32 thoughts on “Quick Tip Tutorial How to compile a timelapse using Photoshop

  1. Nice work there ! I am an editor my self and we should co op sometime! I subscribed ofc liked and even turned the notification bell on! I would apreciate if u do the same but only if you like my stuff! Im not that sub for sub guy! Anyway best regards

  2. Incredible ! Thanks for sharing this. Can I use that to combine several timelapse pieces into one longer video? And will it have basic video editing features such as adding some fade in and out effects?

  3. Fantastic! Love it. Can you add a gradient on them like you could do in lightroom or is that one of the big limitations?

  4. While the images are in the Camera Raw Filter < select all > then with the Lens Correction tab selected tick Remove Chromatic Aberration and Enable Profile Corrections.

  5. Can't wait to try this out! If I have a day to night timelpase, or different light throughout the timelapse, is there a way to edit keyframes individually, like through Lightroom?

  6. This is a great video! I am only running in to one problem (it has nothing to do with the great instructions in this video) and figured someone may know the answer. I am uploading the photos into PS. I have all my photos selected. However, the Image Sequence button will not allow me to click it and they are uploading out of order. I can see the button to click but it is not highlighted and doesn't respond. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!!

  7. Such a great video mate, really informative and clear.
    Looks like a beautiful place to photograph too!
    What software do you use to create the panning effect in the clip?

  8. Won't render video formats without Adobe Media Encoder. I have the Adobe photography plan only, and it is not included there. Anybody knows a fix?..thanks

  9. Big big thanks, tried to make timelapse using lightroom and after effects, neither works, lightroom doesn't seem to even show preview of my raw files and after effect gave me some contrx error!
    This worked like a charm! Favourited this video!

  10. This doesn't work with CC on a Mac, as you can't top images onto the menu bar. It's separate from the app.

  11. I just found your channel and I'm already a fan. Your content is immaculate. Thank you and you have yourself a new subscriber!

  12. Great video. I have a question . When I select files for importing to photoshop , I select the first image and click image sequence, it only import that picture and not all the pictures for a time lapse ..

  13. I just did my first milky way time lapse..what would be the best interval setting to get a smooth output?

  14. Love the video, followed exactly step by step and could not get past the import process, kept getting error…..bummer

  15. great video and beautiful timelaps ! I didn't know you could do that with photoshop ! how do you deal with flickering ?

  16. NYONE WHO CAN HELP…? I really appreciate ☆ I tried making my first time lapse video in Photoshop using the method most Photoshop users seem to follow:

    Edited the images in Lightroom and saved in an folder. Then opened Photoshop and changed workflow to MOTION, uploaded the images and set my frame rate. Had a great looking video that worked fine when clicking play. Then went to FILE – EXPORT – RENDER, filled out settings and pressed RENDER VIDEO. Not complicated at all.

    Problem is that I end up with one new file per image saved in the folder instead of ONE VIDEO FILE I can upload for Instagram.

    Why do I end up with separate images instead of one video file? Hope you can help…💪🏻

  17. Loved your tutorial, straight to the point and informative. No "Look at me I'm a Youtube star" BS. and I loved the clip. NZ is God's own country

  18. im having an issue. when i drag my group of photos to the top bar of PS, PS starts opening them individually. suggestions?

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