Paging Crockett & Tubbs! Origin PC’s Millennium Hard Line Vice Edition

(suspensful music) – The Origin Millennium Hard Line, the fastest PC we’ve ever tested. We finally got our hands on it. – Let’s be cool, this
thing’s got a tight package and a chunky chassis that’ll
knock your socks off. – Way ahead of you partner. (upbeat music) – Got nostalgia for the 1980s? How about a certain 80s cop show set in Miami? Break out those pastels, ditch your socks, and fire up this custom
gaming PC from Origin PC. It’s called the Millennium
Hard Line Vice Edition and the version we
tested is a total beast. The parts inside are
definitely 2019, not 1985 and they turn every dial up to 11. Plenty of companies make high-end PCs, but how many of them would Crockett and Tubbs be proud to be seen with? Origin PC is based in
Miami and builds some of the most over the top PCs around. That explains the Miami connection, but this machine takes
the theme way beyond that. The Millennium Hard Line has more water cooling than Miami Beach. Both of the twin NVIDIA
GeForce RTX 2080 Ti cards and the Intel Core i9 CPU are on a hard tube cooling
loop that looks gorgeous. It’s all accented with
beautiful blue and pink LEDs, along with the flamingo pink fluid, pumping through the heart
of its cooling system. But you’ll wanna think hard about whether the hardware inside makes
sense for what you need from your PC gaming
and your everyday work. Despite its top of the line components, on some tests, the
Millennium lagged a little, behind some less expensive desk tops in content creation tasks,
like Cinebench and Photoshop. But considering the price,
you should expect the best. Then there’s the graphics. It’s gaming performance
was well ahead of the curve for games that can make full use of both its GeForce RTX 2080 Ti graphics cards, which are connected in
what NVIDIA called NVLink. But not every game knows how to make use of two graphics cards these days. It’s very much hit or miss
whether your favorite game will be able to use all that two-card muscle. And considering that these
RTX cards cost $1,200 a piece, for most folks, that’s
all kinds of overkill. This machine you’re
looking at here is $6,500 and for that price we
expected absolute dominance from the Origin Millennium
Hard Line edition. Don’t take us for chumps,
it’s definitely no slouch. But given how our test
model is configured, it only makes sense
for very extreme gamers looking to max out their game frame rates on a 4K monitor with a
very high refresh rate. Maybe you’ve got a shrine
to Don Johnson hidden away some where in your house. If that’s you, we’re not gonna try and dissuade you from
the Millennium Hard Line. Whether you need all that power or not, you’re never gonna see another PC like it.

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