Lenovo ThinkCentre M57p 9088AWU Desktop

Hey, if you are outfitting
a small business or a large business and you need some new PCs,
Lenovo’s got you covered. They make a great line of business PCs
and it’s called the ThinkCentre. This is the ThinkCentre M57p and these are PCs that are designed
for a business environment. They lack some of the multimedia capabilities
that you would find in a lot of home PCs, which are capabilities that business
computers simply don’t need. The most imortant thing
for a business computer is to run fast and to run stabily
and that’s exactly what these do. It has a Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz
E8200 processor onboard. It’s got 1 GB of DDR 2 RAM,
160 GB Hard-drive It has a DVD-ROM, this is not
a DVD writer onboard, it is a DVD-ROM
but it will burn CD-RWs. It has integrated Intel graphics,
that’s the X3100 graphics chip, as well as Integrated Gigabit Lan,
so you’re going to have extremely fast networking speeds
on this PC. It also comes along with a proffessional
keyboard and a mouse. There are none of the extra,
sort of, multimedia features that you would find
on home PCs. But it is a very nice keyboard,
very easy to type on, And a very high quality optical mouse
that comes along with this particular system. Now, over here, let me go ahead
and show you around the PC, then we’ll show you the inside,
because it is quite expandable. You’re gonna find a couple of USB ports
right here on the front of the system as well as headphones
and a microphone port. Right up at the top is where
you’re gonna find your power button And that DVD-ROM drive
that we were talking about. Now, around back is where
all of your ports and everything are. You’ve got a couple of PS2 ports, you have
serial, you have VGA, you have parallel. You have all your
USB ports right here, whole bunch of USB ports
on this particular system. There’s you Gigabit Ethernet, and line-in,
line-out and microphone located on the back. Getting into the case is very simple,
you gotta remove a couple of thumb-screws, which I’ve already done, and then there’s
an access button that you push right here, and this just slides and pops right off. Inside you’re going to find
all kinds of room for expansion. Down here you do have a very-very easy,
tool-less Hard-drive installation bay. Simply pull this out right here,
insert your Hard-drive, slide it right back in,
attach your cables and you can get it all done
without using any tools whatsoever. Now up here, you do have three
open DDR2 RAM slots available to you, As well as a whole bunch of PCI slots. You have two standard PCI Express slots
as well as PCI X1 and X16 in case you want to drop a nicer
graphics card into this particular computer. So you got all kinds of room to expand,
it’s a fantastic value and it’s going to run really well for your
home business, be it large or small. So go check this one out,
it’s the Lenovo ThinkCentre M57p. To get more info on the ThinkCentre M57p go
to any of the retailers you see listed on the screen here, and type
T70-9012 into the search box. For ComputerTV, I’m Bauer. (C) 2008 SYX Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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32 thoughts on “Lenovo ThinkCentre M57p 9088AWU Desktop

  1. well my HP xw9300 is a lot better in performance with 32 gig of ram 2 VelociRaptor – 300 gig and nvidia quadro fx3450 and 2 AMD OPTERON 254 PGA940 2.8GHZ 1MB CACHE 1GHZ FSB and 750 watts pws i got all for less than $600.00 on ebay

  2. Thats cool that is m-ATX so if lets say you liked the case you could buy it sell the internals and put in really good stuff or you could just upgrade the RAM and put in a dedicated GPU

  3. For all those who keeps on complaining.. Get a life lmao.. its their job and they have to do stuff for Sponsors or Companies and they'll get something in return.. Its give and take homies..

    If its a Camera review, you go berserk and call mommy
    If its a review like this you still go cry like a baby..
    WTF?! Dont watch it if you dont like it.. Retards..

  4. ¥ŸŸŸŸ¥
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  5. Is it really a pile of shit? For the money? I was thinking about getting one of these just to bang around in. I already have a heavy duty gaming rig with a 3.6ghz intel quad core with a gtx295. The thing is, its way overkill for surfing the net etc which i do most of the time. What else should i get if this is a peice of shit?

  6. whats everyone ripping on here? its just an office computer that a new company would buy in bulk there not ganna get each emplyee a 3.2 quad core with a 4870.

  7. you all say it's crap but cant back it up. if it can last longer that 10 years in a school office or at home and still work then it aint crap

  8. This would be good for productivity software like Photoshop, SketchUp and even AutoCAD. I could use this to craft numerous documents.

  9. If you shut up and play around with the technologies the PCI-Express x16 slot provides, like sticking a decent 1GB Video Card in that slot, it won't be just-be for business anymore, and if you maximized the RAM(memory) to 8GB, and last but not least, if you installed a Western Digital 1TB 10,000rpm Desktop HDD to house Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit on, then-and-only-then will you have a Tower-PC for gaming!

    Oh, and did I mention you'd need some high-rpm fans and CPU-Cooler to REALLY cool your system off!?
    So quit your bitching, it's not my fault you lack a creative side to your cranium!

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