Learning the language of Computing Systems | Programme in a minute

Kia Ora, I’m Tash. I am a year two student doing [a] Bachelor of Computing Systems here at Unitec. We have a lot of practical in our courses compared to other Institutes. It’s just like building that foundation, So when you learn it… it’s like learning a language. You learn the basics and then you’re slowly developing that skill. Sometimes we collaborate with other departments. You will work with the business students… That was quite good as it’s a nice mixture because there’s so many awesome papers in this program it’s really hard to fine print which ones you want to do. The projects that I’ve been working on at Unitec; they’ve been really beneficial for me, especially in the workforce. So I’ve been with OMG Tech for almost a year. It’s a not-for-profit organization and it’s
made up with a lot of volunteers, and they run workshops in the community. So I’m in my third project with them. We’ve already done two, and it was an event to introduce girls into technology. We call it STEAM girls. We may have like a hundred girls or we may have thirty girls… As long as we like impact one person that would be great.

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