Open Source and Software Defined Storage

Open source is pretty much at the center of
a lot of software-defined storage activity, including Ceph. There’s a lot of great open-source software
out there. Ceph is one of these projects. I think the first release of Ceph was five-ish
years ago, and it’s continued to be improved. It’s got a large, active community of people. It’s very high quality – it’s been proven
in large distributed environments. It’s fundamentally an object store will file
and block layers added to it. Everything I’ve been able to see anecdotally,
talking with people, Ceph is a solid piece of technology. It scales well. There’s increasingly available management
layers on top of it. You might want to think a little bit before
you put your really sub-millisecond enterprise transactional workloads on it, but for normal
classes of performance you expect for object and file access, Ceph is a great solution.

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