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Art is a kind of conversation of all of the
arts that have been produced so far. That’s also what makes it so interesting. Entering history allows you to look at the present in a much more subtle and intelligent way, and also maybe to elaborate different futures. In media art, there’s a different
concept of authenticity. You never use the
same equipment twice for the
same work. In a way, we have a certain freedom to keep
the concept but using different technology. So, what do you
think first of all is the instability of media? What is the most unstable media art? The instability of media is that our electronic
and digital culture is very fragile, so that hardware dies,
that video tapes decompose but it’s also a different way of thinking
of the work in the classical sense, because as you know
yourself being a video artist, you would install the work
at a festival and after it, you would take the same equipment
to build another work. So, there would never be a continuity
on the level of materiality. Even worse, when there was a chance to make
an installation at a video festival or at a museum show so the equipment was loaned,
we had to give it back, so the work, in fact,
most of the video work did not exist. We know that hardware and software
is changing every ten years so we have to think from the beginning, how can we save and transpose
the work on a material level to take care that works
of art do not vanish? Museums which were founded
in the 21st Century must ensure first of all, to keep the work safe and running,
and also to keep the interest of the public running, participation of the audience. What was your experience,
when we did the show here? How do you select the pieces
under this perspective? I mean, there is a large number of works which are very easily accessible to visitors
of all ages because they are interactive, because people have the impression
that they can change something. What you have decided to do in the show
was to take certain very basic topics like the representation of the human being,
landscape or architecture and show how they have changed
with the change of media. Good point. And through this, looking at the
same topic in different media, in video and painting, in form of a
computer-based interactive work that people would realise how these
media change the perception of the world and of our self and they might
even get more sensitive to how strongly we are determined
by the media environment, the technological environment,
the devices we’re living with. We have altogether defined the ground
for the mission to save the future of media. Do you have an idea what we could do better? Well, I can only hope that artists
who want to enter eternity become a little bit more sensitive. – they do so already – to the topic. This is their path to survival
and being remembered maybe in the long term.

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