Marvelous $650 Gaming PC Build! December 2016!

Hey what’s up dudes, Douglas here and today
I’m going to be bringing you guys a Wonderful $650 gaming PC. This by no means is a high-end pc, this is
a mid-range computer aimed at gamers who want solid FPS without breaking the bank. As with any PC build I do on the channel,
this is my opinion of the best parts for the price. If you think there could be an improvement,
be sure to let me know down below. As always part links are in the description. Also before we get into the video, I want
to give a big thank you to you guys for 100 subscribers. I never imagined that I could hit such a crazy
number. Thank you very much to everyone! Without further a due, let’s get right into
the build. Alright guys, first up is the CPU. For this price I choose an i5-6400. This is a good processor and is a great CPU
for mid-range builds. It comes with a clock speed of 3.3 GHz and
it has 4 cores. And while it may not be the best chip at overclocking,
it really isn’t a bad deal for a CPU that is under $200. For this PC build dudes, no CPU Cooler was
included. Although the stock cooler that comes with
CPU should keep the processor cool and quick, if you do want to pick up a CPU Cooler, I
would recommend picking up the Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO. It is under $25 and is a great basic CPU cooler. Alright second up we have our motherboard,
the ASROCK H110M-DGS micro atx board. This is a relatively basic motherboard but
a cool feature it does have is support for fast DDR4 ram! In my opinion, this is a great motherboard
that will perform very well in this build. Next up guys we have the ram, for which I
choose Muskin Blackline 8GB 2by4gb kit. This DDR4 set of ram features of a speed of
2400Hz and a sleek design. All in all this ram is great for smooth gaming. Fourth up is storage. Although there is no SSD in this build, the
mechanical hard drive does have a nice RPM of 7200. If you would like an ssd in your build, most
120 GB ssds can be purchased for around $45. The mechanical hard drive that I choose was
a Hitachi Ultrastar 1TB. As I said earlier, this won’t be nearly
as fast as a typical SSD, but it has a ginormous storage capacity which makes it perfect for
storing games. Next up we have the part that basically determines
what game settings you will be playing at. So guys, for the graphics card of this build
I choose the GTX 1060 6 GB card. Personally I choose the PNY model, but truthfully
any GTX 1060 would be an awesome choice. Pick the version that meets your personal
budget best. Obliviously, Depending on which version of
the card you get, the total price of the build could slightly increase or decrease. To summarize, the 1060 is an amazing card
and fits well in this mid-range gaming PC. Here are the benchmarks for the GTX 1060 PNY
edition. Keep in mind that depending on what version
of the GTX 1060 you get, FPS in games could slightly increase or decrease. QUE THE BENCHMARKS!!!! For storing all these PC parts, you’re going
to need a case. For this build, I choose the Rosewill TESSERACT
SW case. This is a nice mid-tower case that has support
for up to full sized atx motherboards. It has multiple front panel usb ports and
is overall an awesome case. It does have a window, which is always a sweet
bonus. I’d recommend this case for anyone who is
looking for an all-around affordable and good-looking case. Okay guys, last up we got the PSU, aka the
Rosewill 500WATT 80+ bronze certified semi modular power supply. This hefty guy supplies you with 500 watts
which is more than enough for this pc and is even enough for some future upgrades. Although other parts will probably need to
be upgraded, at least you won’t need to worry about the power supply. Overall, this is a great power supply made
by a reliable and trusted brand. Alright dudes that concludes this PC build. Hope you guys enjoyed and liked the mid-range
PC, if you did or you didn’t be sure to let me know why in the comments. Also be sure to let me know down below what
budget you would like to see next. This has been Douglas for Gaming Laboratories,
and I’m out. Peace dudes!

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  1. your welcome. And hey I'm a new YouTuber and I only have 3 subscribers and now l have four so if you did that thanks and even if you didn't that's okay I still want to thank you for the comment's.

  2. will the cpu hold this beast back in games like GTA V or battlefield 1? if it isn't too bad I will definitely grab something like this. thanks!

  3. Sweet channel I subscribe if you are interested in getting a shoutout from us check out our latest video and also read the description for the steps thanks we would really appreciate it

  4. Nice video Ill be sure to give it a shot which would you recommend a RX 480 8GB or GTX 1060 6GB?

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