Lenovo Thinkcentre M91p SFF Umbau zum smarten Gaming PC #m91p #sff #lenovo

Hello friends, today we’ll talk about a Lenovo M91p actually a MS-Office-jalopy, built maybe in 2011/2012 Watch this and see what you can do with it! Why Lenvovo M91p? The nice thing about is – after putting on our antistatic gloves – that there is nearly no need for a screwdriver. You only pull this lever and as easy as that the lid folds out here you see the DVD-burner and the hard-drive within its softec plastic shell, which is pretty soft for a reason wich I will explain in short time. Here you see the 240-watt-power-supply which could be – for our purpose – a little too weak. I’ll tell more in a minute. beyond this is the i5 2500; which we remove by pressing this lever, then lift it off and the shell is in your hand look at this: a dispicable 320-gigabyte-harddrive has been used most probably it is SATA and WD blue, but 16 mb cache is not what you call running fast we are going to detach the SATA cable and the power cord and as quick as that the thing has turned into history over here is a small locking pin when pressing it, one can lift the whole case holding the DVD rom – that is (virtually) the burner – in one’s hand. Here you can also see the memory wonderfully built in. If you want to make a change now you’ll get pretty easy at this point. What we’ll do first? The memory’s 4 GB certainly is a bit short. So we do not need it anymore and therefor remove it Who needs 4 GB? I need more, that is for sure To gain some speed we removed the previous WD disk and will built in a SSD. In this case I took a 240 GB disk manufactured by san disk. Mostly I use Samsung but only if I want to clone my system from A to B Samsung has the corresponding tools for it, so that the alignment fits. One of these days I will do a video on the subject „alignment“ we’ll skip that today. For the fixing of the disk – Lenovo never thought of placing anything else into – I have found a small place where the hard drive can be positioned – what to do to fix it permanently, I still have to think about. When I close the lid the disk remains unmounted which is not nice for transport but of no significance when at work, so we are fine for now. If you want to put in the 240 gigabyte SATA SSD harddrive only you can easily use this softec shell. Just get yourself a reducer device changing 3,5 inch to 2,5 which you can buy for average pc cases for maybe 3-4 Euros, put it in here. You won’t have the problem of any screws if don’t want to use a HDD anyway. How to remove the disk is pretty easy done. You have to pull only two loops at and – after using some pressure – you have the thing in two parts. You see, it is pretty easy done and still without any screws. Only very few places here need a screwdriver. So we’ll put it aside and mount in something bigger. Before starting to change this power supply, I will build into the cage a 1 TB Seagate Barracuda with 7200 rpm and 64 MB Cache, so that I have enough room to park stuff meaning when I am done I have here the DVD Burner with the SSD disk and mass storage for my stuff. Easy it had started, easy it ends. I have the cage and the Barracuda which I place that way that it will be upside down later … … older folks will argue against: „You want to mount in a harddrive bottom up? Are you insane?“ This issue is over and done with for maybe 15 years now. The bearings do not care nowadays if the disk is upside down or not. The important thing is not to drag it constantly from one place to another, for this reason I will fix the cage here and – yes here we are – the thing is mounted – here are the connections done Now the power supply: We decided on a a TFX Power 2, could have had older ones with TFX Power 1 80 plus certificated. The problem was they only were certificated nothing more: no gold, silver, bronze status or something other so that you know when working it will have a permanent 300 watt, gold status does this for sure. It costs a bit more the power supply has only half the size of this package, but nevertheless it comes around 70 Euros. But if I want to upgrade later and built into this little PC even more, it’d be better – in case the door bell rings and you go open it – the PC won’t set your house on fire. so better use that. We will unpack it now to see, what beautiful Be quiet gave us . . . engineered in Germany made in China some cold device cable, sure, some cable ties and screws thank you for that, here a PCI Express connection for the most brave ones . . . and . . . here we have at least we have the power supply. Let’s put it aside . . . another little carton here . . . little carton . . . exactly, it is the description, but in the end we are interested in this here. There you see the connectors all is fine, some more SATA connections. So we’ll unpack it . . . from this . . . FOIL . . . They mean it well, don’t they? Okay, look at this, brandnew, smelling good of electricity, that’s what we want.L ook at this: 80 plus with gold-status. Meaning this supply can be stressed to nearly 300 watts safely, which is most important, so it does not start to stink or, I have seen and smelled this already, burst up in flames this smell stays for 3 days in your house, this is no fun before removing the power supply we should make some room meaning we, in this case, take away the power supply, the SATA connection, then press on the side and the device should come out easily the burner you have in your hand. You see, there is more room now, I remove the mainboard cable . . . there should be a little catch . . . yes, there it is and now I got it Now the last problem and the first time we need a screwdriver, for the CPU connector it is exactly beneath this hard case thing, no idea, maybe for taking away the exit air It can be loosened pretty easy using a common Phillips-tip-screwdriver there are two screws to loosen that’s all and . . . hey presto! . . . the lid is gone and we can reach the power plug, this should work . . . could leave it as it is . . . no, I won’t do that . . . okay. now all the power connectors are removed and the power supply device can be removed on the back you see a small screw, there and there not more, these three we loosen to then withdraw it forward. Basically no magic with the screws turnig easily. Said this: We do not want the screws fly around, so we got Mum’s Greek-yogurt-cup from a discount store . . . look sharp . . . gone and can’t get lost anymore. costs: 0 Euro Ok, the tree screws are removed, but when pulling, nothing happens. Wisely they thought of a hold, when I press here and you can see it looking on the spot, just press it and then pull away the power supply and – as you see now you’ve got in your hand Was pretty easy with only the three screws to loosen lift this lever and, yes, no certification at all at least not on the first glance. I’ve seen ones with 80 Plus, this one is manufactured by lite-on, 240 watts with 80 plus which is kind of slim and not sufficient for what we want to do Who wants to play computer games needs power! ok, the power supply is gone here is what we got as a new one the fresh Be Quiet, the name is TFX, not the number of the model but the form. Most of you know only ATX or AT, in this case it is TFX which has something to do with the form which is standardized. 80 Plus gold-status means we have endless power. Take a look, it is like the others, standard is standard, three screws inlets, the case down and here the hold; it is pretty easy done . . . and we do it now and that’s it. Remounted it is . . . and . . . locked Perfect! It can not slip anymore which means the turning of the screws is for safety reasons only . . . and we can move on the power supply is connected, the CPU power plugged mainboard power also peripheral equipment like DVD burner we do in a minute first we put back the lid and then we’ll see further next step will be: we have come so far but the ram benches are still empty so let us put in 8 GB at least but why only 8, when I can do 16!!! Tadaa! we’ll fill it up but with 16 GB we have the limit Why this one has the color green and that one black, ask the manufacturer and not me both are identical for a fact, both have the same numbers, all fine, that is the way it has to be. This is important for a further upgrading, if this is a wish for the future. Always take care to put in the exact memory, otherwise there will be problems This is nearly done. the board can use 16 GB ram memory max, 16 are put in, more is not possible.But why not thinking big and not having to open the case anymore Ram memory 16 GB should be sufficient for MS-Office, for games this should be well-equipped Okay, now the crucial point we’ve prepared everything, mounted is the SSD the new 1 TB-harddrive, new power supply all done so far, 16 GB Ram built in . . . now we come to the heart, which will enlighten the gamers: Geforce!
Geforce! to be exact the 750 Ti with low profile format. This means it is small and could fit here in the back without screws, too, only open up and take out the single sheets in the back . . . demo effect . . . nice part yes, there is the first one only without fixing anything to be put into and let’s have a look onto the cutie Oh God! this is great, what is this?? Never saw that in such an extent see here, this is the size of my hand and you see, I will unpack it, it looks like the smallest graphics card for gaming I have seen in my life. The reason you see here is the double fan and the look of a brick I hope the thing has more effect than a brick stone, but this is unbelievable how they managed to to build such a small power package. It still has the bigger profile sheet but the manufacturer, I can hear it already, has also added the low profile sheets – so in the end you only have to loose 2 screws there they are, there they are, there they are . . . oh, okay: you have to loosen these contacts and then the sheet comes along and you can screw onto it the other one, this one besides, and that is what we will do in a quick way okay, Crisk of Crisk Gaming just said what a gorgeous thing, looks more like the 1080 (High-End Gfx card) just had a baby . . and yes, I back up to this! now, the graphics card, the little brick, the power brick, what ever you want to call it, is mounted it also had a little pci express slot, likely a simple pci to use for adapter cards, sound cards or other; in my case I’d say I’d take a USB 3.0 card but it would not fit now. But that’s nothing to worry about, we still have two pci slots, older ones. They are limited indeed, if you’re comparing it to USB 3, because their flow rate is only 1,3 GB and USB 3 would do 5 GB. But thinking of a USB 2 which does only 480 Mbit, it could be worth to purchase a pci card. You still have a bottle neck with the 1,3 GB regarding speed but: this is double the performance as with USB 2; okay, just a bit more expensive than the card, around 40 Euros I have checked this already. Now the powerhouse is on its place all is well built, we are done with all we could do . . . and now we call this an end! You see, all is connected always take care with the power, because these power adapters have no toggle switches you know from other devices meaning as soon as you put it on power, the thing is live. the old VGA connections and the one for the display Port is history for us now, because it had been the graphics of the CPU mouse, keyboard are connected, network and there we have the new small powerhouse, son of 1080, or whatever you want to call it and connected now is the HDMI cable. Now I say: Let’s play! The lesson is quite clear: a Lenovo M91p you can get for little money, maybe 200 Euros you pay on EBAY or some other platform; you then have an Office jalopy which does not know what a fast performance is but it will work solid! If you want to be faster you have to have a SSD, that is natural for this case I got a SSD plus manufactured by SAN Disk for 80 Euros, I believe, 240 GB which catapults the small one into orbit, which is fine and MS-Word is fun again if you want to go further, talking of memory space it would make sense to say I get another TB-disk. Here I got a Barracuda with 1 TB, 7200 rpm and 64 MB Cacge this device is ok, you can park stuff on it if it is going further, meaning „I want to play“, then we are getting serious, that much is clear. Such a graphics card GTX 750 Ti as low profile with the 2 GB memory will be around 110 Euros, since right now 4 GB Ram are mounted it would make sense to take another 8 GB and remove the 2 this would make 8 GB which is sufficient for most games if wished one can upgrade, this memory again costs around 70 Euros So, all in all, if I upgrade it to 16 GB and built in a front fan, maybe it has gotten louder over time be sure to built in the power supply because the original one has only 240 watt. You’ll be around 600–650 Euros in the end with a full-featured gaming PC one, you can work with, too, having a reasonable speed, what you need nowadays. Okay, have fun crafting, if there are questions, just ask comments down there in the bar all the products I linked with Amazon left side down You will be fine, if not just ask, I can help See you! 🙂

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  1. Anybody knows how much power the PCIe slot draw? wanna have a 1050ti low profil on this, but i read some pci slots max limit on these type of boards is around 60w! and the card requires 75w

  2. Excellent!…TADAA…was only thing I understood. (every man on earth, that uses tools or builds something, knows that sound…its in our DNA)
    I just lost a EBAY bid for Optiplex for the third time…..then discovered you and Thinkcentre. I off too search again…haha

  3. Can someone recommend other cards, please? Both used in this video are sold out and out of stock. Not sure which other would work. Please links?

  4. Do you think you could fit a short gtx 1060 or something similar in place of the dvd and hdd. With an upgraded power supply of course.

  5. Wenn icb das Original Netzteil verwenden will, kann ich auch eine Graka die einen extra Stromanschluss braucht verwenden?

  6. update. I bought this i7 m91p for $80 Canadian. I had purchased the used gtx 1050 without realizing how poorly it would fit in the SFF case. I may have overcome it via an ugly brute force lol. cut out the I/O panel and took off the case door panel. I don't have a vga cable to boot up the pc properly but at least the fans spin on the gpu. Long story short you may be able to make things work if you are willing to sacrafice how it looks.

  7. Wie verhält sich das nun wenn wir 2020 auf WIN10 umsteigen müssen? Gab es da nicht Probleme mit den Treibern.

  8. so i bought a low profile gtx 1050 2gb graphics card and put it in a small lenovo pc (idk if its the exact same model but it looks identical). Now when i open the pc from my graphics card, i hear windows booting up but theres no signal:( ive tried another moniter and i got the same result. How can i fix this?

  9. I have m81 full tower i5 2500 8gb buy RX 560 2 gb and fucking LENOVO dont give video signal, fuckin whitelist bios how remove?

  10. For those having problems getting AMD video cards working:


  11. Die Empfehlung des Netzteile ist Top, wusste nicht dass es das gibt, danke. Grafikkarte ist der Knaller in dem Format

  12. Hi, ich finde die Thematik einfach geil, ne alte Möhre kaufen und pimpen, vor allem die Sff gefallen mir, bitte mehr

  13. my fav mod on this is to take out optical drive and install 2nd hard drive. Now have dual boot mac os sierra and windows.

  14. You should remove the link for the 1050ti graphics card. The one in the link is not compatible with Lenovo m90 series PC's

  15. Hey, ich bekomme den PC am Dienstag zum Geburtstag. Es ist ein Intel Core I5 2400, 8GB RAM und eine 250 GB HDD verbaut. Ich finde die im Video gezeigte Grafikkarte leider nicht auf Amazon. Kannst du noch eine andere Empfehlen? Das Video ist auch in 2019 noch hilfreich. Weiter so!

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