Monthly Open Source Game project & Patreon launch

Saluton, internet! That’s my attempt at a catch-phrase… because everyone else has one. Anyway! I am going to be launching a new project at
the beginning of November where I make open source games and I make creative commons art
and I make it all into an educational dev-vlog, with one game being made per month. The idea here is that community feedback and suggestions will be part of the process as each project will have a kick-off stream and a cool-down stream. That’s where y’all can come in and give suggestions or feedback and ask questions and help me come up with ideas for the coming game, or if it’s the last stream, the next game. The first kick-off stream will be – not TOMORROW, but a week from Saturday – on Saturday, November 2nd at 11 am Central time (that’s Kansas/Midwest time) And you can learn more about how to participate in the stream up and what’s all going to be happening Up on the Patreon page that I created. You can read more about the specifics there,
but I’ll also be covering it in this video, I just wanted to get the important stuff
out of the way first. Yay! With this series, I will be working on making
small games each month, similar to games I’ve made in the past for competitions and school. Nothing too gigantic, something you can enjoy in maybe a half-hour or an hour and just have fun with it. Each month might feature a different language
and toolset, I’m open to suggestions on what to use and at the moment I have, on the Patreon page, a poll for what language & library I should use for this first project. For each game there will be a monthly kick-off
stream on Twitch, where we will flesh out the game idea and design, so you’ll be able to put in your feedback as you’re watching. Normally, the kick-off stream would be for
Patrons only, but for this first project I’m going to make the kick-off stream public for anyone to join in on. And that’s the November 2nd one. For this first game, I went ahead and decided to make a clone of the classic arcade game Venture, which I originally played on ColecoVision. But I really like it – I find it really charming. We’re not going to make a straight clone, we’re gonna change it up, but that will be the starting point. That way the scope is pretty clear on how big it’s going to be, but it will still give us some freedom to make choice on the game style, gameplay aspects, maps, and all of that. I have ideas for other future games, but I
am also interested in suggestions for gameplay types, genres, styles, ideas, different things like that. Games may be arcadey or experimental or even
educational or political. For example, I’ve wanted to make a game
for a while about an asexual fighter pilot, that’s half SHMUP like Gradius and half
visual novel. Or we can plan out a queer dating sim together. Or we can make more games about punching Nazis. So, y’know… That sort of thing. So if they doesn’t sound like a good time
to you, you should probably go somewhere else. So once the kick-off stream is over and the design
is figured out, that stream will go on YouTube for everyone to see. Then, during the month as I will be working on
the game while recording and editing episodes. These won’t just be watching me sit around and write
code and draw art, I will be organizing these kind of mini tutorials, something you can follow along with a lot easier than just watching someone code from scratch. You can also watch the code evolve up on GitLab
where I’m going to be hosting the game’s source code And throughout the month I will also be posting screenshots and updates
of the game that’s being created Those posts will go on Patreon during those in-between weeks, between the beginning and ending streams. All the game art will also be licensed as
Creative Commons and put in a game art repository so that anyone can access those for their own personal projects and games and whatnot. Then finally, at the end of the month, there
will be a cool-down stream. This will include questions & answers, a postmortem
of the project, and playing through the game! I might try to get a guest to play through
the game since that will probably be more interesting than just having me play through it. We can also discuss ideas for the next month’s
project and get some ideas flowing. Besides being up on GitLab, the games will
also be posted to the Moosader page so that people can buy it. Patrons getting a free download key. If you really want it all for free you
could download it from source and get it to compile on your own On the page, the cost won’t be very much. Like, maybe, I don’t know $1 or something. So if you wanted to do a one-time donation sort of thing you could just put as much as you want to get the game on So that’s at least how my initial plan for now is going to work. Again, I’m open to feedback and I’m just
trying to figure out what sounds good for now. Up on Patreon I’ve set up three tiers you
can sign up for. I have these set as “per-project”, instead of “per-month”. And this means per-game, not like per-video. Each game will be about once-a-month anyway,
but I wanted to make it per-project just in case a game happens to
run long due to holidays or other things happening. But the intention is to pretty much have these be in a nice little month-long chunks. For the $1 per creation tier, your name (or
username) will be listed at the end of the game creation videos, AND in the game itself. You’ll also get a free download key to get
the game on You will also get access to the mid-month
episodic dev videos early and ad-free on Patreon, And then after that I will post it to YouTube. For the $5 per creation tier, this includes
the previous, PLUS you will have access to the two streams per game, the kick-off and
the playing/post-mortem (cool-down) stream. You’ll be able to ask questions and give
suggestions and feedback directly during these streams, and basically help me make decisions for the game’s
aesthetic or features or other gameplay elements. For the first game, here in November, the kick-off
stream will be open to the public. For the $10 per creation tier, this includes
the previous, PLUS I’ll stream myself playing your game(s)? Or… perhaps highlighting your other work if you’re not a game developer… at your request. The stream archives will also go on my YouTube
channel afterwards. Alright, that’s all the information for
now. I am looking forward to doing some more casual
game development again, and we’ll see how this works out. My hope is that I can earn enough through
this and having a part-time job teaching that I can cover my bills, pay student loan payments and
save up some money, and hopefully not have to go back to a 40-plus hr/wk software development
job… office job sort of thing. I’d much rather be making cute, fun, educational,
and thought-provoking games and teaching people how to create their own games, and being more constructive and happy and stuff. Because office
jobs make me saaaaaad. Look at this! I have sunlight here! (You can’t see my hands) I have sunlight! I have… CATS! Or at least one cat here. I have snacks! Somewhere. They’re over there. I have everything a person could need here at home. And I like working from home. Anyway, if you have any questions or comments,
you can leave something on this video, or reach me on Twitter @Moosader, or even email
me at [email protected] This coming week I will be getting things
ready for the November project, and I hope to see you all on November 2nd for the kick-off
design stream! Thanks for watching! Yay! Bye!

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