New Raspberry Pi 3 Tutorial – How to Set Up for Gaming & Entertainment Projects

Hey what’s up buddy !! Welcome back to Trick i know YouTube channel Me Aamir Hussain once more have brought you something catchy something new and updated stuff. Today’s video is about Raspberry Pi 3 First of all I want to thanks for sending me this item to make a review of it. Do you know what Raspberry Pi is ?? Raspberry pi is the smallest computer in our planet Yes guys it’s a smallest computer. This device also comes with a In build CPU in build Ram and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Basically Raspberry Pi is developed for teaching purpose to teach small childrens
the basic of the computer But these days Raspberry pi turned into a fashion and people loving to use this device as a hacking machine as a programming platform as a projects like control a Robot control a sensor or fly a drone as a audio and video platform and very lovable thing you can use it as a Gaming Console. So keep watching my video I’m going to show you what the Raspberry Pi
is how to set it up and how it’s useful to us let’s get started. So guys here is
our Raspberry Pi 3 model B let me do a quick unboxing of it we got a safety guide and Pi itself in a beautiful packet here’s the PI guys Now going to do a quick Hardware review well in the left side we have 4 USB port
and one Ethernet port while in the bottom we have power adapter point HDMI port and an audio jack we have micro SD card slot in the back
of the pi and in the top we have 40 GPIO pins to do real-time projects and
in the other side we have 2 expansion slots to add additional items. Our Raspberry Pi comes with 1.2 gigahertz quad-core ARM cortex processor with
Broadcom video core 4 graphics processor 1 gigabyte of SD RAM On board Wireless LAN and inbuilt Bluetooth 4.0 Now have a look on accessories I have 5 volt 2.5 ampere power adapter A SanDisk Ultra class 10 micro SD card an iball memory card reader a little CPU cooler for pi some tiny little heat sinks and a fan guard and a beautiful pi case to protect our pi. You can order all these cool stuffs from just check out the link in the video description. Now it’s time to set up our Raspberry Pi 3 starting with these heat sinks installation just take the big one and remove the plastic from it Just like this and paste it on the CPU chip then give some gentle push to nicely fit it now paste the small one in the small
chip just like this now we have this copper one left Paste it in the back chip of the PI our heatsink installation is successfully done now it’s time to install our PI case it’s a smooth case but if you don’t like smoothness just remove the plastic from it by using a
Forcep now it’s looking transparent and more glossy than before now going to set up our Raspberry Pi base maybe you will need a 4 head screwdriver and a small player now first apply all those screws in the each holes of the base now put all the washers on the screws and put the PI on those screws like this now apply the nuts to fit our Raspberry Pi tight all of them then double tight them
with the use of screwdriver and the plier now our Raspberry Pi base is ready now it’s time to set up our top with the CPU
cooler now measure the top for fan adjustment then apply the fan from the
back maybe like this then put the fan guard on top and lock them with these
screws then fixed them with the use of nuts do it one by one like this and make
sure to double tight all of them now our top is ready now it’s time to plug our
CPU cooler to the pi we have to plug in the fourth and the sixth pin of our pi
just like this watch it carefully I have left one pin on that side just exactly
do that now apply the side panel of the case now lock it with the top just like
this try to push the wire inside the pie then one by one apply and lock all the
sides of the pie case our raspberry pi assembling is almost done now see how it
looks it looks beautiful. Now come to the installation part of the video in the order to run the pi you must have to install an operating system on your SD
card just plug the SD card on your memory card reader and insert it in your
laptop or PC welcome to my personal computer on which I were this PC is
specially built for video editing purpose all for my viewers and
subscribers now going to plug the card reader into my computer here the SD card
detected just open the browser search for Raspberry Pi on web and here is the Raspberry Pi official website now go to downloads
here is the official operating system which called raspbian there are two ways
to install the operating system first install it with noobs or install it with
flash select this one because it’s easily supported to the Raspberry Pi LCD
now here is again two versions this is the desktop version and this is the
Linux based version download the complete desktop version via torrent or
direct download because it’s about 1.64 gigabytes now download the 7-zip file
extractor from this website then download the etcher from
just click here to download it’s about 50 megabytes just download it and the
very useful thing memory card formatter just click on windows and accept the
terms and download it I have already downloaded these just check out the
video description for links Now right-click on zip and through 7-zip
extract the files here it will extract the raspbian image on the desktop just
hit the OK button here the extraction is in progress it will take few seconds
I am fast-forwarding it to save time here is the extraction completed install
the SD card formatter I have already installed it now here select your select
your memory card actually it’s already selected just click on format then click
on yes formatting completed now close it now install feature I have already
installed it open it now you have to select the raspbian image here just drag
it like this now go to settings uncheck all the ticks from here come back your
image file is selected your memory card is selected now click on flash feature
is the best image flashing software it’s recommended on raspberry pi website also
now the flash is completed now you can close it and eject your SD card now insert the SD card on your Raspberry
Pi 3 now the Raspberry Pi gots the raspbian operating system to operate the
Raspberry Pi 3 you need a display right I have two PC monitors one with HDMI and
the other one is standard VGA if you have this monitor then it’s great but if
you have this monitor then no problem trick I know is here my main work is to
fix problems just by a VGA to HDMI connector from the link given in the
video description connect the VGA cable to the connector like this tite the both
screws and boom your VGA cable is now a HDMI cable it doesn’t even matter which
monitor you have now is a good website they also sent me
these two boxes actually it’s five inch HDMI display for Raspberry Pi with touch
screen and this is 3.5 inch GPIO based LCD touchscreen for Raspberry Pi
let me unbox it here is our LCD and here is the GPIO connector opening the 5
inch LCD here is an another banggood sticker some screws and nuts and here is
our 5 inch screen it’s more bigger than the small one it’s an HDMI LCD it
can be operated by this tiny HDMI connector I will show you how to connect
these LCDs to the Raspberry Pi 3 but first I’m going to start my Raspberry Pi
with my big monitor connecting the power point from the 5 volt adapter and HDMI
cable from my monitor and here is the wireless keyboard and mouse dongle now
our PI is connected to the HDMI monitor and power adapter now it’s time to switch it on pi started to boot up let’s see how much time it’s
take to boot it’s a real video I am not forwarding it to see the accurate boot
time of the PI and here we go it’s took about 15 seconds to start
itself the user experience is also better it’s like we are just using a
regular desktop everything is working fine and very fast feeling very happy to
use it all is like a regular PC and very good in the comparison of this based PC
it’s looking very small and beautiful now see what are the benefits of
raspbian OS welcome to the desktop I am recording this screen by using this app
its voko screen the recording may be slower than it looks but you can see it
in very neat and clear visual here you can organize your apps icons like a
normal desktop here is the terminal it’s a debian-based Linux terminal you can
download and manage your applications from here now welcome to desktop
preferences here you can change your wallpaper here you can adjust your menu
bar size and position you can change the fonts etc let me show you Raspberry Pi
configuration here you can change your password your username you can change
your desktop resolutions you can enable and disable various hardware of the
Raspberry Pi you can adjust the GPU memory you can change the time zone
Wi-Fi country and even you can change the keyboard according to your country
as it have onboard Wi-Fi you can connect your home Wi-Fi network here or you can
use your smartphone hotspot Connect internet here is a chromium web
browser on which you can email you can learn or you can do shopping online and
many more things now come to Delug is a torrenting software on which you
can download big torrent files suppose you need to download the latest version
of Kali Linux you can download it via torrent just download the torrent file
then it will automatically open with delug just choose your destination and
click on add here the download is started you can change the download
destination to your USB drive or external hard drive etc the
raspberry pi power consumption is very low you can download all night all day
in very low cost of electricity in the comparison of this giant desktop for
learning purpose here are some pre-installed apps bluej stretch and the
popular one the python and for official work you have libreoffice 5 to do Excel
work and and to create documents it’s almost same as our Microsoft Office you
can do all things here and the best part is you can export it as PDF or you can
export it as a docx file just go to file click on save as name your document and
in all formats select this one and then save it now this file can be work on
both windows and raspbian operating system here is the VLC media player
which i have downloaded from the terminal it’s same as windows you can
listen music and you can watch videos now gaming on raspbian operating system
you have pre-installed minecraft to play in the raspbian I have no idea to play
minecraft maybe some of you playing Minecraft you know well how actually to
play this game you can also download games from terminal I have downloaded
flare it’s a old age strategy game I love strategy game flare is the most
popular strategy game on raspbian maybe one of you like this type of game I have
downloaded one more time pass game it’s a funny boat you have to kill the Sharks
from the boat you can download many games and applications from terminal
just google how to download them now come to LCD installation of the pi here
is the 5 inch HDMI LCD just connect it like this then connect the tiny HDMI
connector here you have to give some push now 5 inch LCD installation is
completed now have a look on 3.5 inch LCD same process just connect to the
GPIO pins like this now you can make your Raspberry Pi portable by using a
power bank just plug your power bank wire in power adapter point but the LCD
will not work by just plugging in it you have to do some steps in raspbian
operating system here is the LCD documentation which I have created in
Libre Office 5 all you have to do open the terminal and you have to put these
codes on the terminal and according to which LCD you have you have to put some
additional codes from here and here is the last 3 lines if you want to switch
back to your normal monitor just download this dock from the video
description now copy/paste the first line of this tutorial now paste the
second line make sure you have connected to the
Internet now paste the third and fourth line together and hit enter now if you
have 3.5 inch GPIO display copy this code paste it in the terminal and hit
enter after that your Raspberry Pi will restart automatically and in the next
start the display will be on your PI LCD here it’s started but now it’s not
visible in the monitor now your pi is completely portable and you can use the
touchscreen of this LCD you can browse internet with your mouse and keyboard
you can read edit and mail your documents you can play Minecraft and
many more projects now to get back to the normal monitor just paste the last
three line from the dock I have created it will revert you back to the
traditional monitor have a look on other operating systems after using raspbian you will like to use Ubuntu mate graphically this
operating system is more advanced than raspbian the best part of this operating
system is its welcome screen it allows you to learn how to get started and here
is the software tab you can direct download the most popular software’s
from here without accessing the terminal and here is the advanced control panel
to manage your operating system here are some stylish themes some light
themes and some dark themes for appearance you have pre-installed
wallpapers and here are some fonts and here is the toolbar setting and as a web
browser here is Mozilla Firefox now welcome to Kali Linux operating system
on which you can learn ethical hacking and cyber security courses here is the
Kali Linux terminal and again as web browser here is Mozilla Firefox now
welcome to OSMC it’s an open source media center on which you can watch
high-definition movies videos and all type of media stuffs all you need a USB
Drive or a external hard drive with your media files now I am going to plug my
USB Drive to the Raspberry Pi here is my USB Drive for copyright reason I am not
playing any movies here are some 1080p 60 frame per second videos from my
channel this is the video about how to install external graphic card on laptop
this video is currently viral you can watch it on my channel now going to play
my gaming PC build video here it is and here is a raw file which I have recorded
in my DSLR it’s not edited it’s a directly recorded video and here is the
other one it’s also recorded by me and I would like to make a new channel about
insects wildlife and videos related to nature now here you can also watch your
pictures it’s also visible here now in OS MC you can watch live TV you have to
do some configuration here you can control your OSMC with your existing
remotes which remotes already you have and by doing some experiment you will
access to the Amazon video and Netflix now welcome welcome welcome
this is retropie the gaming operating system on which you can play games from
the multiple platforms first you have to configure your gamepad according to this
operating system it’s very easy just follow the instructions after that you
have to add some game rooms here are some retropie settings you can play
nintendo 64 games here is our favorite game the Super
Mario and the game is in 3d Wow I’m enjoying this game it’s too cool first
time I’m playing any Nintendo 64 games maybe some of you will like to play this
game and don’t forget it’s in 3d now going to play some nes games
it’s contra from Konami I played this game thousand times in my childhood I am
remembering it I am remembering it and it’s a good experience and still I know
how to play it awesome experience guys and here is my life super mario brothers
I spent my whole childhood by playing this game this part of the video making
me cry guys this game was my whole life guys this game I played this game
million times in my whole childhood guys and I still know how to play this game
I am the gamer guys I am the gamer it’s very very very good experience for me
feeling the same energy same passion right now
whoo now I can play Aladin also this game is also from my childhood and still
I know how to play it it’s a Super Nintendo game now a game from
Playstation guess what it’s takken three guys this is the most played game on big
setups like big controller and big buttons selecting one of my favorite
character that is Jin not played this game for a long time but
I still remember some moves here’s the copter shot now fighting with law a
Bruce Lee character and here is my perfect all games are running very fast
and smooth I am very happy with retropie so you can do all of these things with
the Raspberry Pi 3 Raspberry Pi is very useful thing for all of us you can do
thousands of projects with Raspberry Pi 3 order your Raspberry Pi today use the
coupon code given in the video description and get 5% off if
you have any questions about Raspberry Pi 3 let me know put your questions
below in the comment box hope you enjoyed my video if you enjoyed please
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like this thank you for watching trick I know YouTube channel see you in my next
video you

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