Quels sont les outils opensource permettant de bâtir des infrastructures fiables et sécuritaires?

Mojgan, can you introduce yourself and tell us what you do at Savoir-faire Linux? Of course! Hi, my name is Mojgan, I have been working at Savoir-faire Linux for 2 years in the Infrastructures, Cloud computing and Systems architecture department. This department implements free and opensource technologies such as GNU/Linux, Git, Ansible, Puppet and MongoDB to build reliable and secure platforms for any kind of applications in order to meet the clients needs. Can you tell us more about your expertise and the business needs it responds to? Of course! My expertise is more oriented towards services on Linux. Currently, I’m focusing on cloud automation tools like Ansible and Vagrant. At Savoir-faire Linux, we have a wide variety of clients with differents needs on Linux. Our goal is to provide complete solutions in cloud computing and to build end-to-end servers. As system administrator, my expertise helps our company to meet clients needs, whether they be internal or external, in terms of technical support and service implementation. Can you tell us about the projects you are currently working on? Yes! Currently I’m in charge of the Savoir-faire Linux employee support such as installing workstations, preparing training digital environments and dealing with corporate infrastructure servers. Right now, I’m working on a project for one of our clients who wants to implement a new website on which we must implement solutions such as “Continuous Integration”, “Continuous Delivery”, “Centralized Backup” and “Load Balancing”.

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