100 thoughts on “Project Code Rush – The Beginnings of Netscape / Mozilla Documentary

  1. Small companies innovate and big corporations consume them… in the Netscape case AOL really helped it to get through the tough period till Mozilla becomes what it is today… even I like Chrome and its my most favorite browser and only slightly below that its Mozilla which r leaving IE far, far behind.

  2. If it wasn't for bullying and women not giving a second look to less than average looking boys, or girls in some cases, we would not have the internet and the hardware/software things we do today. So I support bullying and looks discrimination! Get us on Mars you ugly dumb fuchs!

  3. I arrived in Silicon Valley (the first time anyway long-term) just before the bubble burst in April of 2000. Even at the tail-end it was an insane experience. Thx for posting!

  4. wow what a sad ending the first half is all high paced and upbeat while everything after the open source launch it makes it all seem so sad and gloomy.

  5. Now an IT product is aimed at children, starting at 18 months (or even less).  The IT Corpos learned you have to hook 'em early to keep in the game.

  6. So glad that filmakers hard the forethought to know something huge was being built. Cool doc! Hope some people find this doc in 500 years, and they look at eachother and say "the internet? What the fuck was an internet?"

  7. man, how the heck does that amount of sugar, coke and sitting does not block oxygen from reaching your brain cells. I guess they would have solved things much faster if they've had a healthier routine.

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  9. Glad I watched this. Tons of colorful detail in the story, a story I often wondered about but never really knew.

  10. The sad fact about these early startups was the time spent onjob I would used my smarts to build a program that writes code then go off with a girl in a dark place hehe but the end of Netscape was when it was sold to AOL they just bought it to kill it sad really since AOL was really bad but so many newbys bought into it the thing AOL didn't buy was open source it not possible so they really didn't buy anything but a name since Netscape was based on on open source code Mozilla just opened another browser called Firefox open sourced just like Netscape was but these were the early days there were alot dumb dumbs Mozilla is even mentioned in this peice .

  11. "the source code is the secret formula for browsing the web."

    This is why beginners to this stuff get confused. What does that even mean? The source code of Netscape/Mozilla is C++ code, which is a programming language. This code is compiled in to programs.

  12. I love how at the end he said that this whole internet thing can easily turn into television with only a few people controlling what we see.

    that so became true ….

  13. And today Firefox is so fat and sluggish like these developers back in 98' with tons of Coke cans beside them.

  14. Bill Gates is a moron. If he DID NOT do that crap in the 90s and played nicely not only with OEMs but end users by allowing choice he would been richer. No one would be shafted… or feeling as such. I remember seeing the anti-trust lawsuit going on…. :/And they played nicely for a while until Windows Vista then they started their usual games. -_- I am sad that they keep doing it. Microsoft and Apple thing they rule the computer world. Who thought that Microsoft would spy on it users today back in the 90s?

  15. This is such a strange problem see look back on. So much stress over bugs and blaming people who make then. "Bug count to zero" haha. What a mindset.

  16. add ons were the best, now still are but I'm sure it could be and should be better than 10 years ago, thats not really the case, some add ons now, don't even do the job like the old versions

  17. behind all the money silicon valley is based on a bunch of gross weirdos and their unhealthy sleep and dietary habits

  18. I write this comment using Seamonkey – probably the closest thing to Communicator – I still have Navigator 1.0 on a high density floppy 🙂

  19. I miss Netscape. I was just coming into college in 1995, just got my first kick-ass computer with 16 MB of RAM and the big-mama 1 GB hard drive. I downloaded Netscape for free and used it all through school. When I got my first engineering job in 2000, we HAD TO use MS Internet Explorer, that was a real kick in the balls.

  20. After everything Microsoft did to make the Web a 2nd class platform, what an irony it is that desktop operating systems and bundled software are now relics of a bygone era. The open sourcing of Mozilla was the first domino to fall. Next came WebKit followed by Safari, Chrome, rich browsers for mobile operating systems, HTML5, CSS3, ES5, jQuery, Angular, and so on. The modern Web we live and experience today would not be the same if it weren’t for the hail Mary pass that was Mozilla.

  21. That’s cute but I’m using Chrome in my laptop, desktop, cellular and iPad, you know why??? It’s incredible and versatile, that’s why. Firefox and Netscape are complete garbage

  22. wow surprising any of these guys are religious – would have been rare even back then I'd assume – probably because they are from hicksville originally

  23. Great to watch this awesome documentary almost two decades later! I almost forgot Netscape Navigator once came in a box.

  24. I’ve watched this documentary far too many times. It captures everything about IT in the 90’s so perfectly well!

  25. Funny that now the only use for Microsoft Edge is to download Mozilla Firefox……..what Gates said goes back to his products: "…some failed to embrace change " and " …software industry is regulated by FREEDOM … "

  26. Mmm… I remember the old days. I started browsing the web using Netscape Navigator which became Communicator by adding other tools but with the launch of IE 4.0, I started using it. I liked the Microsoft solution better. I continued to use IE until the introduction of Microsoft Edge and this is my main browser for browsing the Internet. On website development I use Chrome but didn't liked Firefox. Tried to use Netscape/AOL's browser back in the 2008 but neah… it was not the same!

  27. 53:36 Wow…I hope he's wrong, cause a few shouldn't control the narritive for many, but years later…you can see it happening with Facebook, and other platforms.

  28. I'm not going to pretend to know anything about who owns what now, in 2019……. but I just keep thinking to myself that Mozilla Firefox should get back the rights to the Netscape branding, and just become "Netscape" again. I mean, it'd be kind of like a sweet, sweet revenge…… Explorer/Edge caved in and, if I understand the news correctly, they are now based on Chromium. So yeah….. how do you like THEM apples, Microsoft! You know that scene in the Simpsons, where Russia is at the UN, but refers to themselves as the Soviet Union? The US representative says, something like "but we thought you broke up, years ago….!" Then the Soviet representative flicks a button on the desk which flips his nameplate from saying "Russia" to "USSR", and he says "YES……. that's what we WANTED you to think!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!" Mozilla should totally do that!

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