Open Ecosystem for limitless automation – PLCnext Technology

Here at the SPS you can see particularly
well globalization, digitalization and networking are placing new demands for industrial automation. Young engineers and software developers are shaping new working methods. And cloud computing is enabling the creation of new future oriented business models. When it comes to the development of a new automation solution, not only standards but also new
modern automation systems have to be considered. Systems that allow users to
adapt to new concepts and methods such as those encountered in IT applications.
Along with a robust design they’re characterized by their adaptability,
flexibility and open networking options. PLCnext technology is the ideal
solution. The open Linux platform with real-time extension allows high-level
languages like C++ and C sharp to be combined with traditional IEC 61131
programs in a single application. Open-source software can be used for
cloud connectivity or apps can be downloaded from the PLCnext store directly to the PLC. We want to show you that PLCnext
technology is more than just a great vision. Operators and developers can experience how PLCnext technology opens the door to the future. At the SPS we present
the selection of projects that are already made with PLCnext technology
from a Swiss train to craft beer. If you want to learn more about those
applications subscribe to our YouTube channel, watch out for the upcoming
videos and visit the PLCnext community under

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