100 thoughts on “LGR – Dauphin DTR-1: a 1993 Windows Tablet PC!

  1. Im from mchenry illinois my father worked with dauphin to create these. However dauphin had shady buisness conduct he said. My dad still has the prototypes and dauphin keychains

  2. oh man you could by laptop ide to usb convertor for 2 $ on aliexpress , or just hit the floppy when it start making those sounds it helps to align disc with the head , don't you lived in 90s ?)

  3. This is awesome!! Thank you Soo much for showing us. I don't remember ever seeing this when I was young. Or the personal assistant you showed, which is REALLY cool. It's setup reminds me of an old desktop. I love seeing the variety of tech your channel has

  4. Ahh ,the early days of personal computers ..I recall a guy that bought a early Mcintosh and he had no idea on how to use it ..He would put his documents inside the names oft the icons ..He had millions of icons in his desktop! LOL

  5. If you are not familiar with meintoned Wacom tablets. Wacom is making graphics tablets what are used as hi-tech mouse by artists. Wacom stylus works based on magnetism which allows stylus to carry buttons or even eraser making it even better as artist hardware. Unfortunately, it makes rather fragile replacement stylus quite expensive.

  6. Very unfair comments … it was great in its day. I bought a DTR1 and used it well for 2 years whilst building business in a time where no one understood mobility. I used with Spinnaker Software 8 in 1 and Korean SMS mobile phone and doing what we do today including email with a Compuserve account … I was truly mobile and have been since then. All my kit worked well and using it with care I replaced it with a Nokia 9000 and then a Nokia 9500 … Used the software and my stylus worked perfectly and used it well for written notes … it was functional … people in those days did not understand computing smaller than a desktop and were just starting to see laptops coming in. For its time revolutionary but too ahead of its time

  7. I had an Apple Newton back in the day but would have preferred one of these. At least you can run real desktop apps on it and connect it to regular peripherals. Too bad it didn't use something like a 'DiskOnChip2000' 64 Mb for the hard drive instead of a mechanical hard drive which is prone to failures.

  8. Concerning the name of the company, you are right and wrong this is an American company, however it is using a French name. The word Dauphin, is French. It means dolphin but it also means heir to the throne which is where the founder Alan Yong got the idea for the name of the company. His vision was to create these handheld PCS that would take over the market and become the replacement for desktop PC s. Just because a word is used in the United States does not break the word's Origins. Example you wouldn't say that the word Del Mar, which is Spanish meaning by the sea, is an American word because somebody used it as a name for an American Business. It is still a Spanish word used for an American Business and it still carries the same meaning. So everybody who suggested that the name of this company is Dauphin which means dolphin, this correct!

  9. Hey, Dolphin Island! I live in Mobile,Al cool. Also, man that thing has more ports than a modern macbook and its front the early 90's. lol 😛 I love the Hackers feeling of this video.

  10. Paintbrush on 3.1 really took me back. I remember thinking it was cool, but all we had was a dot matrix printer, so there wasn't much you could images you made.

  11. I owned one.. lol.. takes me back to the days with the quirky stylus and could only really run DOS with the lack of grunt. Wasn't really a 486 but closer to 386SX (with a 486 bus) in specs and power.

  12. Heh. As a French subscriber, I gotta say I played the video mostly cause I was curious how you'd pronounce "Dauphin" 😛 You got away with it with the "Dauphin County" thing… fair enough.
    I'm not sure how I'd explain it to an English-speaker actually, that'd be like trying to explain to a French-speaker how to pronounce an English word like "wrath".

    Anyway, it was a nice, informative video as usual. This thing does not seem too useful but at least the screen looks pretty nice and crisp, when you consider the technology at use here. Looking forward to more videos about sweet retro tech!

  13. Still you got it at a Huge Discount and I bet with the Right Tweaks and Software it can be a Great Device , Thank You 🙂 QC

  14. My first job was at IBM…I was only 19. My job was to run tests on the Dauphin, then IBM decided to scrap the whole thing. I bet they're eating crow now.

  15. it was too ahead for it time and user interface wasn't as user friendly as today. Also this was the period where's people only use computer for business anyway, wasn't until a couple years later where computer became the entertainment it was of today 🙂

  16. I LOVED my DTR1…. well, until I lost the pen and shortly after that the power supply melted… Seriously, I've owned a TON of computers and gadgets but for its time, I thought my DRT1 was the coolest thing (94)….I could just never find a real use for it.

  17. I have Wacom cintiq companion 2 and this piece of old plastic seems to suffer same problems as my drawing tablet. Except wacom can do what it is created for(draw) and powerful enough to run most of applications. Portable pcs will always be shit in some ways.

  18. honestly I think tablets were cooler back then than tablets now cuz old tablets were full computers while now they're basically smartphones

  19. That’s cool 😎 hope you can do a video on the dauphin dtr 2!!! It would be awesome to see if you play duke nukem on that!

  20. My parents had a Russian copy of that and it's still hidding somewhere. My mother used it very long to play some standard games until Android tablets became popular

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