PC vs. Mac : How to Choose a Laptop or Desktop Computer

Hi, this is Douglas Willot on behalf of Expert
Village and today we’re going to talk about how to decide between purchasing a PC or a
Mac. Another important decision to make when you’re trying to decide between having a PC
or Mac, do you need a desktop or a laptop? Both have their pluses and both have their
minuses. Mac laptops have gone out of their way to resemble a desktop as much as possible.
Not just in the operating systems, but in speed and the ability for everyday use. That’s
just been the focus of the Mac for a while. It’s a market that they’re desperately trying
to increase their market share in and they’re having considerable success. PCs on the other
hand, their laptop, their market share has been going down lately because they’ve not
been rushing to meet the standards set by alot of desktop units as far as the speed
and processing goes. Overall, a Macbook is an excellent choice, but its also a more expensive
choice. The least expensive Macbook as of 2008 is $1,000. Whereas, you can find a nice
laptop PC for much, much cheaper. So, you could probably find them starting around $500
for a PC that’s going to get your job done.

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