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This is the MSI Aegis 3 a powerful and compact gaming PC. So let’s check it out what it’s all about. The outside of the Aegis 3 has a few tricks. You can easily take it with you with a handle on the backside… ..or you can store your gaming headset or VR device on one of the handset hangers on the side panel. We finished the design with our Mystic Light RGB LED in the front side and in the side panel.. ..which you can fully customize. This MSI Aegis 3 that I’m showing you here is equipped with an Intel i7 8700 processor.. and is equipped with MSI GTX 1070. Giving you 60FPS on the latest games but different configurations are possible. So you can always pick the configuration that’s best for you. For cooling we use something called Silent Storm Cooling. We separate different key components in different chambers so in this way it
will get optimized airflow and better cooling. Besides that we tilted the casing a little bit to create extra airflow and better cooling in the end. To give you the fastest loading times for your games the MSI Aegis 3 is equipped with an M.2 SSD. Next to that you can store
your other files, data or your videos on a big hard disk which is also featured
inside the Aegis 3. This system uses the latest Intel Core i7+ technology. That means it equips an Intel 8th generation processor and an Intel Optane module to speed up your storage device. So that big and slow hard disk can now be filled with games and you will get fast loading times. We believe in an open system so you can always upgrade your Aegis 3. Now with the
side panels removed you can see the upgrade-ability. You can easily replace one of the memory modules, add storage or even replace the graphics card. Of course the MSI Aegis 3 has a lot more gaming features inside discover them all on our product webpage.

19 thoughts on “MSI Aegis 3- Powerful and compact gaming PC| Gaming Desktop | MSI

  1. Originally I wanted this one so bad. But I moved on and now I want the infinite X even more!! I want that sexy beast so bad :>

  2. Моё Железо – MSI Aegis Ti3:
    Процессор – Intel Core i7 7700K (Kaby Lake) 4200 МГц.
    Оперативная память – 64 ГБ DDR4-24.
    Видеокарта – NVIDIA 2xGeForce® GTX 1080 SLI, 11264 МБ.
    Звук – 7.1 Channel HD Audio with Nahimic audio enhancer.
    Накопитель – 3000 ГБ HDD (7200 об/мин.) + 1024 ГБ SSD

  3. The question is do I buy a Raider laptop or a desktop like this?  I only need a laptop once in a while – most of the time it stays at home.

  4. I have an Aegis 3, but I cant change the mystic light that much. My gradient is much slower as in this video and cant be changed. Also I cant change breathing effect color. Is this normal or am I using out-dated software? I have the one with i7-7700 and gtx1060.

  5. Is it easy to remove PSU unit? It seems that overall weight of the desktop is 19 lbs and I want to carry it with me during flight, however airline allows up to 17.6 lbs (8kgs). So I wonder if I can disassemble PSU and carry the "main" unit with me.

  6. MSI Aegis 3 8RC-055EU

    I will buy this can this led lichts dancing? En can you 3 screens aply on this pc?

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