Low Budget Gaming PC Build under ₹35000 or $450 (Malayalam)

This is our 3rd video in 2019 and our channel’s 1st PC Build video I’m quite excited actually because PC build videos are always a great level of excitement for me. This will be a Budget Gaming PC approx 35K – 40K range I choose this budget because mostly 70-80% people prefer a budget range PC for Gaming or video Editing or even normal use So 35-40K is the best overall budget range for a decent powerful Gaming PC So this budget I opted for. Although it is not a high end PC but still I guarantee You will like it. Once we see the parts & build it you will understand Games on 1080p high setting, we can achieve well above 60fps easily on this No compromise on Performance. Dont thinks that Budget PC’s are cheap PC’s ‘Budget’ term means everyone has a comfortable budget which they can spend or afford now like 40K or I lakh, it depends, so that”s a BUDGET, and doesn’t mean that Budget PC means PC made of cheap parts. so without any further delay let’s Start First & Foremost If you have not Subscribed to my channel Please do SUBSCRIBE below & click the bell icon beside it, so you will be notified of my videos. Firstly let us see the parts list Any computer’s important component is Processor Processor is Intel’s Pentium G4560 model I know you may think Pentium is quite old & will it work for gaming etc Trust me This processor is Intel’s 7th Gen best budget processor You can check YouTube or internet to see lots of good reviews and videos on this processor For a low budget Gaming PC, Pentium G4560 is a best processor Because you get high performance on a low budget processor So no compromise on the performance here This is a dual core processor, which supports Hyper Threading technology So, virtually it works as a Quad Core processor, clocked at 3.5 GHz speed & no overclocking possible But still for a low budget PC this is great speed Supports 4K resolution & upto 64 GB memory maximum memory speed is limited to 2400MHz I will also list AMD Ryzen’s similar build parts in the description in case you like Ryzen processor Mother Board is MSI B250M Gaming Pro motherboard For our build’s budget this is a best motherboard If you wish to reduce price further you can choose H110 or 150 series mother boards But only issue is they have older BIOS You need to manually update BIOS, which is difficult for a beginner PC builder. So I went with this motherboard as it comes with updated BIOS, out of the box this can be used B250M Gaming Pro Motther Board supports Intel’s 6th & 7th Gen processors So it can be used with any intel’s i3. i5 or i7 processors Hence, upgrading in future is really easy for you. Supports DDR4 RAM up to 2400 MHz This is enough for us as our processor also supports only till 2400 MHz M.2 slot is available to use faster m.2 storage SSD’s has HDMI port & also latest Type C port Its equipped with Fast Gaming LAN port So online network gaming will be faster connecting with a LAN also supports AMD Free Sync & VR Ready, enabling you for future VR games. So for this price point this is the best mother board for our build Next, I am using a 256 GB SSD SSD is optional, you can reduce price further by using only a HDD But I am using this to boot windows & load games faster. Brand is Silicon Power, 256GB SSD Next for storage we have a Western Digital 1 TB Hard Drive normal Mechanical Hard Drive runs at 7200 rpm Power supply is Silver Stone 550W 80+ Bronze certified PSU Note that it is 80+Bronze So it can handle power outages, fluctuations & protects PC very well Pro Tip: Always buy PSU which are 80+ certified. It cane be 80+ Bronze 80+ Gold or 80+ Platinum we have wide ranges available. If you opt a cheaper PSU, it can damage your PC when there is power fluctuations or outages So always invest on a good quality PSU. Memory used is Crucial Ballistix 8GB stick @ 2666 MHz I know, mother board only supports 2400 MHz, I got this on offer price so choose this and may be I can use this for upgrades. Case or Cabinet is ‘AeroCool V3X RGB’ You can use any case available there As there are many good options available in India at a much lower price. For a low budget PC we don’t need an expensive cases There are many cases available in India within Rs.2000 range So case is upto you to decide which can reflect on your budget i have linked few cases that I found online you can have a look if needed For the price of KD12 this case is really good. it can support one 120mm RGB fan comes with an 80mm rear fan. Case also has an acrylic glass side panel It is a good cases with decent looks at budget price. Next component is Graphics card its AMD Radeon Rx 570 Sapphire Nitro+ Brand it is a 4GB GDDR5 GPU Supports 5 Displays with 1 DVI port, 2 HDMI and 2 Display ports Two 95mm fans keep the graphics card noiseless and Cool. even during high performing games. Supports HDR gaming, VR Ready and has AMD Free Sync For gaming this is best for our build. These are the parts Let the Build Begin So How was our First PC build?? I hope you liked it, being a low budget PC Most of you might like it. Few things to note are Just follow the specification & configuration only, Brand can be chosen as you like available in you place. Because few brands in this build are not available everywhere All parts available in India are not available here, thats an issue here. Complete Benchmarking & Performance video will be coming soon This was not a complete PC build video In case you would like to see a complete Step by Step video Do comment me here Will be planning a complete video if you are interested

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