Microsoft Surface Studio Unboxing!

(knife scraping) – Hey. Today we’re doing an
unboxing in my kitchen, mostly because I already
had the setup set up. And this is actually too big to even unbox on my upstairs unboxing table. So this is really the
only place I can do it. So prepare yourself. Or should I prepare myself? Because we’re unboxing, oh God, Microsoft Surface Studio. This thing is incredibly heavy. How am I even gonna do this? So there’s three different
versions of the Surface Studio, and this is the mid-level
range that I have. It’s the 1 terabyte hard drive, it has the Intel Core i7, and it has 16 gigs of RAM. Whereas the lowest version, has a 1 terabyte drive, it’s a core i5, and it has eight gigs of RAM. Whereas the highest level
has a 2 terabyte hard drive, Intel Core i7 as well, but with 32 gigs of RAM. I wonder if these things are upgradeable. It doesn’t seem like it. Also excited about this. Where are you? It’s the Microsoft Surface Dial. As you guys know, one of the huge draws
of the Microsoft Surface is for illustrators,
designers, and creative people, because this is something
that you can attach directly onto the screen. It will also you to do all
kinds of different functionality inside different applications, especially for illustrators, where you’re able to just turn the dial, get all kinds of different color palettes, and it helps you with your creativity, your artistic ability. It’ll make you be awesome. That didn’t make any sense. Shut up, open the box. You can’t see me. But I’m doing some cutting back here. Oh boy. Wow. Whoa, whoa, whoa. It just popped right up. My God, this is awesome. Like it just shows you
that you lift it up, but that’s not easy. Oh gosh. Oh God, it’s heavy. It’s heavy. Oh, no. All right, what do we have here? Okay, I’ll save it. You might be important. I’ll save it. Ooh, what’s in here. Sounds like a mouse. I was entirely, 100% wrong. It’s the power cable. Definitely the keyboard. Probably the mouse as well. Stylus. Where’s my Stylus? Here it is. I like how this is a full length keyboard with the number pad. Now that we’ve got all of our stuff out, I hope there’s nothing else in here. Oh, wow. Look at this things. It’s huge. Look at that reflection though. That’s gonna be hard to avoid. This thing’s real thin. This is a beautiful, beautiful, whoa. Wow, my God. It’s super impressive. I could imagine this getting super smudgy if you’re like drawing on it all day, especially with my smudge body. You’re really on there, aren’t you, sir? It has an SD card slot! Oh God! (electronic music) I’ve turned it on for the first time. It’s on. It’s turning on. It’s bootin’ up. There’s so much reflection. But I just wanted to show
you the boot up screen. The first time. Got my batteries. It’s a touchscreen, I can touch it. I don’t even need a mouse. English. Hello. It says say goodbye to
remembering and entering complex passwords. Windows Hello is a more personal way to signing into your device. Did I just unplug it? Centered in the frame. Okay. I guess that was it. I just showed it my face. Say hi. Cortana, hello. Okay, it’s officially set up. Now let’s open up the Surface Dial. Get this thing paired and ready to go. Where’s my knife? God, I’m gonna hurt myself. Whoa, look at this. That’s it. Oh, jeez. Oh my goodness. This has a little sticky feel on it. So, I’m left-handed, and I believe there’s a setting in here that you can switch, depending upon what side
you would want to put it. Because if you’re left-handed, where’s my Stylus? Where’s my Stylus? Did I lose the Stylus already? Where’d you go? Everything is already
paired and synced up. This is how I used to use a mouse that wouldn’t work on reflective surfaces. I would just put it like on my stomach. So, what I wanted to really show you. It’s gonna be kind of difficult, because there’s so much reflection. Can I zoom out a little more? Does that help at all? Let’s get into a drawing program. What do we have? Making sure it’s you. Make sure you’re centered. It’s me, I promise. Yes, Surface Dial, ready to pair. Let’s do it. It’s lighting up. I think you just missed it. Connecting. Let’s put you on. Oh, gosh. Oh boy, okay. We’re gonna be doing some
great work today, guys. So now that the dial is connected, and I’m inside of my program, what I can do is use this
to choose different colors, like a green. And then I’m gonna color. I’ll pick my, I’ll do a paint like this. And I just. That’s not the right color. That’s not the right color. There’s also an undo. Here’s a nice red. Gosh, I’m an artist. Here’s some chalk. I can also do this, which is pretty cool, I can just turn this and
it’ll change the color. Oh, oops. It’ll change the color
as I turn this dial. Can you guys see that? Can you see my art? I could write with my finger. Look at this. Oh, wow. Wow! It’s like a real paper. Well, my Surface is official set up, so I’m gonna take this up to my office, and I’m gonna get it all set up, and I’ll show you guys the final outcome. All right, it’s looking for me. Can you see me? Yes! Look at that cable management. So I got it all set up, and, honestly, every time I
try to organize my cables, they get destroyed. So at this point, you know what? I’m just gonna leave it at this. It’s a hot mess. Right now I’m gonna play some Diablo and see how that works out. Okay, here it is. Let’s return to my game. So this was my barbarian
in a previous game that I played. I really haven’t played this in so long, so it’s pretty fun actually to play this, but I’m gonna be traveling soon, so I’m thinking about just downloading this on my Mac, so I can play when I’m traveling. But this looks really good. – [Character] The skeleton
king was once our beloved Lord. – There’s just something
about my character being named Justin Bieber
that just cracks me up. I couldn’t think of
anything else creative, and I was just listening to the new remix by Justin Bieber, so that’s it. That’s all I’ve got for this video. It is super late. It is 10:09. It’s past my bedtime. I’ll see you guys later. Let me know what you guys
think of the Surface Studio, and let me know what you guys think of, I don’t know, life. Bye.

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  1. I want one of these for my art and animation but I don't have that kind of money, i currently use the surface 3

  2. Wtf. Why ya always mention about travelling? If ya are really busy stop rushing and upload quality videos with detail information for the same.

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  4. Hi Justine! I love your vids 😘. I was wondering if you could give away some of your Apple products that you have. iMac 🖥 . But if you can’t then it is fine. Thanks 🙏🏻 👋🏻

  5. Hi Justin… I'm Mitesh Patel… I like most your unboxing… Your voice is too good, I like it… And at last can you give me this surface studio as a gift to Indian boy…
    I'm not able to purchase this product but I'm loving it…
    And thank you for unboxing… 😘

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