Nikita Gupta computer science engineering

Hi my name is Nikita and I’m a Cornell Computer
Science Engineer. So back in High School I really like to cook and friends and family
kept asking me for my recipes so I realized that I wanted to make a website to share my
recipes with the world and after developing the website I realized how cool computer science
was and how it made me create a tool that was changing people’s lives not just friends
and family but other people were using my recipes they were posting pictures they were
sharing everything and just knowing that I was able to build a tool like that using coding
was really cool. My website Nikita’s Kitchen .com has really allowed me to code and bring
computer science with passions for cooking I’m able to do some video shoots on my recipes
as well as post them and be able to share them with the world. So I originally developed
my website using like HTML DSS WordPress and I’ve been continuing to do that and it is
really cool to be able to use that computer science like languages and coding skills and
I’ve even learned through out college to improve my site day-by-day. And the great thing about
engineering is that engineering will allow you to tackle anything like any industry any
field in the world. So the computer science engineering major requires you to take at least three
classes outside the engineering school and it’s called the external specialization so it was
really easy for me to integrate the business minor classes along with that external specialization
as well as having my other classes count as liberal studies such has my microeconomics
or macroeconomics classes. So I was able to take the culinary class in the Hotel School
which is a very rare thing for anyone outside of the Hotel School to be able to take and
it enabled me to figure out like ok maybe in the hospitality industry there is a problem
with like the way that restaurants manage their food inventory and so maybe to try to
create a computerized system for that. Being able to broaden outside of engineering school
has really allowed me to figure out that computer science is applicable in any
industry so its all about finding what you are passionate about and knowing
that your engineering background will help you in that field. Having my passions
for cooking I really do see myself somewhere down the future like whether it be 10 or 20
years from now maybe starting a restaurant where it will operated by robots so being
able to create some robots with the computer science skill I have learned and being able
to open up a restaurant would be the ideal dream job. I’m Nikita and I broke the rules by transforming
my passions into reality.

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