MSc Computer Science

The MSC Computer science, is a course that
aims to produce IT professionals with advanced skills in the development and management of
sophisticated Information systems. It is why they acknowledge, nowadays, that there is
a massive shortage of people who are highly trained in IT, and who have got the skills
and knowledge to address a lot of the challenges that business, Government and Commerce are facing nowadays.
Including big data, cloud computing and web systems. So the course will prepare the students in
all those areas that they would be looking at how to develop advanced web systems. Looking
at how to develop in the cloud and looking at cloud services. You will also look at analysing
big data through big data analytics and visualisation. But also they will look at more modern trends
in computer science including security. So they would be exposed to database security
and systems security. We are looking for computing graduates to
come in to this course. Or people who have a degree with significant content in computing.
We also would like people who have significant relevant experience in IT also to come forward
even if they don’t have the required honours degree. At the end of this programme the students
would have acquired to knowledge and skills that would prepare them to take roles such
as IT consultancy, such as web system development, software engineering, software architects.
So there is a whole range of IT positions and roles that is available through this course.
A unique selling point also for the MSC Computer Science is the fact that students will have
the opportunity to go on a one year industrial placement after the 2 first semesters of taught
modules. We are based in Aberdeen, Europe’s Energy Capital, with lots of businesses that
service the energy sector. Who have invested massively in IT infrastructure and services.

3 thoughts on “MSc Computer Science

  1. Hello Sir I am Currently Running in 3rd Year of B.Sc and Thre is no Classes about mine subject which is Computer Science and also I don't have any kind of basic knowledge about Computer Science only little bit. So I wants to Do MSc Computer Science like without any kind of Programming Knowledge can i apply for it for can I get jobs 8n future only Basis of MSC Computer Science

    Answer Please…

    Rashid Pathan

  2. What programming or other knowledge are required to appear in msc cs ? And how to get admission in msc cs ?

    I am a bsc cs student…. reply please

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