Maingear takes PC gaming to a new level with their high end gaming PC builds in 2018

– Hi, this is Mike Morgan with Microsoft. I’m here with Maingear,
and this is Wallace Santos. Wallace, tell me a little
bit about Main gear, and your company, and what you do. – Thanks for having us, Mike. So, I’m with Maingear computers, Wallace Santos, CEO and
Founder of the company. We make these amazing PCs, so think of us as the Ferrari of PCs, and we’re here to show you
some really cool stuff. – Great. Well, I know we’re standing
next to this great looking small-form factor water cool device. Tell us a little bit about this device and your partnership with HP. – Yeah sure, so this is the Omen X, and this is a collaboration
between Main gear and HP. HP came to us about over a year ago and they wanted to reinvigorate
their Omen gaming line. They wanted for the line to
authentic, hence Maingear. Think of this as AMG and Mercedes, we’re the AMG in this story. We’re able to do things that
HP’s supply chain cannot. This is the Omen x, Maingear edition, and it’s Maingear on the inside and HP design on the outside. So we’re able to offer the Omen with this really fancy
hardline liquid cooling system. Which is absolutely
beautiful as you can see. And it is also really, really efficient. We have a radiator up here and
we have a radiator back here. There is a tri-chamber design here, where all the components are on this side, power supply’s on the bottom,
isolated from everything else, and the hard drives are also
isolated from everything else. – That’s awesome.
– And it’s– – It’s beautiful, it really
is a beautiful design. – And it’s crazy, you know,
it’s just different, right? So it’s like an art piece. – That’s awesome, I understand you also announced your own new machine as
well, called the F131. – Yes. – So can you tell us a little
bit about that as well? – Let’s walk right on over here. Today we’re unveiling the new F131, and the F131 is our interpretation
of the the perfect PC. And when I say that, I mean it. In terms of the size,
in terms of the cooling, the performance: a PC with no compromises. If you look here, it is a mid tower so it’s a slimmer mid tower, because we’re able to
shift the video cards on the side like this and we’re able to slim that data sheet down. It has a beautiful brushed
exterior aluminum finish, it has server-grade steel
construction, so it’s very rigid. And it has a really unique
liquid cooling system that we call APEX. We’ll go over the details on
APEX when we move over there. – One thing I did notice was form factor. I mean it is radically skinnier than most gaming PCs that I’ve seen. And I think this really will show well, it makes me want to bring that machine from underneath my desk,
to now on top of my desk, and now I have the space to do so. At least, that’s how I feel about it. – And that, actually, was
part of the discussion. When we sat down to design
our next generation gaming PC, we discussed that, we said, “Look, should we design a monster PC “that you would essentially
put underneath your desk, “or should we design a really small PC “that you would compromise
with performance a bit?” In our case, we took
basically no compromises. You still have SLI, you can still put a Core i9
processor, 18 Core in here. And we have enough radiator real estate to cool everything, quietly. It’s not a noisy PC whatsoever, you guys can’t hear it
there in the camera, but it doesn’t make any noise. – I can’t hear it at all, actually. – Yeah, and part of the F131
is the story of customization and really making the PC for you. Everything, from the color of the liquid to the colors of the power supply sleeves, it’s customizable by you, and of course the
components inside as well. And with the F131, we’re
actually introducing something called MARC, MARC II. In 2007 we introduced MARK I, which was a laser etching that
we offered on our systems, and now we’re applying the
artwork with full detail. Essentially think of a game character, this is just an example here, think of a company logo, or even a picture of you
on the side of the system. (Wallace chuckles) Which
would be really cool. – That might be a little arrogant, but I love the idea and this is beautiful. I mean it’s beautiful artwork. – Yeah, and it’s finished
with an automotive finish, so you can see it’s very glossy, and this is not a sticker
this is real paint. And we offer this on the new F131. – That’s great, thank you very much. – No problem. – So lets talk a little
bit about the APEX, if you don’t mind–
– Yeah, lets talk over here. I have some demos to
show here of the APEX. Here is the APEX stripped
out of the system, and never before has
anyone designed a chassis from the grounds up like the F131 and the cooling system together. Usually, the cooling system
is more of an afterthought, or most companies go out and basically get off-the-shelf liquid cooling solutions and integrate it into the chassis. In our case, we designed
everything from scratch. Being that it was from scratch, we were able to do some
really cool things. We eliminated the cylindrical reservoir, and this is a full sized
reservoir as you can see here, but it’s fully functional there’s actually a flow meter here. The fresh water comes over
here and it disperses, it gets pressure-regulated
and it throws fresh water into the CPU and the
GPUs at the same time, making the liquid-cooling
a little parallel. What that means is that
it becomes more efficient. Typically, the CPU gets cool water. It leaves warm from the CPU, and it goes warm to the first GPU and then it gets even hotter by the time it hits the third GPU. – Sure, and that can impact overclocking, it can’t, maybe, overclock as high as– – You’ve got it, because
basically your GPUs can only clock as high as the
weakest link in the chain. In this case, we’re able
to throw fresh water into both heat sources at the same time. – [Mike] Yeah, that’s a
really intelligent design. – Thank you, and then part of it as well, we’ve integrated little pumps,
the dual-pumps behind here. It saves us some space in the chassis and it also makes the system redundant, so we’re able to run the
pumps at lower speeds and if one pump does fail, you still have a fully functional system. So there’s no downtime for you. There are temperature sensors here, there are pressure release
valves in this system as well and we’re making liquid-cooling better, that’s the bottom line. This gives us the F131, which is a very space-efficient system. There’s really no waste of
space in here, that’s the idea. – I love the fact there’s
no compromises here, that’s the thing I really
love, because like you said, “Anything else would make me compromise,” whether that’s performance or size. – Or size, yeah.
– This is a great design and we really love it. I also understand you guys have a great partnership with Razer. – Yeah. – Tell me a little bit
about that partnership, and I understand you have a
machine to show us as well. – Absolutely, lets walk
over to the third demo here. Just like the HP relationship where it’s Maingear on the
inside and HP on the outside, we’ve done the same thing with Razer. Razer came to us and
they essentially wanted to launch the world’s best desktop PC. And they chose Maingear,
to be the company. The chassis is designed
by Razer on the outside, and in the inside, the engineering, the cooling system is done by Maingear. – [Mark] Wow, that’s really
a beautiful design as well. – This is the R2, so this is
an ITX version of the system. We also have the R1 which
is a fully X version. And what’s unique about this ITX version, is that it has a lot of cooling. So while you are
compromising a second GPU, because you’re based
on the ITX form factor, there’s no compromise in the core, so we can overclock the processor and the GPUs at the same
time, no issues at all. And we still keep the acoustics low. – Right, the aesthetic is really beautiful on this design as well. – Thank you, it’s Razer so
its got the black and green, it’s beautiful, good color choices. – And the green liquid. – And the green liquid, exactly. – Great, well thanks for your time today, we really appreciate you
spending time with us. – My pleasure, man. Thank you.

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