referencing guides and icite tool on the Library website. It is important to reference any images you use in your work. If you are using a photo you took you’re not required to include copyright or citation information unless instructed by your academic. Thank you for watching this video, for more information please contact The Library

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