MSI Pro Cast #7 – Mystic Light GAMING PC Build Guide Part2 (Software)

Hi everybody, welcome to this new episode of MSI PRO CAST. In our last episode we’ve build this beautiful pc
with a lot of fancy LEDs, today I’m going to show you how to properly set up your rig, with important bios settings and other cool apps in windows. if you missed our build guide video for this rig,
Click here to check it out once you’ve
ensured that your newly build PC is booting and that Windows has been installed
properly it’s time for some optimization by default your msi motherboard will run safe settings,
but I always recommend to switch on XMP. XMP are extreme memory
profiles that will set your RAM to run at the highest possible memory frequency.
to switch it on simply enter the BIOS by pressing delete
as your pc restarts, you will immediately see the XMP button on the first bios
screen. Just click, hit F10 to save changes and restart that’s it.
We will prepare a video dedicated to that feature later on stay tuned! Now let’s take a look at our
fan settings as you can see I like to fancy LED fans all over my case,
but I like them quiet so let’s tweak! Navigate to hardware
monitor, here you can adjust various fan speed or around your case. You can
configure speed ramps and program how your fans will behave as temperature
rises and falls. My advice always set your fan to the minimum operating speed.
Increase speed when temperature rise above 65 Celsius. Once you’re done navigate to the OC profiles menu or hit f8
to save the current BIOS configuration. OC profiles will save every single
settings and allow you to restore them in the event of bios reset press F10
to save and reboot ok so that’s it for bios. Now that we’ve
made our system fast and quiet let’s see what we can tweak in windows.
On the msi website we have multiple tools that you can download for your
motherboard. Today we’re using MSI GAMING APP The MSI GAMING APP packs all the
essentials you need to finalize your rig. You can switch between overclocking
profiles, control LED on your MSI motherboard and graphics card, toggle
through Eye rest display profiles, turn on and off on screen display information,
configure GAMING Hot Keys and mouse settings with MASTER MOUSE. So with this
app you can switch between 3 OC profiles, OC mode, GAMING mode and Silent mode. Simply pick the
one that fits your need personally I’m going for the OC mode! If
you are into manual overclocking, try MSI Command Center it allows you to have overclock real-time
from windows. If you want me to make a video guide about manual overclocking,
just let me know in the comments The Z170A GAMING PRO CARBON motherboard in
this build comes with Mystic Light This feature give you the choice of 16
effects and 16.5 million colors for the motherboards RGB LEDs. I personally like
the rainbow mode, of course you can try multiple variations and adjust it to your
own likings, the effects only gets better if you can match the LEDs from your
motherboard with your memory, case, fans, whatever… I’m preparing a video
that will explor LED configurations on MSI motherboard, if you already have some
questions, again let me know in the comments. finally sound for me as a gamer and
former DJ this is as important as the raw performance and the look of my rigs.
This motherboard is a perfect addition since it has support for NAHIMIC Audio.
This sound technology was developed with the French military for sound
processing. The software offers a high-definition sound, which dramatically
boost the audio and voice performance of your computer. You can choose from 3
sound profiles, Music, Gaming and Movie or create your own. From my experience, the
GAMING profile trully makes a difference and allows you to ear in-game sounds
that you wouldn’t otherwise. The guys at NAHIMIC made a detailed video on how
to use the software, so simply go check it out to learn more.
I recommend a bunch of software to install, such as Live Update which helps to update
drivers, firmwares and utilities of your MSI product. Super Charge for a faster
charging of your Apple devices, RAMDisk to create a faster storage than SSD
using your RAM. I already made a video tutorial about it, check it out here. GAMING LAN Manager to
prioritize your internet traffic M-Cloud for online cloud storage by MSI,
MSI FastBoot which reduce your system boot-up time, and CPU-Z MSI GAMING which
is nice little utility quite useful for overclocking. It displays information on
your CPU, motherboard and memory. let me know in the comments which one
you like the most! Ok GAMING people, we always appreciate your comments, if you
didn’t find this helpful, let us know why! But if you enjoyed it or, learn something give us a thumbs up! Next time
we’ll be talking about VR, so stay tuned and subscribe to our channel. Thanks for
watching and happy gaming!

7 thoughts on “MSI Pro Cast #7 – Mystic Light GAMING PC Build Guide Part2 (Software)

  1. does msi b450m pro m2 v2 support anothers color for jled1? i put led strip but cant change the color,just red on setting mystic light 3

  2. You guys need to make you're website more simple and easy to use I can't find the gaming app anywhere I searched everything and I can't find it. Other manufacturers are super simple you go the site you find the download button and there you're done but with msi u have to do so many other things that you can't even find the download

  3. I bought b450 msi Gaming carbon ac its working fine but my Trident z rgb ram not showing in mystic light… How to fix?

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