Link Gmail and Outlook in Window 10 Mail Application

eTop Technology, Inc. okay so you have an office 365 Outlook
mail account for work and to private gmail account
can you run your gmail account through Outlook it would be much more convenient
than running two separate windows the answer is yes but only if you set it up
correctly here’s my office 365 account click here to open the sidebar you can
now see my single work account but I can’t just add my gmail account I need
to modify my Google account first Google considers Outlook to be an unsafe
application and won’t allow Gmail to be installed on outlook without some
modification possibly because outlook is simply a competitor but there is a way
around the problem open your Google account and sign in click here to go to
my account next go to sign in and security there’s all sorts of options
for you here but the one we need is right at the bottom allow less secure
apps simply use this slide button here to switch it on you don’t have to save
anything and you get a little confirmation bar here you can now close
your Google account and you’ll get another confirmation bar here now reopen
outlook open the sidebar again and click on accounts the manage accounts tab
opens up and you’ll see the add account link here click it and you’ll get an
options window click on the Google option enter your gmail address and
password and click next you’ll see a permission screen simply click allow
next Google will offer you the option to send emails from your gmail account with
a specific name you could add personal to your name to separate this account
from your work account if you wish it’s just a little safety
feature finally click sign-in and it’s all done for you you’ll see the new
account has been added to the left-hand sidebar you now have two separate
inboxes click on each account name to go to those boxes you can combine them if
you want simply open the manage accounts window again and you’ll see a link to
link in boxes click on this link and a new tab will open all of your accounts
will be checked by default simply give the linked inbox a name click Save and
there it is both inboxes combined like this frankly
I find this both confusing and risky the possibility of sending personal emails
from a work address and vice versa isn’t a good one to separate them again
simply click on accounts again to open up the management window click on
mailboxes not linked accounts slightly confusing and a window will open up that
allows you to uncheck the boxes you want to unlink uncheck and you’ll get a
helpful – high log just a little too late to be helpful click Save and you’ve
separated your linked inboxes again much better you might of course want to keep
the sidebar open to check both boxes separately and there it is all done eTop Technology we’re here to help if you like these videos please subscribe to
our YouTube channel if you found this video helpful check out some of our more
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7 thoughts on “Link Gmail and Outlook in Window 10 Mail Application

  1. This worked. I kept getting an error when trying to tie my Gmail account in. This was the issue. Going in and allowing third-party access.

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