Midnight Internet Pass

What’s up, what’s good, it’s your boy, LarsonV. Today, I’m going to teach you how to get free internet so you can continue having a chat with your online Korean girlfriend that you miss so much. Well… Roll the intro! Step 1, wait until the clock goes 12 a.m. Why? Because the internet is fast like a horse that time. Step 2, go outside and dance! This will attract the internet spirit. Step 3, ask them for internet, like this. Ding… (laugh) Ding bigiding, ding bigiding! Give me the free internet! And you will be given, a little piece of paper with the number that you should contact. Step 4, call the number. After you done that, a girl will answer your phone call, she will say… (I don’t like this part…) Step 5, just ask for the internet. You will receive a weird message after that. But hey, don’t watch no no stuff or else… …you will be in danger. So that’s all for today’s video. Goodbye. Alright, I got everything set up. It’s time to jacking off!

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