forget about this prediction Firey: I am fire… Firey: I can burn everyone I wish! Firey: except you Firey: Hey Match, how come Woody never talks in words? Match: I guess he will never will,…I don’t know, got to learning it? Firey: Okay…’cause I need help figuring out what he’s saying… Woody: ^^^ [_] #¿ D:) ? Spongy: Wuddyz sehing “Wuddy duzzin like fuhree cuz fuhree skehd hem”. Firey: Oh. Spongy: I wunthed tuh usk you… Huhw duz edd feel tuh beh so hot? Firey: Wanna know? *swipe* Firey: Sorry I had to use one of your matches. Match: Oh, it’s okay. What did you use it for? Firey: TO KILL ZOMBIES, GHOSTS ECT EVERY MONSTER OF HALLOWEEN Match: That looked strange. Teardrop: despasito kiero respirar to cooerpo despasito kiero teerarme por ventana

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