Mac vs PC – Which Is Better?

When we talk about PCs, we mean “personal
computer”, which is quite a broad term. After all, your smartphone or laptop or even
your calculator are all kinds of personal computers. But the term we use now originally meant “IBM
PC-compatible”, and this related to IBM’s computers that could run certain operating
systems. Nowadays we tend to think of PCs as computers
that run operating systems such as Windows or Linux, and those computers have been separated
from Macintosh computers. But in terms of hardware these days, we are
not talking chalk and cheese. The differences are more like Camembert and
Cheddar…for the record, we think Macs are the former in this analogy). And of course some people prefer one over
the other- but why? Today we will look at some of the reasons,
as delve into some statistics, in this episode of the Infographics Show, Mac vs PC. So, the first statistic we will look at tells
us that Windows OS is way out in front in terms of market share. It currently has a massive 88.53 percent share
of the global market. Mac OS has 8.75 percent. Linux meanwhile is third at 2.27 percent. Though Microsoft has been feverishly pushing
people to use its latest operating system, Windows 10, more users around the world are
still on Windows 7, but Windows 10 is catching up and should be in front by 2020. As for how many people in the world are currently
using Mac compared to PC, it’s said that over one billion people in 2017 were actively
using Windows, with about 400 million of those people using Windows 10. Apple on the other hand said that total Mac
users was about 100 million. If so many people are fond of Apple’s OS,
why are so few people using it? Well, the cost for one thing. A couple of years ago, the average Mac cost
around $1,300. That was compared to the $600 the average
person spent on a PC. If we look at Apple’s new top of the line
15-inch MacBook Pro, the price is $2,799.00. Meanwhile Microsoft’s Surface Book costs
around the same and there are plenty of other high-end laptops out there, but Apple doesn’t
exactly have a bargain basement the way PC does. If we are talking about desktops, the iMac
Pro is currently on sale for $4,999. Again, there are PC desktops out there that
cost around the same amount of money, such as Microsoft’s Surface Studio, but there
are many, many budget desktops that the average person can afford, while the smallest, cheapest
iMac is still around $1,300. But maybe you’re a gamer. We looked at lists of best gaming desktop
computers in 2018 and none of Apple’s machines were listed. Many of the best gaming machines were anywhere
from $900 – $5,000, with some reviewers saying the best of the budget gaming PCs was the
Dell XPS Tower SE at around $550. The website TechAdvisor sums it up like this
for gaming regarding Mac vs PC, “This category isn’t even close. If you like gaming, then a Windows PC is hands-down
the better choice over a Mac.”, and the title of a 2017 article by Digital Trends
should be answer enough, “Why gaming on MacOS is dead forever and never coming back.” If you look at the popular gaming service
Steam’s gaming statistics for March 2018, the numbers show that around 99 percent of
gamers were using Windows, indicating that the vast majority of gamers seem to prefer
PC. What this all tells us is what you already
probably know. Apple’s machines are sleek and look beautiful,
but if you are a budget-minded person, there will likely always be a cheaper PC out there
that is just as good in terms of what it can do. If you are a gamer, a designer, or just someone
who streams TV and writes emails, you can find a Windows PC as good as any Mac that
will cost you less money. What it often boils down to is what operating
system you prefer or what you have just gotten used to. Users become fluent in things like keyboard
shortcuts or they just prefer certain programs on one OS. But it’s not all about functionality, though. Apple’s design looks good. It always has, and some people say that’s
why Macs are so popular with the creative community. If you want to look good, you get a Mac, after
all, not everyone who drives a Ferrari is interested in driving at 180mph or even cares
what is under the hood. They bought the car as a status symbol, just
as Macs still give people a high-status badge. Some people will likely deny this, but there
is ample evidence out there that all around the world Apple products are indeed a status
symbol. Most critics tell us this is slowly changing,
though, as manufacturers of PCs have concentrated more over the last few years on making machines
that look cool. Now you may be thinking, oh no, not me, you
see I’m all about security and I’m not interested in showing off. U.S. security firm Kaspersky wrote that while
indeed Macs were prone to fewer online threats as PCs were in the past, that is changing. “The rising popularity of Mac operating
systems in recent years has made them a prime target for cybercriminals and Macs have subsequently
fallen prey to a number of viruses, malware and other web threats,” wrote the company. It is still true, though, wrote Kaspersky,
that Windows machines are presently more vulnerable to viruses than Macs. So that is one very good reason to buy a Mac,
even though we shouldn’t have a false sense of security in light of the growing number
of Mac attacks, but for now, with the majority of the world using PCs, that’s where the
majority of cyber attacks are focused. Another thing is the fact it’s so easy to
build onto your PC compared to a Mac. Apple wants to keep you in its own ecosystem,
and this isn’t always a good thing. It gives users fewer options and can add to
costs. But Microsoft has its flaws too: When Windows
10 came out, it was severely criticized for being too pushy regarding advertising, and
for employing data tracking features in the OS that weren’t always obvious. “Windows 10 is spying on you”, became
a headline for a while after the OS was released. But what are the best selling computers of
all time? Well, number one goes to the Commodore 64,
released in 1982 with over 17 million units. Next was the Commodore Amiga 500 (released
in 1987, with 6 million units); MSX (released in 1983, with 5 million units); and Sinclair
ZX Spectrum (released in 1982, with 5 million units). 1977’s Apple II sold one million units and
1998’s iMac sold around 800,000 units. Historically, PCs reign supreme over Mac. For 2017, when we look at total PC sales against
Mac sales, Apple is still a ways behind other manufacturers. Apple PC sales that year were 19.6 million,
while Dell sold 41,821,000 PCs. Lenovo sold 54,857,000 PCs and HP was on top,
selling 58,800,000 PCs. If we look at quarter one 2018, the top four
are still in the same position. Apple has so far shipped 4.26 million units,
Dell 9.88 million, Lenovo 12.35 million, and HP 12.86 million. Many critics out there believe that Apple
must once again stun people as it’s been resting on its laurels for too long. In terms of what’s under the hood, Apple’s
machines aren’t much different from what many other manufacturers release. In terms of sleekness and originality, many
of Apple’s foes now have machines that are almost as pleasant to the eye as the Apple
machine. If Apple wants to improve its market share,
it’s high time they come up with a bold new design and offer improved hardware or
more useful software. Finally, we might add that Windows has a far
larger application library. In 2017 there were around 670,000 apps in
the Windows Store and four million applications outside the Store. The Mac App Store by comparison had around
30,000 apps, with some people a few years back asking if the company had given up on
the store altogether. In conclusion, PCs have budget machines for
all your needs- so if you are short a penny or two then PCs win all the way. Macs are great machines, though, and if you
like the style and the functionality, then you should buy one, but if you are looking
for power and are budget-minded, you should stick with a PC. So, which do you prefer? Is Apple’s outward style better than having
better hardware inside? Let us know your thoughts in the comments! Also, be sure to check out our other video
called Millenials vs Generation Z – How Do They Compare?! Thanks for watching, and, as always, don’t
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100 thoughts on “Mac vs PC – Which Is Better?

  1. Linux is the best, because it’s open source and you can do anything you want to the kernel and system itself.

  2. For most of us consumers, it’s not a matter of choosing between a better OS. Macbooks are just too expensive (even secondhand) with zero upgradability.

  3. Covered almost all points of PCs but only covered the cons of Macs. Macs are better than PC in just one way but the best. Longevity. Macs can survive for more than a decade and your punny PC can't even survive for more than 7 years. Many people are known for using the iMac G4 still, which was released in 2002 making it 17 years old and it still maintain it's performance. Sure it can't compare with modern PCs but it'll work the same way how it worked 17 years ago.

  4. PC is for people that want to works
    MAC is for people that want to show off

    If you are an IT manager of a middle sized or large company with 1000 or more PC interconnected in your network. You definitely will recommend a PC with the latest Windows version, an active directory and GPO.
    If you are a sales person or an executive of a company, you might want a Mac…. Because you need your MAC to show off more than you need it for work. Because, all the work is being done for you by other guy with their Windows PC.

    I like to work more than to show off…. and honestly I like PC more than MAC. But ironically I wrote this comment with my Mac Book Pro.

  5. PC has more in terms of working since most apps and files are mostly compatible in windows, however even if Mac lacks most of what PC has, it's a lot more comfortable to work with since it's more organized. I still prefer windows tho.

  6. People saying: pc for gaming, mac for work.

    Are u dumb? Buy a Pc so you can work and play in ONE machine. You crazy rich people

  7. Mac is a pc, windows and Mac and Linux and freebsd and anything that runs on a computer is running on a PC

  8. What Apple needs is another Steve Jobs. There is currently no known member of that species.

    Incidentally, of the 5 top-selling home computers you list –
    1. Commodore 64
    2. Amiga
    3. MSX
    4. Sinclair ZX
    5. Apple II
    – none of them is either a (Windows, or "IBM-compatible," MS-DOS) PC or a Mac! [Except for some unknown reason, you've shoehorned the 1998 iMac into the 5th slot, when it should presumably be 6th. It is no more the same as an Apple II than the Commodore Amiga is a Commodore 64. And, of course, the Apple II is not a Mac!]
    So your conclusion, "Historically, PCs reign supreme over Mac," while true, has nothing to do with the data you quoted.

    Interestingly, the Amiga had a 3rd, non-Windows, non-MacOS, GUI-based OS, that still has its adherents, even today!


  9. When idiot gets cured from idiotism, he switches from Mac to Windows.
    Then when he grows up he switches from Windows to Linux
    And then when he dies and comes to higher plane, he switches from Linux to Temple OS.

  10. So we left a lot out. Here are some reasons for Apple:
    (1) since OS and CPU are built by same company, there are no blue screens of death, no program freezes, no safe mode restarts. 😎
    (2) free software
    (3) free updates and virus security protection
    (4) the computer is simply beautiful aluminum vs plastic
    (5) it lasts twice as long
    (6) customer support is amazing
    (7) the lack of cords running everywhere (one cord to wall)
    (8) no tower – everything is in the display unit!

    People that haven’t tried will never understand. You’re review missed the sleek experience that makes even paying the bills fun. You can have technology and make life easier but when you have an Apple… it is a joyful experience.

  11. My computer is a iMac and it’s amazing, but I figured out I’m more of PC Gamer so I’m getting a Windows when my iMac gets too laggy.

  12. Guys, guys, no need to argue, just use GNU/Linux. What distro? Well, if you like Macs, there are many that look and feel like OSX, if you like Windows, there are many that look and feel like Windows. If you like both, you can always customize many distros to look and feel like both. If you like none, you can get a distro that looks different.

  13. Mac is getting behind, they should fight harder and have some convenient computers and push it to the level of their designs

  14. Windows has better hardware inside, HP outsold Apple in 2017-2018 and Mac is starting to have more virus problems are key it seems…

  15. It's really easy to spot if a graphic designer is a Mac user: if he/se design image about computer screen with window(s) or just window(s), look for the three basic buttons. If right, either Windows or Linux (btw GIMP is so hard) and if left (the window(s) look rounded sometimes), that's obviously Mac

    In other way, I want to say a fun fact: the thumbnail has funny apple logo shape on the bottom

  16. Your kinda missed big stuff out. For example I compose music, and the top programs like Logic Pro X and Pro tools are ONLY available on Apple.

  17. Windows: Better for modding, gaming, stuff like that.
    Mac: Better for students, authors, people with cashola.

    In short, I need both, love the ease of use of the Mac, hate the company.

  18. You can buy a pc with a ryzen 7 3700x a 16gb of ddr4 3600 ram with an rtx 2070 super and a 3tb hard drive with a 500gb ssd for around 1400 dollars or you could buy a MacBook with a dual core cpu with 8gb of ddr3 with 256gb of storage for 1300 dollars so yea I’ll stick to windows

  19. I converted to Mac, main reason being no need for RAM robbing anti virus. Heard that it’s lower ghz and RAM relative to pc, works so well together compared to pcs, so no need for huge numbers

  20. I owned all of those systems. Each one of them has it’s benefits and it’s flaws. But the negative Point of Apple is NOT the Price. Buy a absolut comparable Windows PC with the exactly the same specs and only the Monitor will cost you at least one Grand.

  21. You didn’t get the point why people like macs at all. You only scratched the surface. This video is so platitude

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