Oppo Find X: 3 pop-up cameras, no notch

(mellow music) – Hey, I’m Dan from The Verge,
and check this thing out. So you’re probably wondering
what just happened there, so let’s talk about it. This is OPPO’s new phone, the Find X. Now you may not be familiar with OPPO, but they’re a big
smartphone brand in China, and they’re actually owned by the same company that ones OnePlus, which you probably are
familiar with if you’ve seen this channel before. And this phone is their
new Flagship phone, which is gonna be launched
globally for the first time. And yes, it’ll be available
here in North America, which I’ll talk about in a bit. But let’s talk about this phone here. So, what you’re seeing is a
big, 6.4 inch OLED display, and it’s going edge to edge
with no bezel or almost no bezel, no notch, and basically no chin. So in order to build this
phone, and accommodate the camera, OPPO put the
camera in a motorized slide out tray that pops up when
you open the camera app, and disappears when you close it. It’s pretty trick. Now, in this camera tray
are both the front camera and rear cameras, and
there’s some interesting things going on here. Now the rear camera is a 16
megapixel and 20 megapixel dual camera system, pretty
similar to what we’ve seen with a bunch of dual
cameras on phones before. It does portrait mode effects,
all that kind of stuff. But the front camera is
a 25 megapixel sensor, and it’s got 3D face
scanning sensors in here, not unlike what you get on the iPhone X. Now those 3D scanners can
do things like automatically beautify your image,
which is very popular on a lot of phones from
China, or it also works to log you in so that when
you turn on the phone and unlock it, the camera
pops up, sees your face, and it logs you in. Now the Find X does not
have a fingerprint scanner on it, as you can see on the back here, there’s no fingerprint scanner. There’s no fingerprint scanner
under the screen either, so it’s basically relying
on the camera to log you in. But it does it all pretty quickly. OPPO says that the camera
can launch in as little as 0.5 seconds, which is
pretty fast as you can see, I’m doing it a bunch of times here. So then the screen itself,
it’s an OLED panel, it’s got curved sides,
which you can see here. It looks a lot like what you
get on a Samsung S9 or S9+. It’s 1080 pixels of
resolution, basically the phone itself kind of looks to me
like an S9 with slimmer bezels, which is pretty cool. (upbeat music) And then inside come all the
high-end specs you’d expect from a 2018 Android smartphone. It’s got Snapdragon 845,
eight gigabytes of RAM, to up to 256 gigabytes of storage. It’s global LTE compatible and it’s got dual SIM support. I’ve got a T-Mobile SIM
in here and it’s pulling the LTE signal here in New York,
so it works here in the US, which is pretty cool to see. Now, for software it’s running
OPPO’s ColorOS software, which runs on Android 8.1. It basically looks like a mix of iOS and Samsung’s Android software. It’s not the nicest Android
software I’ve ever seen, it definitely doesn’t look
like a Pixel, but it’s not the worst either, and
you could probably get used to it pretty quickly,
and it seems to have all of the main features that we
look for on an Android phone at this point. Even including a Gesture
Navigation system, which is pretty cool. Now, other hardware features. It’s got a big 3700 milliamp
hour battery, and it’s got OPPO’s VOOC fast
charging, which is basically the same thing as OnePlus’s
dash charge, so it can recharge really quickly over a wire, but there’s no wireless charging here. So, what are you gonna do? The other big thing that’s
missing is there’s no headphone jack, which isn’t a huge surprise in 2018, but it’s unfortunate, all
this engineering and they couldn’t put a headphone jack in it. Now, OPPO says they’re gonna be bringing this to North America. The pricing is still a
little bit up in the air, at least here for here in
the US, but they’re saying it’s gonna be priced less
than other major smartphones, from Samsung and LG, so I’d
expect to see it probably under 700 dollars. And even more interesting,
they’re gonna be selling it with a carrier, or
at least so they claim. We don’t have any information on that yet, so you’ll have to stay tuned, but that should be pretty interesting. Now, is this the future of smartphones? I don’t know, I think
it’s really interesting. It gives me a lot of screen,
without a lot of bezel, and it’s an interesting
compromise to, you know, making sure that it has the
things like front-facing cameras, and sensors and
things like that, that we all expect on smartphone. I do have a little bit of concerns. I’m not sure how you put
your case on this thing. I guess it could only
wrap around the side, you can’t really put a case on
top, and what happens if you drop it or you go to
the beach and get sand in it or whatever, there might be some reliability concerns with it. But otherwise, I think it’s
really neat and I’m eager to spend more time with
this and play with it more. For more on the OPPO Find X, be sure to check out theverge.com. Be sure to subscribe
to our YouTube channel, at youtube.com/theverge and
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100 thoughts on “Oppo Find X: 3 pop-up cameras, no notch

  1. The design concept is so cool, Although I dont hate the Notch, I think its ok. Motorized Camera is what I want.
    With all the privacy issues lately, ill feel much safer if my camera is hidden when im not using it.

  2. A smartphone to top it all should have :
    • Samsung's brilliant design and build
    • Apple's buttery smooth UI
    • Google Pixel's camera quality & functionality
    • LG's sound quality both speaker & Quad DAC
    • Also a 4000mah battery, front facing speakers, Quick charger
    * Going slimmer sometimes isnt the best option and bezelless screens is ridiculous.

  3. well i have my iphone 7 plus and i gonna have it for 3years more, this is all very cool , but life is much more than phones …

  4. The whole screen design is amazing but the body is thick like pork. C'mon oppo, make it sexy and slim, thx!

  5. I personally would love to have this phone with just a manual slide, that way when ever you want to take a picture you don't even need to tap.

  6. now i remember why i'd sold my oppo find7 for an lg g3. colorOS. and good luck with that 'under $700' price tag. find7 was about $750 on release.

  7. Hahaha It just cant turn on AUTO BRIGHTNESS feature….

    So what to do??
    Spoiler: Auto broghtness is also in phones starting with Rs. 2000 phone .

  8. Basically a samsung galaxy s9 with ios copycat with stupid popup battery drain camera with short lifespan battery

  9. An innovative move by Oppo and Vivo but I'm not a fan of moving or motorized parts on my phone. It's hard enough in being meticulous with the front and/or black glass display, dust, water..etc. I will take durability and reliability of phones over style any day.

  10. When smartphone company put camera in screen? virtual camera Vivo X21 had virtual finger print sensor anyway Vivo and OPPO are sister company thats why they release phone each time and trick people every smartphone they made

  11. Samsung gave permission to use curved designs eh?
    I mean that is their signature design, copying it would be a lawsuit waiting to happen unless Sammy themselves gave permission.

  12. The best phone would be completely bezel less, one finger print sensor on the back,,, no motorized camera like in OPPO X, but cam hidden beneath the screen and looks like iPhones…
    Dont know how this is possible but if it is; it's gonna be the chief game changer… I've a feeling that Samsung can do it…

  13. Motorized camera is gonna slow down the face scanning process. And the OS is slower than IOS. I’m going to stick to my IPhone X until Apple comes up with something better.

  14. 삼성 갤럭시 따위랑은 비교 할수 없는 폰이구만,, 삼성의 망할날이 얼마 안남았네.. 국민 호갱 그룹 삼성

  15. OPPO is not the biggest smartphone brand in China.
    Huawei is the biggest. And HUAWEI is the third smartphone in the world. Europe is selling well.
    Huawei is block in US(can't cooperation with carrier)

  16. "Oops I dropped the phone. The motor doesn't work anymore…"

    That'll be the most problem(s) people will have with motorized features on a cellphone.

  17. This look like mix of samsung and apple.. oppo find x like iphonex.no fingerprints,face id has both devices.. this look like a samsung infinity display..this is a absolutely mix of both mobile brandz

  18. I think it is and interesting device, but the fact it has mechanical parts makes me think it compromises durability, obviously because you can’t put a case on it, second, because if dust or any other thing goes inside the device whenever the mechanical parts are out, well I think we all know the rest of the story. Also, one thing to take in consideration more than the fact that it doesn’t have wireless charging is the lack of an IP certified. Other than that the device is just spectacular I believe it has a 93% screen to body ratio which is awesome.

  19. i wouldn't buy this phone!!! the mechanism of that pop up thing is probably gonna be busted in a couple of months!!!!

  20. I like the bezel less design trend but do phones have to be so huge? I have large hands and even phones like S9 or HTC 10 feels too big for me especially after months of usage. I can't imagine how uncomfortable it is for a petite woman to use the Note.

    With phones getting bigger and bigger every year, I really want to see a bezel less phone that's a size of an iPhone 6

  21. Why are people sooo obsessed with this absolutely 0 bezel thing???? It only invites rube golbergesque work arounds for the camera.. Give me an s8/s9/v30 simplicity over this anyday.

  22. 1 question how about if i plan to put a case protector? Or it does have a customize case for this phone?

  23. I’m tired of any form of notch, and I really don’t care whether the motorized camera is the future. I just want a WHOLE screen.

  24. As a Chinese,I am very proud of oppo find x and vivo nex s.And…something is wrong with Xiaomi this year…

  25. Nice overview.
    – I like the notchless full screen display.
    – No camera on the back does give it a bit of a premium touch (ie camera so important it only comes out when you need it, otherwise it’s fully protected).
    – The camera module popping up to unlock it, that would be an area where it would be opening and closing so many more times than just for the cameras.

    Does look a lovely device.

  26. This phone os not worth to buy no headphone Jack, no finger print scanner, and the camera mechanism yes it was tested in lab but not in real life situation like put in bag, pocket, the dirt will come to the camera plus not Ip68 and not durable for its price..
    But it looks beautiful but ripoff of s9+

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