Origin’s Open Source Culture

Origin is a platform which allows our partners to build on top of. We will be providing the main building blocks that these partners can use to build their own marketplace on this global network, which is the blockchain. What I like the most about Origin is the team. Every single person on the team is a high achiever. They’ve delivered on very successful projects. Every single day I learning new things in a fun environment. We are building some really exciting technology, all together with a great team spirit. Currently I am working on Origin Rewards, which is an incentive program for our users to use the platform. I would encourage other engineers to join Origin because they’re going to be joining a really fun team, they’re going to be learning tons of new things, and they’re going to have, really, the opportunity to have a big impact. Origin is different compared to any other company I’ve worked at before. It’s an open source project, not only the code is open source, but our whole process is open source, our documents are open source. So it’s a very different feeling compared to a private company, where it’s very cagey and you’re worried about competition. We also have access to this huge potential of open source developers. We found some amazing contributors, some of which we hired, some others still contributing, just because it’s open source, it’s for everyone to use. We are sharing the code, the data, it’s for the benefit of the community.

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