New AIO for the Goodwill Gaming PC? Easy!

welcome back to retro bytes I spent
money I did it’s just that the performance of the goodwill gaming PC
was so underwhelming that I couldn’t not spend money a few things arrived in the
mail today I’m not gonna lie I have big ambitions for the goodwill game in DC
and today’s a good day to install upgrades inside the box here we have a
cooler master master liquid 240 millimeter all-in-one radiator with RGB
fans delivered to my door for a cool $73 I know you’re thinking orgy be well
honestly I didn’t have a choice in the matter the motherboard is already such a
variety of colors that it’d be difficult for me to pick a single one in addition
to that I picked up a super cheap SSD this is the inland professional 120
gigabytes SATA 3 2 and a half inch SSD but really it’s the cheapest SSD I could
find online coming in at a solid 1850 shift so these parts are destined for
the goodwill gaming PC from last week if you haven’t watched that video yet go
check it out now oh wait the first step in today’s adventure is to prep the new
all-in-one cooler here is the bag of parts for Intel motherboards RGB
controller and cabling power it after lots of hardware ooh and some thermal
compound I’ll assemble the CPU backplate here real quick
I’ll also quickly assemble the mounting hardware on the CPU block let’s get this
crappy stock cooler out of here fun story in between episodes I did
successfully overclock the core to up to three point one five gigahertz with the
stock cooler I wonder how high I’ll be able to push it now with liquid cooling
as I said I have big ambitions for this PC modern cases usually have a slot
cutout of the motherboard tray for easy access to the CPU backplate this 10 year
old cooler master légion case however does not it does have an interesting
slot here for an 80 millimeter fan though the motherboard has to come out so a des
comes with the motherboard liberated from the case I can install the CPU
backplate for socket 775 I need only slip these studs through the motherboard
and the motherboard can go back in my original intention is to install
radiators such that it’s pulling fresh air in from the top of the case since
cooler master was so thoughtful enough as to give us an array of fan cutouts on
the top however these are not the standard 240 millimeter rad layout so it
wouldn’t be a clean install furthermore there’s no chance of getting the
radiator to clear the CPU power connector on the motherboard might be
able to get away with having only one fan and a pole configuration but that
would really suck now I’m looking at the front of the case where there is a 120
millimeter fan mounted to the hard drive cage I could mount the radiator here
I’ll do a test fit oh man what a nightmare you cannot run
the screws through a radiator for obvious reasons so the only way to get
the radiator mounted to the hard drive cage is to run the screws backwards from
the cage into the radiator there is just enough room to get these screws threaded
oh man this is this is hacky all I’ll do all four corners here okay moment of
truth is this going to work yes yes it will excellent
I did not waste $75 these fans screws provided by the cooler
master have these big dumb thumb screw heads on top of them frankly I need this
to be as low profile as possible so that the front panel will go back on so these
are a no-go disaster these are the only screws I have that are long enough to
securely fasten the fans down anymore turns of this screw and I’m going to
pierce the radiator dumb thumb screws it is before we put this in let’s get the
hard drives installed I have the original hard drive and the new SSD I
want to get into this caddy Kathy doesn’t appear to support two and a half
inch drive so I pull out this adapter I bought some number of years ago just so
that I could put SSDs in the old computers I’ll quickly get this
assembled disaster has befallen my project once more this hard drive cage
has these shock mount grommets so these puny fine thread screws provided by the
vendor will not work I went through my screw collection I found these coarse
thread screws that will work but the steel chassis of the adapter refuses to
yield to these also this project has drawn first blood I am now beholding to
its bushes okay here’s what I came up with I’m
going to install these small screws and use them to pressure fit the adapter in
place enough goofing around let’s get this done ah fail I’ll have to move it
up one our foil again I’ll have to remove the cd-rom for now okay here’s
the problem and I knew this was coming the original case design had provisioned
just enough room to fit a single 120 millimeter fan here not a radiator and a
fan I have no choice but to recess the hard drive caddy into the case to make
more room I’ll try to find a position that will still allow me to get at least
a couple of screws holding this caddy down
I found an acceptable position but predictably the stupid thumb screws
stick out too far I can still fit the bay covers in place although they stick
out a few millimeters you can get the cd-rom in now – man I
don’t know does this look janky if I push these in
too far they are definitely going to rub against the fan blades what do you think
should I just go without enough aesthetics let’s finish the job here goes first test I’ve got my hand on
the power supply cutoff switch just in case the fans are rubbing yes they are
that settles it no bay covers it’s too bad too because these have
integrated best filters alright that’s it for today
the gollum one radiator and SSD are installed I made the mistake of running
all of the fan cabling along the wrong side of the hard drive caddy so I’ll
need to take this apart again to properly cable manage this rat’s nest
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