100 thoughts on “LGR – Restoring a 1999 Gateway Essential 450 PC

  1. One of these was the first computer I ever worked on. The MB ended up dying (bad contacts on the CPU slot) but I still have it as a memoir.

  2. Do you live along a flight path? I’ve got the same noisy little planes flying low over my place all the time. It’s increasing as people get into being a hobbyist pilot and Cessnas are cheap or can be leased with other hobbyists to fly on the cheap. The airports can’t do anything and the FAA doesn’t care, but it’s miserable.

  3. Lol my little brother and I each had identical Gateway computers a bit like this. We got them at Christmas; when we switched ours on his sounded really loud for some reason. I thought myself lucky that I got the quiet one. Within a few months mine had started crashing all the time. It did so for a year before I sent it for repair. Apparently in manufacture Gateway had forgotten to actually connect power to the internal fan in mine, hence when it was so quiet and kept overheating. They did so, and soon mine sounded just as noisy as my little brother's but now was damaged from all the overheating that Caesar 3 (lol) had wrought upon it.

  4. Back in 99…remember myself having a Pentium II 300 with 64MB ram and also a voodoo 3d and couldn't find any game my machine wouldn't run in high resolution graphics … now a PIII 450 …talk about a blast back in those days !

  5. Definitely a Bob Ross moment when you busted out the tooth brush and said "go over these little corner spots…"

  6. I wish Clint can fix my Compaq Presario that comes with Windows XP Service Pack 2. It recently broke down, because my Power Strip killed the Power Supply. 🙁

  7. That you didn't get the gunk out of the hdd and installed the drive holder wrong triggers me so hard! Otherwise a very enjoyable video

  8. That gateway CD binder was a big part of my teenage years… kept my AOL discs and grolier encyclopedias in it 😁

  9. Man, i haven't seen that screensaver(alongside the pipes one) since i sold my celeron desktop. Thanks for the memories, mate. Cheers!

  10. I acquired almost this exact same PC, but with 500MHZ PIII. Nice video, subbed.I just need to find a copy of the restore CD.

  11. I picked up 2 cases (lucky enough to get all the guts inside) from a dude on a classifieds app, imagine the dust on that 3DFX card… but the whole PC was like that, cleaned it up and installed windows XP. Works like a dream.

  12. I remember my friend down the street got this same computer back in 1999. Always used to brag about how much better his computer was then my Packard Bell. He’d be like oh you don’t have to manually shut down my gateway. My gateway plays quake 2. Asshole.

  13. I sold so many of those working at Gateway Country from 1998 until 2003. We closed at 5pm on Sundays, and my boss would bring beer and pizza and we'd play Quake II or Unreal Tournament well into the night. That was such a fun job.

  14. I have the gateway restore disc set just don't have the computer to go with them.
    Now I know which one I'm looking for.
    Yes that Voodoo 3 is legendary.

  15. Those sharp edges inside the case are no joke, I had to get stitches in my head when I was 10 because of them.

  16. I absolutely LOVED this! I still have my old Gateway with a Pentium II 400MHz and expanded I/O ports (filling the blank area you can see on the white I/O shield in this video) from the same era. Back in the day, I upgraded the graphics card to a NVidia GeForce2 (from a 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee I think) and the ram to 320 MB (2X128MB+1X64MB all single-sided filling all three motherboard slots; the 64MB stick was the OEM one) and added a 100GB HDD on the slave connector to supplement the OEM 8GB HDD. It hasn't been turned on for years, even longer than the one in this video, and I'm excited to dust it off, get it up and running, and maybe even try some new upgrades after watching this video!

  17. Man, you're bringing back so many childhood memories. Nowadays we re-live through your videos those times. Thumbs up for being so passionate!

  18. Reliable machine in my opinion. Thank you for showing it respect. My mother bought one in 1999 or 2000 and that started me playing Quake, and the Deus Ex and Fallout Tactics demo from a PC magazine demo disc. Back in my day we were like: "Pentium 3! Win98? 450mhz!?!? woohooo

  19. Gateway Go back sounds like a variant of Norton Go Back system restore that I had installed on my Win98 & XP PCs back in the day.

  20. What's the problem with vacuuming? Use a bristle brush tip and stay away from the motherboard jumpers. After that you can do your blowing thing but outside the house is best unless you like inhaling old lady and pet dander.

  21. Oh man, so much nostalgia in this video. An Essential 450 got me through most of high school and some of college. 🙂

  22. Nope, the quality seal was to make sure the computer wasn't tampered with during shipping. (It didn't affect your warranty or anything.) And it was put on by Gateway. Go-Back was a way to add restore points to 98. Useful for when someone h0rked their system.

  23. Clint takes his gloves off, angrily storms outside with a rocket launcher and blows the plane out of the sky, all while easy listening jazz continues to play in the background.
    "Now where was I…"

  24. I have something very similar to this however it’s a Gateway LP-MINI 450 from 1999
    I’m going use mine for 90s DOS and Windows gaming
    Here’s the specs if you’re interested:
    Intel Pentium !!! @ 450MHZ
    256MB of PC133 RAM (Used to have 64mb)
    3dfx Voodoo 3 16MB
    40GB Seagate IDE HDD (Used to have 4GB Western Digital IDE HDD)

    Also I think the person flying the plane is flying over your house because he or she is a fan

  25. I recently found your channel and it’s really informative. I have 2 of the gateway 450 computers from 1999 that you were restoring. I have questions: is it worth upgrading/can it be upgraded to run more than just games? I want to start to learn more about computers building etc

  26. I guess my 1999 Dell dimensions t550 is sort of exceptional as far as ram goes, it has something like 750mb ram. Although the HDD is one from an older machine with only 1.7gb.

  27. omg!!! i was working on a computer shop when we got these computer about that time !! and now is retro? at that time there was a rumor that gateway was going to buy amiga tec. smth that never happened

  28. very similar spec-wise to a gateway gp7-500 I have from this same era, same exact case too except for the model number.

  29. My family owned one of these. Second PC I ever used, after my crappy mid-90s Packard Bell. That cow-colored 'software manual' I got came with some amazing PC games that introduced to the world of PC gaming, like Journeyman Project Legacy of Time and Baldur's Gate. Good times.

    Also our Gateway definitely had that 'quality seal' sticker, I had to break it when I helped install our DVD drive.

  30. "I'm not going to take the whole thing apart, it's not like it's a rare valuable machine"
    Do you not realise how much I would pay for a Katmai Pentium 3 PC in good condition?

  31. Be good your Health and Clean out the Dust and EWeb's Asbestos and other stuff..And if you delete every thin g just have fun finding updates drivers..Keep what the Toss of the Coin YAY Backup..

  32. I would've loved to see how RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 or 2 runs on this machine!
    Maybe the next time you're doing something with a similar PC you could try it? 😀

  33. I worked at Gateway from 1991 until 1998. I eventually became a marketing manager for all new products, so I had a big office with a big workbench, and some great engineers working for me. I only mention this to say that I think you have your dream job too. If you can put aside a beautiful computer like this for "a couple of years" shows that you have a lot to play with. And I love watching you do it!
    When I started in 1991 purchased a 486/66 VESA local bus, with the full, full tower with the reset and power buttons at the very top. Cost me over $5000 on the employee purchase program. Try as I may, I cannot find this system anywhere. If you have the chance to do a restoration on one of those, I would love to watch it!
    Thanks for keeping the old days of real computing alive.

  34. This really hit home for me! This was the PC I grew up using. Eventually my parents got a new one and this was the PC I used to take apart over and over again until I learned all the parts! I was able to get P on it but no more

  35. They came with Creative Works desktop speakers. The BEST sounding speakers I’ve ever come across for a pc of that era too.

  36. I was watching this video with my window open and assumed those planes were above my house before you complained about them. Great vid. Dirty computer.

  37. When you do a nuke n' pave on a Win98 machine, do you install OS updates? If so, where do you obtain them? Didn't Windows 98 (or maybe it was 98SE have a problem with shutting down to fast that required a patch?

  38. I had one just like that years ago with an agp voodoo card the Boston acoustic speakers and dvd drive. The quality assurance sticker is from the factory along with the thumb screws and it had like a 700something MHz slot style pentium

  39. The heat damage is the passively cooled p3 mine did the same and that bar unscrewed from the back. Adding an extra 80mm fan to the back helped with the heat buildup on that passive slot processor

  40. Those planes are just LastPass looking at you if you're talking about them in your video.

    And by the way,

  41. I had completely forgotten, but I spent years as a kid dreaming of playing that putt-putt game after playing it once at a friend's house.

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