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  2. This is just superb, I've been looking for "how to fix errors on my pc" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you ever come across – Ginro Computify Fixer – (search on google ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my mate got great success with it.

  3. This is glorious, I have been researching "repair errors" for a while now, and I think this has helped. You ever tried – Ginro Computify Fixer – (should be on google have a look ) ? Ive heard some interesting things about it and my neighbour got great success with it.

  4. So you said that this can fix all computer problems,can this fix my missing GPU at display adapters?
    Seriously i have this worst problem

  5. Why are all these Linux commenters here looking at a video to solve all computer problems?? Shouldn’t you be watching “life is beautiful since I moved to Linux”? Don’t get me wrong, I would love to kick Microsoft out of my pc and step to Linux and even tried some distro’s but my main problem with Linux or even Mac is that you need insanely ridiculous workarounds to get windows programs or games to work on them and even then you can end up finding out it simply doesn’t work. Plus, you need to forget all you’ve learned and start all over again and even basic tasks work differently. So if you’re just emailing and surfing and downloading and some photo and video editing here and there, then Linux or Mac is the way to go. But we die-hard gamers are stuck with Windows. And playing Arcady Linux/Mac games for the handicapped while getting a hard one over a command prompt is not an option.

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  7. yes would like to see you do a video showing the tools in action. You're the best on the web, and I know it will be interesting and very informative.

  8. I download it, and it showed on my desktop and I closed it, it was gone from the desktop. Is this part of the Ultra Virus killer?

  9. Yes. Despite what the Linux commenters are saying, I would like to see this tool in action. I work with assistive technology and our clients mostly use Microsoft devices. Thank you!

  10. Sir my cpmputer says windows must be restart because the plug and play/dcom server/power terminted / windows shutdown in 1 min please give me solution

  11. This seems to be potentially very dangerous. This company basically puts together free software which downloads from all over the web when used. That's 500 possible pieces of software that may or may not compromise your system. Just seem to be a little more high risk than might be worth it, unless you vet each piece before using it.

  12. I would really love to see you show us how to add our tools to this..I have some tools I would love to add. Dont know if its possible, bc this video is a bit dated, but I figured it could not hurt asking..Good video Mr. B

  13. Yeah that's all fine, but why am I getting the BSoD telling me about some driver issue that I haven't changed hardware or drivers in a dog's age? Riddle me that.

  14. All these fix tools are 3rd party apps that you really don't know what its doing unless you check your regestries, where viruses and malware hide. Most don't know how to check their regestries!

  15. Got a metric butt ton of idiots touting Linux in the comment section. As a tech I can guarantee you Linux doesn't prevent or fix hardware/Software failures so please shut the hell up with your moronic comments. We all know Microsloth is riddled with goofiness, so is Linux or any other OS for that matter, comes down to what will you be willing to live with.

  16. Conditio Humana: That looks like a lot of tools, to be very occupied with finding out wich to use, a lot of updating, finding "something", wondering what it means, and thus missing 1st, that a plug is sitting loose in its socket, 2nd that the afternoon is over, and 3rd, that one forgot an importand date over it all..

  17. nowhere is it mentioned the method to pay card, visa master or paypal ???? cannot commit to buy without knowing !!!! WON'T commit to buy without knowing !!!!

  18. Can it fix overheating or the most important error "PEBKAC" (Problem Exist Between Keyboard And Chair)?

  19. hey ,if anyone else wants to discover
    circuit board repair companies
    try Saankramer Electronic Magazine System (do a search on google ) ? Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate got excellent results with it.

  20. This program tried installing Trojan malware on my PC, would highly recommend taking your PC to a computer shop before installing programs like these.

  21. So I'm trying to update my sisters hp laptop from win 8 to 10 but there's this hp-HID class update error cus ut won't install. so it updated everything else but that. I did a clean reset and try updating everything but same thing. And the I tried updating to 8.1 from the store but it says I have to do all the necessary updates to be able to do the 8.1 so I can't. Tried the windows 10 and it fails after everything is installed and restarting to finish. I understand win 8 is outdated now and found very little help. Does this mean my sister's laptop is FUKED or can this program fix that?????

  22. if I used windows I would get this I used boot-repair programs in the past, have been working on computers for years I enjoyed your video. I am now a linux user but my bread and butter is fixing windows computers. This may be a good addition to my tool box.

  23. Yes, I would like to see an actual system getting repaired and I would also like to know what it costs? Thanks.

  24. can it get rid of micro soft virus's issue it say its gone lock my machine down if i dont do some thing

  25. Bro plz reply and help mare pc mai pathah nahi kya hogaya h koi chiz deleted nahi karpara hu agar karthe hu toh restart karne pe vapas aja thi h tohri der ke leye ho jathi h lakin vapas ajathi h plz help aur koi chiz install bhi nhi karparah hu agar karthu hu toh automatic delete hoja thi h

  26. Hirens 2018 New Generation is Back and Support GPT Partition!
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  27. While the interface and organizing is useful, take note this compiles 600 FREE tools, so you're paying $30/yr for his organizing and auto-updating feature. Anyone can gather all of the same tools for free, and I suspect few will use more than a couple dozen. Just so you know….

  28. Can it fix microphone not working on my pc? Because only the stereo mix is working through my microphone but the realtek microphone is not. Can you help me? Can this tool helps me out?

  29. This tool is crap. Just a collection of other software most of which is to be honest useless. Been doing this work in excess of 30 years now and I can tell u most tools like this do a limited job. U either know how to fix a pc or u don’t there is no “all in one tool” to fix everything this isn’t lord of the rings with one tool to fix it all sorry but I call bullshit

  30. Hello sir.. thanks for all information I really thankful to you solve many problems for me..sir I request my one problem plz solve it.. actually my computer not start last day plz say how to fix my problem my pc show only this image..see and plz reply me

  31. i totally agree with jim hester, and have been singing your praises all over the web lately ,, you are clear spoken, knowledgeable , easy to follow steps with the proper chronology, regardless of the difficulty of the task, we are seeking help with……………………We all know this stuff is boring up to the Nth degree , but we do not need the awful music that is played, drowning out the voice of the folks that put these how to videos,,,the Freudian hand gesture., sex or otherwise, to blame and they are not as funny as they think..

    i would have preferred to listen to Billy Connoly folks whilst the back to front brigade strut there stuff, get my drift, he is funny

    then comes, these famous Doctors, If , Butt, Maybe, Perhaps, and the posh one Dr Could – Be , and we all play the clips that are usually
    60% guess work….i really appreciate these uploads but , if ? they do not solve the problem why do it. i have spent 2 days of watching how to solve this major error or not .

    i was looking for a fix for my 2T bt USB exiernal HDD error [ cyclic redundancy check ] and or I / 0, error or both ??, and i stated the the drive was , unallocated , not initialised, not showing in ' my PC '….the disk shows up in cmd prompt but although it went through the ' clean process ' i could not create a partition primary.

    i then used paragon software and though i and fixed it, as it appeared that 1 had created 3 partitions, and formatted and initialised them, but it did not show up in ' my PC and almost all the how to video took me down the DISKPART ' route and absolutely all of these how to video were totally useless..

    i personally think there is no fix for this problem, but if lol anyone has a guaranteed solution i will send them a bottle of 12 year old single malt scotch, and i mean that. i actually registered with Britec, but await a welcome email to confirm my registration help please

  32. Can you help me please . i have problem in my window it show that window has stopped working .
    And then show window is restarting.

    Please solve this problem

  33. The shitty website would put me off downloading this. It is a generic zero effort design of the kind that usually contains malware

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  35. Hmm. Seems kind of sketch to repackage freeware. Safer and cheaper to just download the install files for these programs manually and put them on a thumb drive for ease of access. That way you don’t have stuff you don’t need and you don’t have to deal with an unnecessary intermediary in the form of a software manager, which, in my experience, tend to be harboring their own malicious files.

  36. Ive been fixing computers databases servers printers scanners routers for 20+ yrs never used any of i do however make sure i have hirens boot usb with all of these tools on there for free full version also some of the scripts in hirens great for troubleshooting

  37. I got just a black screen, no boot images, no logo, no bios selection, and so on… Basically, my screens are looking for an input but as they see it… There are none

  38. Bro while installing a game my PC is showing an error occured while decompressing an archive header is corrupt. Please help

  39. i everyone ,if anyone else wants to learn about

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  40. You should get off of the internet. Many of your videos suggest things that are either over priced, flat out don't work, or are even dangerous. Anyone who told you your videos are of any use/service to the pc user community lied to you.

  41. Oh wow, you can use it to update and scan with other programs. So why not just use the other programs and not waste your money on this?
    That's a rhetorical question, no intelligent person would ever do that.

  42. Such a nice tool. And only 5 mb too! Only thing I wonder is what should I do to repair using this tool if my PC will not connect to the internet

  43. hey ,if anyone else wants to uncover

    how to repair multimeter

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