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World-class tuition-free education This is the offering behind the unique project, initiated by a group of young Bulgarians The learning project promises to start a revolution in the classical education world Our reporter has more on the subject All of them are ‘victims’ of the weaknesses in the centuries-old educational system Due to this reason, University as we know it is the exact opposite of what Hristian and his team are working on It takes 5 years for a classical university to produce a ‘closed-source’ educational program The moment this product is launched on the market, it is already outdated But it is expected to be of use to learners even after 5 more years, which simply cannot be the case The open platform will provide learners with the latest from scholars and institutions from around the world The private sector will serve as a filter for this endless stream of information Businesses are to be accrediting the programs, as they are the ones to carry the consequences of their quality Which would also mean that it is up to the learner to pick his learning pathway and to start to study without delay 3.5 billion people, connected to the Internet, will have equal opportunities to access and benefit from learning Research shows that 1/3 of online users are spending at least 1 hour a day in search of learning content This global educational trend is in the focus of some of the leading educational providers Harvard University is among the institutions behind some of the most popular projects such as EdX Education online is like a rising wave – new learners are joining each day from around the world The Bulgarian project moves the system to the next level by enabling the organization of all existing opportunities Free of charge We want to provide an open alternative to the classical model in order to help modernize the academic system The Open Source University project is already backed by the corporate world It’s official launch is scheduled for the spring You can join it today at

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  1. To learn more about the Open Source University project, you can activate the English subtitles for the video, and help us translate it in other languages. You can contribute by visiting this link: and by following YouTube's instructions.

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